It’s school time once again and nothing pastes a smile on a student’s face as much as a new backpack for school.

A good and durable backpack is a school necessity but that doesn’t mean you’d have to make do with boring and plain-looking ones. Here is our list of super cute backpacks that’ll please young and older students alike. Click on the photos to shop the items!

Character Backpacks

Character backpacks never go out of trend. As long as someone loves Hello Kitty, or the newer generation cartoons, Despicable Me’s minions, character backpacks will always be a hit among younger students.

Despicable Me Big Boys' Minion Crowd Backpack

Despicable Me Big Boys’ Minion Crowd Backpack

Fast Forward Girl's Hello Kitty 3D Eva Molded Backpack

Fast Forward Girl’s Hello Kitty 3D Eva Molded Backpack

Bold Prints

Backpacks with bold prints are also gaining more and more popularity. As these bags are much brighter or contrasting when it comes to prints and colors, most students who are drawn to them are the younger ones. However, due to the lots of variation on backpacks with bold prints, even college students who want an edgy, funky look will also wear them.

Trailmaker Girls' Chevron Backpack

Trailmaker Girls’ Chevron Backpack

Levi's Big Boys' Multi Plex Backpack

Levi’s Big Boys’ Multi Plex Backpack

Animal Backpacks

These backpacks are definitely in our cute list because let’s face it, even adults find animal backpacks irresistible. Although you’ll mostly find animal backpacks on preschoolers and on the back of some elementary kids, some high school students don’t mind wearing them at all!

Rockland Jr. My First Backpack

Rockland Jr. My First Backpack

Stephen Joseph Little Girls' Mini Sidekick Backpack

Stephen Joseph Little Girls’ Mini Sidekick Backpack

Vintage-Inspired Backpacks

The more sophisticated look of vintage-inspired backpacks make them a likely choice of high school and college students. They’re quite fashionable and although vintage-looking, are quite trendy.

Madden Girl Bposter Backpack Handbag

Madden Girl Bposter Backpack Handbag

Herschel Supply Co. Settlement Kids Backpack

Herschel Supply Co. Settlement Kids Backpack

Multi-Pack Backpacks

Perfect for those kids who have to take lunch to school, multi-pack backpacks also have another advantage: organization. Sometimes all it takes is a lunch bag, a small pouch and a backpack for everything else to keep things tidy.

SkipHop Girls' Forget-Me-Not 3 Piece Backpack Set

SkipHop Girls’ Forget-Me-Not 3 Piece Backpack Set

SkipHop Boys' Forget-Me-Not 3 Piece Backpack Set

SkipHop Boys’ Forget-Me-Not 3 Piece Backpack Set

Board Bags

Closing our backpacks list this back-to-school season are board bags for the guys. These cool-looking backpacks are the choice of most teenage boys and come in different color combinations. Some board bags even come in print.

Skechers Boys' Skater Boy Backpack

Skechers Boys’ Skater Boy Backpack

Trailmaker Boys' Flap Buckle Backpack

Trailmaker Boys’ Flap Buckle Backpack

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