1. Have a movie date at home.

popcorn in heart sharp bowl for Valentine Day

While it would be nice to head to the theaters on Valentine’s Day, nothing beats having a movie marathon at home! Make it a bit more special and put together a Valentine’s Day movie date box filled with DVDs, you V-card for each other, snacks and drinks.

So don’t think you’re stuck with “Fifty Shades of Grey” on Valentine’s Day but instead go for a movie selection of classics, old favorites and even new films you and your partner have come to love. The pros? You can watch and re-watch as much movies as you like and you don’t even have to buy them all! Surely your friends and/or family have a copy you can borrow.

  1. Go for public places, which are either cheap or free of charge.


Most public park and beaches have something planned for Valentine’s Day and they’re usually for free. If you don’t mind the crowd, you can join them for a budget-friendly Valentine’s Day date.

Feeling guilty? Don’t! Splurge – but still within budget limits – on food and drinks for you and your lover. Remember, good food almost always does the trick. Get him or her a good Valentine’s Day gift, too!

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  1. Wine and dine with the help of coupons and deals.


If you’re really pushing through with that big Valentine’s Day date, might as well get a discount while you’re on it! Valentine’s Day coupons and deals are aplenty, if you know where to look for them!

EatDrinkDeals.com has lots of restaurant coupons you can use while OpenTable.com has put together a list of restaurants offering specials, set-menus and other Valentine’s Day treats for the occasion.

  1. Treat your special someone to a spa day at home.

 Beautiful woman in bath with rose petals drinking wine

Give your loved one something he or she will absolutely love – spa treatment! But we’re not talking about high-end ones here but a personally-put-together body treat making use of his or her favorite bath products. We’re sure it’ll be a big hit without costing you that much.

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  1. Organize a Valentine’s Day progressive dinner.

 Festive Table Setting For Valentine's Day With Fork, Knife And Hearts

Take Valentine’s Day dates at home to a whole new level by making it a progressive dinner! Surprise your loved one by selecting memorable spots – like a trip down memory lane — and favorite locations on top of each other’s houses and work places. It will take some time, effort and a lot of help but we guarantee it’ll be worth it.

Good luck in coming up with your extra special yet affordable Valentine’s Day date!