Life involves a lot of things that make us busy. We rush to finish our errands and we constantly need to accomplish our daily tasks. But as we all know, our bodies – especially our brain gets tired. Thus, we need food to keep it active. Here are the top 10 Brain Boosting food that researchers approve. Simply click on the description below to check it out.

Brain Boosters

1. Dark Chocolate

– Dark chocolate contains endorphins that would improve your mood and keep your brain alive. This would be a great snack when you’re so busy at work.

2. Blueberries

– Blueberries are known to have a lot of benefits. They help delay short term memory loss. Great for students who want to ace that exam.

3. Broccoli

– The vitamin K in Broccoli enhances your cognitive performance.

4. Salmon

– Salmon is very rich in Omega 3 that improves concentration. This is a must-have in ever meal.

5. Walnuts

– Magnesium and Vitamin B6 are the two nutrients in Walnuts that helps protect your brain. Better alternative to chips.

6. Turmeric

– Turmeric are known to help your brain process ideas quickly.

7. Tomatoes

– Rich in Lycopene that sharpens your memory.

8. Green Tea

– They’re not just relaxing, a freshly brewed green tea would help your brain function properly. A perfect treat for yourself when it’s break time.

9. Watermelon

– 90% water. Being hydrated keeps your brain working. You got to have a fruit that’s mostly composed of water – but still delicious.

10. Celery

– They’re mostly known as the best herb for food decorating. But, celery helps your brain to work orderly in times of stress.

Maintain your brain to be healthy and happy with these brain boosting food.

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