Countdown your way to Christmas with an important must- do each day! There are just lots of things to do but everything shall go in place if you take it one step, one task, one day at a time!

December 13



December 13: Tableware prep up! Take a look at the table wares you’ll be using for the gathering and get the table linens laundered and washed. Decide on a centerpiece, too!



Embrace Christmas even in your tablewares!


December 14: Set your bar.  Fill the liquor and mixers in the house- no bottle must be running low! And, clean up the barware and glasses. Make them as sparkling as possible!

December 14


liquor and mixers


Cheers to a White Chirstmas!

December 15:  Wrap up your gift shopping.  Untick everything on your gift list and start wrapping things up! Ship whatever it is you need to make sure someone receives their gifts in time.

December 15

receip heart

Wrap your way into the gift recipient’s heart!

December 16:  Purchase the ‘imperishables’.  Pick up the nonperishable items from the grocery- and include the baking staples. Or you can also buy special locally- roasted coffee beans for your guests!

December 16


You deserve a Chirstmas gift basket!

December 17.Sweet December.  Create cookie and pie dough ahead and store it in the freezer. Baking the sweets would be easier this way!

december 17


Learn to make the sweets yourself!

December 18. Seat plan in place.  Design a seating arrangement for the holiday get- together. Make label cards for everyone. Decide if you need extra table and chairs for the kiddos!

December 18


December 19. House Prep up! Take special cleaning attention to your freezer and make space for the food to be cooked. Set your appliances ready too, especially those will be used for the holidays!

December 19

cleaning partner

Have the ultimate fridge cleaning partner!

December 20. Add shimmers and splendor!  Spice up every room with holiday decors. Fill every corner with greens and reds and your doors with live wreaths and fresh garlands.

December 20

christmas tree

Make your Christmas tree more glimmery with glittering snowflakes!

December 21.  Charge ‘em on! Ensure you have batteries on hands just in case energy would be out.  Recharge your cameras and video recorders, too!

December 21

energy ready always

Be energy ready- always!

December 22.Fresh food shop. Go to the farmer’s market and search for tastiest fruits, veggies, flowers, and spices! You can go hunt for the perishable ingredients for your dish.

December 22

fresh food

Be delighted and get healthy!

December 23.  Table setting in place.  Prepare your table; place servewares in layers so you’ll have sufficient space on Christmas Day.

December 23


December 24.  Get some of the main courses done, as long as they’ll still be fine on the big night!

December 24


Have you made up your mind on what dishes to cook? If not, then consider this book your new BFF!

Christmas is such a big celebration- for you, your friends and family! Make the most out of each day; the 12 last days before it being the most vital!Let the countdown begin!


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