Still at a loss with what to wear on your Valentine’s Day date? You can never be too prepared for your Hearts Day outfit so we’re giving you 10 smashing could-be get-ups from romantic to fierce.

Go for Red

There’s no better color to represent love on Valentine’s Day. Go all out red or wear the color on your lips, instead! The choice is yours.

Flowers on You

Channel the feminine side of you through floral prints. Have this femme print anywhere — even on your hair!

Pure as White

Are you looking for a safe-choice-outfit for your Valentine’s Day date? If yes and you’re not planning on anything doing anything mud-related, then white is the perfect choice for you. You’ll feel as light as your outfit looks, for sure.

Romantic Lace

A sweet outfit almost always has lace involved and we’re sure your partner will absolutely love seeing you all dolled up in one.

Black is Love

* Here’s a list of some of the brands we love where you can also grab some fabulous date night outfits:

Late night out with your significant other? Whether it’s a trip to your favorite restaurant for a Valentine dinner date or his treat to a musical, black is it.

Casual Denim

Wearing denim doesn’t mean looking boring. Play it up with accessories or tone it down by keeping things simple. In short, look the way you want to and use denim’s versatility to your advantage.

Ravin’ Raisin

Pretty close to marsala, the color of 2015, this shade screams elegance with its rich and vibrant color. Truly eye-catching, but definitely reserved for the bold and daring.

Sparkly and Shiny

Stand out with something metallic on your Valentine’s Day date. You don’t necessarily have to show up all glittery – accents will do the trick!

Soft Pastels

Be prepared to be an eye-candy if you’re planning to wear light shades during your date night. It’s easy and pleasing to the eyes but one which is bound to make you stand out, for sure.

Hippie Chic

Well, there’s no one way to go boho so experiment with prints, cuts and textures and transform into a bohemian goddess on hearts day!

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