Japanese skin has long been envied by many women across the globe, thanks to its porcelain-like feel and appearance. It has long been known that Japanese women, even in the ancient times, have always had good skin, most especially the geisha.

But how exactly does a geisha keep her stunningly healthy skin? The secret, according to Tatcha founder Victoria Tsai, is detox.

Your “skin is a mirror of your mental and physical health,” Tsai said, as quoted by the New York Times. “I start from the inside out,” she adds, which only means that having great skin means a huge revamp — starting from what you eat and drink to how you take care of your skin.

Here are a few secrets to geisha-like skin spilled by Tsai, as noted in the New York Times report:

1. Stick to fish.

We know; it won’t be that easy given what you’re used to eating but there’s a reason why Tsai is suggesting such diet.

Fish is an excellent source of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, says BBC Good Food. They “provide essential fatty acids which act as a natural moisturiser for your skin, keeping it supple. These fats also come packaged with a healthy dose of vitamin E (a vitamin many of us lack), which will help protect against free radical damage.”

Of course, it is still best to consult your nutritionist before going on any type of crash diet, this diet included.

2. Go to sleep early.

Guess which part of your body is reaping the benefits when you hit the sack early? You guessed it! Your skin. Daily Mail Online says that according to Geoff Wright, director of The Hair And Beauty Partnership in London, our skin actually has its own schedule. “From 8pm to 11pm is the time for hydration and stimulation, while 11pm to 3am is the time for nutrition and regeneration, and 3am to 5am is the time for resting,” explained Wright.

3. Green tea all the way!

The Gypsy Beauty has a very detailed write-up regarding green tea benefits. From flushing out toxins from your skin and body to stopping signs of premature aging, you’ll be amazed to know that matcha could be your new bestfriend. It is “especially good for clearing toxins from the system,” notes Tsai.

4. Take a daily bath.

Okay, this should be a no-brainer but for those still skeptical, leaning on the daily-bath-dries-out-your-skin premise, Tsai has a very good response to you. In the post, the Tatcha founder explains the Japanese way saying, “you clean yourself entirely before setting foot in the tub, then enjoy a long, relaxing soak in the warm water.” Try it out sometime!

5. Use skin-friendly products.

There are lots of skin products out there but we are placing our bets on Tatcha if you’re looking to have better skin. The brand uses only the best ingredients sourced from geisha beauty secrets written in the Capital Beauty and Style Handbook (Miyakofuzoku Kewaiden) she chanced upon in Kyoto.

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