Brace yourselves, beach lovers and surfing enthusiasts! Billabong is having a sale and we love the pieces that they offer. From swimsuits to skateboarding apparel, you get to select from different styles that fit your lifestyle. The brand is now offering some of their most popular clothes and apparel at discounted prices. Take advantage of the Billabong Sale and take a look at some fashionable and functional apparel we’ve found.

Creating a Lifestyle Since 1973



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Billabong is more than just a clothing brand. It is a lifestyle that allows surfers, skateboarders, and other extreme sports enthusiasts to test their abilities to the limits by providing them with apparel, clothing, and even equipment that help them with their performance in their chose sport. The brand offers a variety of lifestyle products that every outdoor and sports lover would enjoy.

Women’s Apparel

Enjoy tops, dresses, and more from this year’s Billabong Sale. Check out these items we’ve found.


Go floral, casual, or girly with these stylish Billabong tops.

1. Billabong Tube Dream Smocked Tank, $34.95 $20.96 at Nordstrom 2. Billabong Babe Alert Print Crop Top, $34.95 $16.97 at Nordstrom Rack 3. Billabong Mi Amore Floral Printed Off-The-Shoulder Top, $49.95 $34.96 at Dillard’s 4. Billabong Let Loose Lace Up Tee, $34.95 $24.46 at Dillard’s 5. Billabong Step Up Tie Shoulder Fringe Hem Tank, $39.95 $19.97 at Nordstrom Rack


From shorts to a comfy pair of pants, Billabong has them!

1. Billabong Lite Hearted Lace-Up Distressed Shorts, $49.95 $24.97 at Nordstrom Rack 2. Billabong Strange Talk Crop Ruffle Hem Pants, $54.95 $19.97 at Nordstrom Rack 3. Billabong Sun Skipper Walkshorts, $34.95 $30.99 at Zappos 4. Billabong Fake Out Walkshorts, $39.95 $33.96 at Zappos 5. Billabong Coast Ryder Walkshorts, $54.95 $39.99 at Zappos


Get flirty and feminine with these beautiful dresses.

1. Billabong Drop It Dress, $149.95 $74.97 at Nordstrom Rack 2. Billabong Done Down Ruffle Dress, $49.95 $24.97 at Nordstrom Rack 3. Billabong Icy Shores Maxi Dress, $149.95 $74.97 at Nordstrom Rack 4. Billabong Rolling Seas Dress, $64.95 $52.99 at Zappos 5. Billabong Hold Me Tight Dress, $64.95 $52.99 at Zappos

Jackets and Hoodies

Prepare for the colder weathers or cold summer nights with these jackets and hoodies on sale.

1. Billabong Stay Cozy Fleece Women’s Fleece, $64.95 $42.99 at 2. Billabong Snow Outside Fever Hoodie, $64.95 $29.49 at Pacsun 3. Billabong Days Off Fleece, $49.95 $24.99 at Pacsun 4. Billabong Over Head Fleece, $64.95 $32.99 at 5. Billabong Beach Daze Fleece, $54.95 $39.99 at Zappos


Grab a one-piece or two-piece suit for your next beach adventure!

1. Billabong Tropic Haze One-Piece Swimsuit, $119.95 $59.97 at Nordstrom Rack 2. Billabong Coastal Luv One-Piece Swimsuit, $79.95 $29.97 at Nordstrom Rack 3. Billabong 3/2 Synergy Back-Zip Full Wetsuit, $149.95 $112.46 at 4. Billabong Color Spell Lace-Up One-Piece Swimsuit, $84.95 $29.73 at Dillard’s 5. Billabong Surf Capsule Spring Fever Long-Sleeve Wetsuit, $119.95 $83.96 at

Men’s Apparel

Guys also get a treat during this Billabong Sale! Choose from the most fashionable and summer-ready tops to the trendiest boardshorts.


You’ll be faced with a wide range of sleeveless tops, polo shirts, and tees.

1. Billabong Short Sleeve Floral Print Tailored Fit Woven Shirt, $54.95 $19.23 at Nordstrom Rack 2. Billabong Front Graphic Print Tailored Print Fit Tank Top, $21.95 $7.99 at Nordstrom Rack 3. Billabong Isla Tee, $12.97 $6.99 at Nordstrom Rack 4. Billabong Team Pocket Tee, $26.95 $14.97 at Nordstrom Rack 5. Billabong Sunday Floral Men’s Shirt, $54.99 $24.48 at Tilly’s


Choose from a wide array of shorts that are on sale!

1. Billabong Larry Layback Sunday Shorts, $54.95 $32.98 at Nordstrom 2. Billabong Men’s New Order X Overdye Shorts, $54.95 $32.97 at Macy’s 3. Billabong Men’s Crossfire X Classic-Fit Stretch Hybrid Shorts, $54.95 $41.21 at Macy’s 4. Billabong Balance Black Men’s Sweat Shorts, $39.99 $20.98 at Tilly’s 5. Billabong Carter Walkshorts Men’s Shorts, $39.95 $33.96 at Zappos

Long sleeves and Hoodies

Update your wardrobe with these cozy long-sleeved tops and hoodies from this year’s Billabong Sale!

1. Billabong Hudson Hoodie, $69.95 $41.96 at Nordstrom 2. Billabong Keystone Waffle Knit Hoodie, $39.95 $24.97 at Nordstrom Rack 3. Billabong Men’s Flecker Striped Hoodie, $54.95 $19.23 at Macy’s 4. Billabong Unity Men’s Surf Shirt, $32.99 $26.99 at Tilly’s 5. Billabong Men’s Transport Windbreaker, $49.95 $29.97 at Macy’s


Enjoy the final days of summer by stocking up on these breathable and comfortable boardshorts.

1. Billabong Stringer LT Lo Tides Board Shorts, $54.95 $19.23 at Dillard’s 2. Billabong Men’s 73 Og Stripe 19” Board Shorts, $44.95 $33.71 at Macy’s 3. Billabong Sundays Lo Tide Board Shorts, $54.95 $24.97 at Nordstrom Rack 4. Billabong All Day X20 Double Performance Board Shorts, $44.95 $15.73 at Dillard’s 5. Billabong 73 X Lineup Board Shorts, $54.95 $32.98 at Nordstrom


This year’s Billabong Sale is full of summer-friendly apparel that is sure to make your beach trips extra adventurous. Go on surf trips and beach escapades with your Billabong Sale haul. For more updates on the latest fashion sale, you can visit


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