Are you having a baby? For couples, nothing is bigger news than that! From those first moments of morning sickness discomforts to your what- if guesses to your doctor’s confirmation, you have been looking forward to this sweetest revelation! Now, it’s time to shout to the world that your baby is coming SOON. Do it your own style with a special baby shower!

Behind the Baby Shower

Behind the Baby Shower

Frequently, the load of the preparation and the event lies on either the expectant mother or the couple. However, baby showers can be extra special if future parents could simply sit down and relax and act as consulting and approving officers rather than doing the tasks hands on. So, uncles, aunties, and family friends- whoever you may be, you can definitely volunteer and do the greatest deed of making the baby shower possible.

baby fmily friends

Baby, Family and Friends

 Who are coming? Be sure to complete your guest list with your close friends, family members, and anyone whom you think would have a huge impact on your baby. Just make sure you keep it small and intimate.  Single sex versus co-ed? Confirm with the expectant parents how they’d like to run it.  If you have a location and budget in mind, inform the future mom how many guests you can accommodate. Or you can simply ask her her own guest list and begin estimating the costs and the perfect venue. Also, baby shower nowadays isn’t a ‘for women only’ custom; dad-to-be and his pals can definitely join in!

A Baby and A Date

How far should you host a baby shower? Surely, you’re not thinking of doing it at the early weeks- the mom- to- be is still suffering from the usual discomforts and the baby’s gender can’t be determined yet. Schedule it four to six weeks before the baby’s due date so the expectant mother could still move around easily and enjoy! Send out the invitations at least three weeks before the baby shower for guests to have adequate time to RSVP and prepare!

Ready-to-distribute invitations

The Baby and a ‘Shower’

How to run a ‘baby’ party? First, settle for a specific theme- it can be a tea party, baby brunch, a diaper party or a baby book bonanza! Set- up your decorations mostly pastel colors. Light pinks and blues, soft greens and yellows, plus some animal patterns can create a heaven-like and comfort- filled atmosphere. Complete the scene with a Do- It-Yourself crib where favors and gifts will be placed, plus cute baby songs on air! As soon as guests arrive, let them sign your guestbook or place a note on your message jar. Believe it, their message would make sense!

A Great Congratulatory Banner for the Parents!

More Baby Coos, Boos and Laughter

Baby showers are called such because expectant mothers and the couple themselves are expected to be ‘showered’ with congratulations, best wishes, and of course gifts! However, this isn’t a boring gift- giving activity; this is a party, filled with fun and games.  Why don’t you start by unleashing your guest’s childlike spirit? Give them some art materials (construction papers, scissors, glue, crayons) and allow them to create their own masterpiece! Hang their work on a clothesline and make people vote the ‘Best Artist’ award.  After testing their talent, challenge their taste buds! Buy at least 15 flavors of baby food and peel off the label and during the party, ask for a volunteer. Blindfold her and let her guess! Are you revealing your baby’s gender on that very day? Do the “wear your instinct” game. From a wall of bows (a boy) and ribbons (a girl), let each guest pick one which they should be wearing all throughout. On the big reveal, those who got it right will have extra favors!

Something for you to enjoy!

It’s Yummy and it’s Baby-ish!

Nourish everyone with baby- sized foods! Mini- tarts, mini- quiches and mini- sandwiches are good main dishes. Pair them up with a fresh salad that features baby carrots, flavored pomegranate seeds and cherry tomatoes. Complete the meal with some cupcakes for desserts. Of course, do not forget to incorporate colors on your food tray!

Preggatinis and Mamaritas? Do they ring a bell? Well, they are just your ordinary cocktails made safe for new mommies. Recipes for these drinks are available online, so you can do it yourself! It’s not as complicated as it sounds!

Frill up decors with baby feet!

Your baby is indeed a heavenly blessing. A he or she, that little angel only deserves an extra special baby shower. Bring it on!

Its Yummy and its Babyish

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