bautyThe spontaneity and easiness of the free spirit conquers the year of the sheep’s beauty trends! What does it mean and how does it look? Check out how to be aesthetically ‘in’ this 2015.

1. Fresh, Dewy Skin

Dewy Skin

Your skin is physical beauty’s front liner. For this year, you need not much coveralls; its natural glow is all that’s important. Make sure you take good care of it, from head to toe. Schedule a trip to your facialist, invest on organic skin products, and discover how radiant it can go. For a start, test the essence of new Asian-imported skin care essences, like Shiseido Eudermine Revitalizing Essence. But don’t you overdo it, beauty experts say, occasional freckle smatters complete the natural 2015 look!

2. The Clean, No Make- up Make up

The Clean

The ultimate make- up tip of the decade is still unstoppable. The ‘No- make up’ make up continues to reign from the runway to the streets! With the right product, the right color and shade, highlight your skin’s and face’ best facets! Such natural tone and texture will indeed take you anywhere, anytime in 2015! Unveil the nude with L’oreal Paris True Match Super Blendable Make up.

3. Hairdo Undone

Hairdo Undone

Talking about the free spirits, your hair deserves a whole kind of freedom too! The former years may call it messy, but this new beauty trend for 2015 (or even onwards) is the perfect crowning glory. Unique, convenient, easy, and pretty in every girl’s way, your hair’s your only paraphernalia, so better show the best out of it. Desert Essence Organics hair care will do the job for you!

4. Pink is the New Red

Pink is the New Red

Cosmetic authority, Bobbi Brown predicts something light for your lips! Say goodbye for now to dark shaded oranges and reds, and pick the proper pink for your 2015 pout! This Bobbi Brown Rich Lip Color might just be the one for you!

5. Your Manicure Needs Space

Your Manicure Needs Space

Yes, your nails need your attention too! And here’s the latest wave- Negative space manicure! After the years of elaborate nail art dominance, your nails are asking for a break and thus, taking a more sophisticated shift. Make your own nail masterpiece now with L.A Colors Nail Polish.

6. Eye- Candy Eye shadows

Eye shadows

What makes a free spirit spontaneous is her boldness to experiment on colors. This year, the eye shadow trend will become bolder and more spontaneous. Expect to see brightly colored eye make up heavily lining your creases, making your eyes everyone’s visual candy! Maybelline New York’s Amethyst- Ablazed Eyeshadow is your impeccable partner to do just that!

7. A Rock-y Road

A Rock-y Road

Rock the world with your glam and funky eye glitters. Or make a statement with metallic lip accents. Bring out your metallic eye makeup and that CoverGirl mascara because they are on the run again! Or pull out that Mohawk punk or groovy hair cut!

8. The Not-To- Runaway Braid

The Not-To- Runaway Braid

One thing that 2014 passed on is its love for braids! Let TRESemme Vitamin E Shampoo take care of your hair and don’t just let this hairstyle go just yet, because this beauty trend is still worth doing for.

“The girl that’s lived”, renowned make-up artist Pat McGrath defines 2015’s beauty trend. Be one- be spontaneous and easy on becoming a beautiful free spirit, inside out. Live the trend, girl!

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