Are you tired of picking up toys over and over again? These toy storage & organization hacks could very well save you from the next Lego assault on your foot. Check them out.

1. Hanging Wall Organizers

Hanging Wall Organizers


Using wall space to tidy up the playroom is an excellent idea. It doesn’t require another furniture to occupy space in the playroom. Hanging wall organizers are also relatively cheaper and easier to install.

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Think clear shoe organizers, wall baskets, floating shelves and more! Kids can easily see what they want to play with and are also inspired to put them back to order after playing.

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Just a word of caution: make sure to place hanging toy organizers within your child’s reach. If you intend to place them high up so they ask for your help before getting to the toys, make sure to get rid of furniture that they might use to get the toys themselves, as it could lead to an accident.

2. Ottomans

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This means of seating doubles as toy storage, just like their toy bins! If you need to hide away a bunch of toys for later or just want to buy time before you can legit sort out the playroom, this could be a good option. To make things easy, organize toys into categories and place each category in one ottoman.

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3. Start a Rotation

an empty children's playroom with ent and toy railway

If the number of toys in your playroom is overwhelming you and your kids, it’s high time to purge! And purging doesn’t necessarily mean getting rid of the toys completely. It could mean finding the right schedule for each of them.

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Hold up, isn’t this post for the “very busy mom”? Yes, it is and busy moms, of all people, can actually benefit from starting a toy rotation. You’ll spend less time picking toys up from the floor and more time actually playing with your kids, if they get just the right amount of toys to play with each week.

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To start a toy rotation, first leave pretend toys in the playroom. All the other toys should be boxed and sorted by theme. Clearly label each box so you know what’s inside. Using clear boxes also help. Pick a box they can play with each week, putting the toys out in a shelf. Put them back in the box the following week and take out another box to change the contents of the toy shelf.

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You’ll be amazed at how much your kids will want to play with each and every toy. It is said that when children are overwhelmed when given too much toys and end up not playing with anything instead. Seeing the same toys everyday also devalues them, making kids lose interest in the toy even if it’s new.

4. Toy Library

Interior Of Playroom.

Teach and inspire your kids to put their toys back in their proper places with a toy library. This is a Montessori concept that has done wonders for lots of playrooms and it could work for you too.

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Start off with taking individual pictures of all your toys. Laminate them and label them if you can (although not necessary). Set up a toy shelf to accommodate all the toys in such a way that each toy has its own “space.” Once all the toys are in place, stick the laminated pictures respectively and voila – you’re very own toy library!

Now, your kids know exactly where to put the toys back after playing.

5. Crate Them



Repurpose old crates and turn them into toy storage. Depending on the crate size, you can create shelves, sensory bins or even under the bed pull-outs. See some ideas here.

Try out any of these toy storage & organization hacks for a neater, more engaging playroom for kids!

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