Your wedding’s coming! And, it’s only 30 days! Excited, are you not? Or are you feeling frantic, nervous, and shaky? What if things are not all ready? What if the wedding singers not yet confirmed? Or what if your dress isn’t that fit and well? Time to confront the what-ifs. Here’s your one- month checklist to make sure you miss no detail!

One Month to Go


  • By now, your folks may have all responded to your invitation, enter them into your guest database. No reply? Phone them up for confirmation!
  • Marriage license. Indeed one important document you must obtain, your marriage license may take up to 6 days. So better do it now for some leeway. Order several copies if you are changing your name.
  • Mail rehearsal dinner invitations. A night for both families to meet and mingle before the big day, this event usually includes the entire entourage, the parents of the couple, their siblings, relatives,close friends and the officiant.
  • Last dress fitting (hopefully!). Visit your dressmaker and check your gown’s fit. Fingers crossed, by this time, final revisions and accessorization have been done, with all your previous comments followed. To give you peace of mind, you can (again) schedule a last minute fit on the week of your wedding.
  • To confirm the services you have negotiated, you can send out final payments to your vendors as much as you can. With this, settle the definite times too, as to when they need to be set- up and ready for your big day.
  • Transport vehicles. Undoubtedly, you’ve now identified your need for rented transport vehicles. Finalize the deal with your chauffeurs and email/ print directions for them so they can familiarize the route.
  • Seating arrangements.  Either you request for or sketch a layout of the venue, draft the setting’s arrangement and seats’ assignment. Jot down your female guest’s name on a pink sticky note and a blue one for the males. This way, moving people around would be easy!
  • Bridesmaid’s gifts and other dinner favors. Purchase the pieces you’d be giving out during the rehearsal dinner.


Favors for your loyal maids

  • The Vows. Exchange of vows is one of the most emotional parts of the wedding. Being a melodramatic crybaby on that day will do you no good. Better prepare for it- gather your thoughts and speak out the promises of your heart. Good thing, you still have one month to proofread it!
  • The Hairstyle. As the bride, you’re everyone’s apple of the eye. Wear the crown so high – bring out the best style and color your hair can ever have.

One Week on a Haste


  • Vendor Touchbase. Call your vendors again to finalize arrival times. As to your photographer, provide him a checklist of special moments you want him to capture. You’d never want to miss a thing!
  • Small Task Delegation. A more common miss for most brides, ‘petty things’ like bustling your dress, carrying your stuff, managing the gifts, directing the vendors, among others are significant tasks that you need to clearly delegate to a specific point person. Anticipate what those minor chores are and create a list of assignment!
  • Bridal Timeline. Send an outline of the planned events with its timeframe and the point person. This way, anyone knows who to contact when problems arise.

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Be organized especially on your wedding day!

  • Vendor Checks. For pending payments, put the designated check or cash in an envelope and have them handed by your Finance POC. Don’t forget to include some tips!
  • Final Guest List. Send them out to your caterer and to the venue owner hosting your once-in-a- lifetime event. Practically, companies have closing periods for guest list 72 hours before the big occasion.


  • Wedding baskets.  A token of appreciation for your guests, welcome baskets come in various forms- and story.  It could be a replica of a memorable movie ticket or your fave paperback book, play with the idea. Just make sure you complete them and start distributing to guests one week prior to your wedding.


  • Self- preparation. Nothing is more important than the bride and the groom. Pamper yourself with a relaxing spa for a glowing aura. Don’t forget to pick up your dress too- all done and ready, step up with your accessories and break in with your for- walking-the- aisle- only shoes. Of course, start packing for your honeymoon!


One Long Day before your Biggest Day


  • Give out assignment checklists and a list of wedding vendor contact numbers to your point person.
  • Hand out the ceremony box, the reception box, and the favor box each to the designated person
  • Hand the rings to the best man for safe- keeping.
  • Confirm your honeymoon details such as flights, hotels, etc.
  • Get your wedding dress and accessories ready
  • Wedding rehearsal with the officiant

The Day Has Come


  • Nourish yourself. Eat!
  • Take a relaxing bath.
  • Get dressed and dolled up.
  • Wedding license and wedding rings (if not given out yet) checked
  • Keep calm and smile!


After the Big Day


  • Get your gown cleaned up and preserved, as well as your wedding bouquet
  • Write down and send notes of gratitude
  • Finalize name change
  • Complete process of gift registry
  • Meet up with your photo/ video man for your albums and photo

It’s only 30 days before your wedding! Instead of setting your thoughts on the what- ifs, use this simple checklist then look at the brighter side. Everything will be alright because you are getting married to your one true love! Really, that’s all that matters!


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