There’s much-a-do about eggs, especially during Easter. So here are 5 Easter egg crafts from Martha Stewart that you should definitely make with the kids!


Foiled Eggs

Why We Love It: Golden eggs in the flesh! We adore the metallic and colorful finish of these eggs which are just dazzling.

What You’ll Need:

Blown or hard-boiled eggs

food colors

Food coloring

transfer adhesive

Transfer adhesive

stencil brushes

Stencil brushes

copper leaf

Copper and/or gold leaf


Painted Nesting Eggs and Candle Holder

Why We Love It: Faux eggs which do a good job at improving the aesthetics of your home. Plus, you can still use them next year!

What You’ll Need:

Red and yellow liquid food coloring (for nesting eggs)


Red and orange craft paint (for candle holder)

Paint brush

wooden easter eggs

Wooden nesting eggs and candle holder


Sugar Eggs

Why We Love It: Dual purpose, these sugar eggs can be decorative pieces or a good way to contain sweets as a surprise for kids.

What You’ll Need:

Ultrafine sugar, or light-brown sugar

Food coloring

Plastic clamshell egg mold

Cardboard, cut slightly larger than mold


Egg white


Egg Garland

Why We Love It: It’s festive and you can hang it on virtually anywhere! Pick colors and ribbons which match your Easter home décor too!

What You’ll Need:

Two-dozen raw eggs

Food coloring

Seam-binding ribbon

beading needles

Beading needle

3-millimeter adhesive hooks

satin ribbon

Satin ribbon

a colorful easter egg wreath isolated over white

Easter Egg Wreath

Why We Love It: You can hang this on every door in your home to welcome Easter egg hunters.

What You’ll Need:


16-gauge black annealed steel wire

masking tape

Masking tape

12 eggs, brown and Araucana, or dyed white eggs, hollow

crepe paper

Crepe paper

24-gauge fine wire

craft glue

Craft glue

Also check out egg kits from Abe’s Market below.

Nature's Magic Egg Dyeing Kit

Nature’s Magic Egg Dyeing Kit

Natural Easter Egg Dyes, made with fruit and veggie powders and healthy enough for toddler to use!

Kit comes with two sets of 3 primary colors in the shape of mini eggs for mixing a total of 6 colors, plus a neutral veggie crayon for decorating…your drawing will appear after dyeing!

Natural Egg Dye

Natural Egg Dye Kits

This is a set of three Natural Egg Dye Kits. These Natural Egg Dyes are made with fruits, herbs and vegetables and include 4 colors of dye, instructions to make other colors and a card with “Creative Egg Art Ideas.”