Boots are not the only trending footwear this fall. In fact, several shoe designers presented the shoe styles that are “in” this season. They are shoes with huge or chunky heels, sneakers, platforms and oxford.

If you’re struggling on what they’re like then we are here to guide you.

Heels resemble sophistication. Women can’t get enough of it. But we all have to agree that too much of wearing heels are a pain. This season, we don’t have to worry about having pain by wearing high and thin heels. Shoes that have chunky or fat heels are more comfortable and less painful to wear.

'Slits' Platform Sandal (Women)

‘Slits’ Platform Sandal

'Naya' Mary Jane Platform Pump (Women)

‘Naya’ Mary Jane Platform Pump

Wear socks with bold colors as you use this “school-girl” type pump.

'Flynn' Platform Pump (Women)

Flynn’ Platform Pump 

Platform heels are highlighted in today’s shoe fashion. The bigger the heel, the better.

Sneakers are timeless and effortlessly stylish. For women who have very active lifestyle, this is their foot weapon.

Lace-Up Sneaker (Women)

Lace-Up Sneaker

Revamp your casual getup with the cracked leather design of this lace-up shoe.

'Desert' High Top Sneaker (Women)

‘Desert’ High Top Sneaker

Since it’s all about big heels, let’s have sneakers with chunky heels then.

Easy to wear and they can easily pull-off your typical attire. Slip ons are usually partnered with the basic fashion. But now, they can be paired up with bohemian pieces for a playful look.

'See-Ya' Slip-On Platform Sneaker (Women)

‘See-Ya’ Slip-On Platform Sneaker 

This chunky white slip on encompasses the basic mixed with glamour description.

'Doobie' Platform Slip-On (Women)

‘Doobie’ Platform Slip-On

Floral prints with gloomy colors are necessary to achieve exquisite style.

'Glastenbury' Slip-On Sneaker (Women)

‘Glastenbury’ Slip-On Sneaker

Fall is all about earthly elements. Show off the rugged but posh look with this leather slip on.

Let’s bid goodbye with the super sexy look of thin heels or stilettos. It’s now the time to adapt masculine inspired pieces.

'Marly' Pump (Women)

‘Marly’ Pump

Sleek pointy leather with a resemblance of the 90’s made this pump perfect for any formal look.

'Grunge' Zip Platform Oxford (Women)

‘Grunge’ Zip Platform Oxford

This pump is part of the exclusive Grunge collection. It has zip closure and designed to boast an urban appeal.

Relish on these shoes and display your feet with smart fashion sense. Splurge and pair them with your fall inspired wardrobe.

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