With Halloween fast approaching, you may be panicking as to how you’re going to pull off a Halloween party. Don’t worry! Birthday in a Box has everything you need to create a spooktacular Halloween extravaganza that you and your friends can enjoy. From first birthday parties to themed gatherings, it has the decors and party supplies you can find. If you wish to do some DIY decorating, you can try out these Halloween party ideas we’ve gathered for you, inspired by what we loved about Birthday in a Box.

1. Spooky Party Invites

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Of course, when you’re organizing a party, you need to start with the party invites. You can try looking for invites online so you can simply download them and send them out via email. However, it’s still exciting to receive a spooky invitation in the mail. It’s equally thrilling to create spooky party invites that you can send out through snail mail. Your party guests are sure to have a surprise when they open the mail. If you’re planning a big party, you can get this 60-pack Halloween invites here. For a more intimate gathering, you can opt to purchase this 12-pack Halloween party invite here.

2. Eerie Party Decors

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A party isn’t complete without Halloween decorations. Turn your house into an eerie and spooky party place using Halloween decors. A decorative banner can help transform a plain wall into a colorful one. Decorate the room with pumpkins, skeletons, fake spider webs, and hanging bats to create a Halloween-themed party. Use these triple Jack-O-Lanterns by Ashland to add spookiness to your party. Buy them here. You can also use this Cobweb Fireplace Scarf to add creepiness to your home. You can get one here.

3. Halloween Tableware

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You can also give emphasis on decorating your dining table. After all, most of the party guests will spend their time eating on your Halloween-themed dining table. You can concentrate on color coordination like choosing plates with orange and black hues. You can add colored goblets to set the Halloween mood in your dining area. This Porcelain Vintage Set just looks and feels eerie – perfect for a Halloween party. You can get it here. Pair your plates with an equally eerie set of party glasses. These skeleton hand glasses are just great for a Halloween soiree. Buy them here.

4. Trick-or-Treat Party Food

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Create gruesome yet taste food for those who will attend your party. You can serve finger-shaped hotdogs, eyeball cheeseball, mummified Jalapenos, brain-shaped cake, spider-topped cupcakes, and more. Add more spookiness to your food by serving them in decorative dishes. Serve your dish in this eerie Halloween Natura Small Covered Pumpkin from Vietri. Purchase it here. You can also serve different treats in this Hanging Cauldron Serving Bowls from Pier 1 Imports. You can buy it here.

5. Ghoulish Giveaways

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Lastly, give your guests a good reason to remember your party. Giving out goodie bags that are filled with treats is a great idea to thank your guests for coming to your party. Fill these pumpkin-inspired goodie bags with treats. Your guests are sure to love them! Purchase a set of 10 here. For bigger treats and surprises, you can choose to get these Halloween Non-Woven Bags from Elcoho. Buy them here.


Creating a Halloween party may seem difficult. However, when you have everything that you need in one box, you can easily decorate your place and turn it into a spooky and ghoulish party place in no time. Check out TeelieTurner.com for more Halloween-related ideas. You can also view some of our past Halloween blog posts here:

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