Ever wondered why nude nail polish seems everlasting? We’re giving you 3 reasons to give this classic nail polish shade even more love.

Nude nail polish is elegant.

The nude nail polish trend isn’t new. It took off from the runways to the street for years now, and it’s no surprise that it’s staying. That’s because nude nail polish spells elegance and sophistication, especially if you wear them the right nude shades.

Sheswai - Nail Lacquer - So Pretty

Sheswai – Nail Lacquer – So Pretty

Nail guru Jin Soon Choi shares, “With a neutral color, you want a high shine finish. It makes the nail stand out against your skin rather than blend in and look dead.”

Nude nail polish comes in many colors, and no, that wasn’t a typo.

There’s a nude nail polish for all skin colors – from fair to dark – and that means lots of nude nail polish shades too!

Here are nude nail polish shades that are known to complement different skin colors, based on Allure’s list.

Fair – pinks

“The best neutral tone for fair skin is pink because it supports the pink and blue undertones in pale skin tones,” says Jin Soon Choi.


Julep Jennifer - Classic with a Twist

Julep Jennifer – Classic with a Twist

JINsoon - Nail Lacquer - Tulle

JINsoon – Nail Lacquer – Tulle

Sheswai - Nail Lacquer - Whisper

Sheswai – Nail Lacquer – Whisper

Medium – pinky beiges, pale taupes

“Greenish veins are more likely to stand out on medium skin tones, so a good pink beige will distract, and soften your overall look, making hands appear more youthful,” Hipp explains.


JINsoon - Nail Lacquer - Muse

JINsoon – Nail Lacquer – Muse

JINsoon - Nail Lacquer - Nostalgia

JINsoon – Nail Lacquer – Nostalgia

Sheswai - Nail Lacquer - For Real

Sheswai – Nail Lacquer – For Real

Olive – beiges, soft peaches

Jin Soon Choi reveals the secret to picking the right nude nail polish for anyone: highlight. “Pale, creamy nude tones work well with medium skin tones because they highlight the inherent tan hue of the skin while providing just the right amount of contrast,” she said.


Julep Florence - Classic with a Twist

Julep Florence – Classic with a Twist

Sheswai - Nail Lacquer - Perfecto!

Sheswai – Nail Lacquer – Perfecto!

Dark – rosy beiges, cocoas

Those with dark skin are probably the luckiest ones when it comes to nude nail polish shades as they “can handle the greatest variety of colors,” according to Choi. The most flattering shades are “coffee-colored hues such as cocoa and mocha,” Hipp says. But that doesn’t mean you can’t wear rosy shades, too!


Julep Jess - Classic with a Twist

Julep Jess – Classic with a Twist

Julep Rooney - Boho Glam

Julep Rooney – Boho Glam

Sheswai - Nail Lacquer - Badass

Sheswai – Nail Lacquer – Badass

You can wear nude anywhere, everywhere!

Sheswai - Nail Lacquer - Nice

Sheswai – Nail Lacquer – Nice

Nude nail polish can be worn for just about any event! From casual dates to fancy weddings, all-year-round, we bet you’ll find your new go-to nail polish shade in nude.

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