Author: Teelie Turner

Gift Guide: Gadget Man

The Gadget Man. You know him, you see him on a daily basis. He’s the guy sometimes typing furiously away at his laptop with a bluetooth headset in one ear and holding a conversation with some unknown caller in the other ear. He...

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Gift Guide: The Crafter

The Crafter goes by many names: The DIY-er, the Dreamer, The Doer, The Builder, etc. These creative types love to conceptualize an idea and use the tools at hand to make something amazing. The Merchants on ShareASale have many...

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Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers

Stocking Stuffers are always great gift ideas that come in small packages and can be perfect for anyone in your family, sometimes even your pet! Our guide will help you pick out some quality goods that will make your loved ones...

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Gift Guide: Mountain Man

Every “Mountain Man” (or Woman) needs to have the right gear when going on that annual outdoor adventure!  If that person in your life is looking forward to receiving any holiday gifts (or if you are looking for some great...

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