This season made pumpkins the limelight of our decorations. How about we make our coasters or patches inspired by them? Even though they are considered mere covering on floors or tables, they actually divert a lot of attention to visitors. Here are handpicked coasters and patches that are guaranteed to add life and cuteness into your homes.


Patches are usually made of light fabric which is why it’s preferred for them to be hung on the wall.

Pumpkin Patch

The 3 pumpkins of this patch are made of different kinds of fabrics. The diversity of its design made it look more unique. In addition to that, its horizontal layout is great for large doors or walls with tall spaces.

Pumpkin Patch2

The second patch would be nice for your tables. It’s simple but definitely adorable.

Oh Pumpkin My Pumpkin

Who said that patches are supposed to be square or circle? Try this patch with a unique shape.


Mug coasters are not just useful to clean keep your tables clean. They are also lovely to look at when you enjoy having your hot chocolate or coffee.

Autumn Pumpkin Rug Mug

The leaves of this mug coasters just fits this season. Also, it’s designed to not just cater one mug but more. It’s perfect for big families or gatherings.

Ghostly Pumpkin Rug Mug

I guess we don’t have to settle with just plain pumpkin mug coasters right? Let’s have ghost and owls with them.

Pumpkin Mug Rug Quilt

Pumpkin Harvest

Well we have to agree that no one can easily resist the smile of these two little guys.

Pumpkin Duo Rug Mug

What’s nice about this coaster is that the unique patterns of each pumpkin made them stood out. Let’s double the fun with this duo.

Primitive Pumpkin Coaster

Look at those lovely little stars on the side of this mug coaster, aren’t they cute?

Pumpkin Mug Rug

This one is indeed a must-have, the actual shape of it made it look more terrific.

Simple things like rugs can easily transform your house into something beautiful. These cloth creations are not just worthy of any house. Enjoy simple pleasures with your family by having things that add pleasant look in your home.

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