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Teelie Turner

Teelie Turner is a lifestyle website that features a variety of highly popular and well-loved brands, as well as up-and-coming trends that our readers are sure to find useful and entertaining. Teelie Turner is the home of several amazing brands including The Teelie Blog, Teelie Turner Author, Teelie’s Digital Shop, Teelie’s Fairy Garden, Teelie Turner Fashions, Gigi the Chic Magical Fairy, Tommy Tinker, Teelie Turner Switch, and the Gentlemen Pirate Club.

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The Book Club will be sharing whimsical and enchanting fairy books with you weekly has Launched JOIN TODAY – featuring Many Bonuses.
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What Are The Teelie Turner Brands?

Teelie Turner Fashions

Teelie Turner Fashions currently has twenty original collections of designs created by talented graphic artists. Each collection is unique and filled with whimsical options for clothing and accessories.

Teelie's Fairy Garden

At Teelie’s Fairy Garden our mission is simple: provide a space where anyone can create their own wondrous little world unlike any other. We believe that fairy gardens are a great way to explore creativity while celebrating nature at the same time.

Teelie Turner Author

Are you ready to fly into a world of magical fairies? Then look no further than Teelie Turner's fairy books and products! You can take off on the most enchanting journey with Teelie Turner's exclusive and original stories and artwork, designed by her team of talented graphic artists.

Gentleman Pirate Club

Explore the world of survivalism, prepping, homesteading, and all things pirate with the Gentleman Pirate Club. Learn how to live off the land, prepare for disasters, and embrace your inner swashbuckler.

Teelie's Digital and Miniature Shop

Welcome to Teelie Turner's Exclusive Magical Digital Fairy Products - the one-stop shop for all your fairy needs! This incredible collection combines creativity with technology to bring fairies straight into your home (or wherever you choose!).

The Teelie Blog

Today's shoppers are highly discerning, which is why The Teelie Blog offers weekly offerings that are highly curated for quality and value for money. At The Teelie Blog, readers can expect an amazing array of choices for their lifestyle.

Tommy Tinker Store

Spend time in the Fairy Kingdom with Tommy Tinker, the tinkerer fairy, and his magical fairy friends Ruby the Ribbon Fairy, Bubba the Head Candy Taster, and King Henry and Queen Olivia. Tommy is always going on magical adventures and helping to save the day.

Gigi The Magical Chic Fairy

Are you looking for fashion inspiration that goes beyond the ordinary? Then look no further than Gigi the Magical Chic Fairy! This one-of-a-kind fairy is the perfect source of style and good deeds.

Teelie Turner's Magical Fairy Book Club

Teelie Turner’s Magical Fairy Book Club is more than just a book club — it’s a weekly adventure that takes young minds on a fantastic journey into the world of make-believe. Each week, your child will have the chance to read an incredible story bursting with life lessons and then enjoy a variety of awesome bonuses.

Teaser Blog

Get In The Swing With Your Stars and Stripes Vibe For The 4th of July!

The 4th of July is a day to celebrate freedom, independence and the birth of the United States of America. It’s a day of parades, fireworks, and most importantly, picnics! Whether you’re planning a small gathering or a big party, having the right picnic supplies can make all the difference. From comfortable picnic blankets to sturdy disposable plates and utensils, ensuring you have everything you need will keep the party atmosphere lively and spirited. 

Top 10 Easy Ways To Elevate Your Style

Are you so accustomed to your usual style that you need a total makeover? Now’s the perfect time to create a wardrobe that is better than your last one. We’ve got some helpful (and not to mention super easy) ways to help you elevate your style.


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From fashion and beauty to home and decor and parenting, find informative content and resources on anything lifestyle!

Get In The Swing With Your Stars and Stripes Vibe For The 4th of July!
Celebrate Independence Day with the Best Picnic Supplies The 4th of July is a day to celebrate freedom, independence and...
Time To Sizzle This Spring In These Hot Colors
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ps9L7aMyJnc Tangerine Orange Daffodil Yellow Poppy Red Is Tangerine Orange The New Wow Color for Spring Tangerine orange has certainly...
Welcome The Easter Bunny With Decorations He Will Love
Hop into the heart of the Easter season with our charmingly crafted decorations that are sure to make even the...
An Amazing Peter Rabbit Baby Shower That You Will Love
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V56tJXa3RpY Step into a charming world where enchantment blooms with our whimsical Peter Rabbit Baby Shower collection! With each delightful...
MacKenzie-Childs “Rosy Check’s” Collection-Ready To Fall In Love With Pink
Indulge your whimsical side and sprinkle a touch of whimsy into your abode with MacKenzie-Childs' latest revelation, the Rosy Check!...

Brand of the week

Good Ranchers~ A Cut Above The Rest!

Rediscover the joy of sharing great food with your loved ones with Good Ranchers. Unfortunately, a flawed food system has deprived us of relishing high-quality meat without needless price hikes. Thankfully, we’ve decided to change the narrative.

Good Ranchers, founded by Ben and Corley Spell, was borne out of the necessity to provide their family and yours with trustworthy, premium, home-grown food. We’ve taken the initiative to source all our meat from local, independent farms across the U.S., bringing you exclusive, superior produce that you won’t find elsewhere.

Together, let’s strengthen America’s farming community and restore our dining tables to their former glory – a hub for genuine community bonding, supreme quality, and positive change. Make your 4th of July celebrations unforgettable this year with our prime meat products. Relish the difference of Good Ranchers.


Style Up Your 4th of July Decor For All To Love

Celebrate Independence Day with flair and style! Our “Style Up Your 4th of July Decor For All To Love” collection is designed to add a patriotic touch to every corner of your home. From enchanting table settings to vibrant outdoor displays, this collection has everything you need to create an unforgettable 4th of July celebration.

Italian TrulliIdeal Tiered Tray Decoration Set: the package comes with 12 pieces 4th of July tiered tray decors, cute and elegant, suitable for decorating your daily tiered tray.
Peony WreathIndependence Day Design: the patriotic decor adopts festival elements like flags, flowers, and stars, designed in a mason jar shape, available in red, white, and blue color matching, the colors are vibrant and conspicuous, and the shape is cute and vivid to welcome the important day and enjoy the strong festive atmosphere
Patriotic WreathAmerican Enduring Patriotic Symbol — Embrace the Stars and Stripes in full glory. Our wreath embodies the American spirit, ideal for July 4th festivities, Memorial Day tributes, and everyday patriotism.
Lemon WreathCelebrate your love for the stars and stripes with the TruGlow Patriotic Red, White & Blue Star Wax Flameless LED Battery Operated Pillar Candles. This exquisite set of three pillars is designed to bring a touch of patriotic charm and sophisticated ambiance to any space, whether for Independence Day, Memorial Day, or to showcase your national pride year-round.
Tabletop TerrariumThis American flower wreath is handmade with artificial red hydrangea, blue magnolia, and white peony, paired with a light green lamb’s ear leaf and an American flag pattern bow, creating a patriotic and hopeful atmosphere.


Themed Miniatures To Go With All The Magical Digitals

Come to Tellie’s Digital Shop and witness the wonders of a true fairy wonder land. Tellie Turner has worked her magic to provide digital downloadable products like no other – the perfect way to bring some lighthearted, whimsical fun into any home. Her exclusive Instant Fairy Garden will transform your space into a fantasy experience you won’t forget. But wait, there’s more! Now she’s providing magical miniature products to go with all Instant Fairy Gardens, themes and holidays – a veritable feast for the eyes! Why not come by for a look today – we guarantee it’ll make you believe in real-life fairies!

Teelie Turner Author

Featured e-Books

Welcome to Teelie Turner’s Instagram party! Our goal is to share beautiful visuals and welcome everyone into our creative family. Through stunning images, we want to show you a world that is unlike any other – one that’s full of life and dreams, packed with all sorts of emotions, stories, and adventures. Our collection of photos will make you laugh, cry, feel inspired, and be in awe. Let us take you on our journey through pictures: Instagramming with us means having access to truly unique content!