A Taste of Paris: Boulangerie VS Viennoiserie VS Pâtisserie

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French cuisine has become popular over the years; French desserts, even more so. Buttery, flaky croissants. Fruity, tangy tarts. Heavenly, delectable choux à la crème. Sweet, magical macarons. These are some of the most iconic French desserts that we’ve grown to love.


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Whether you’re craving a croissant for breakfast or you want a macaron for a sweet complement to your tea, you need to know where you need to go to get your hands on your favorite French desserts. Should you go to a boulangerie or a pâtisserie? What exactly is a viennoiserie? Read more to find out.


What is a Boulangerie?



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Boulangerie is a French bakery where traditional French bread such as baguettes, pain de campagne, and fougasse is sold. A French baker is called a Boulanger, who is a master in the process and techniques needed to work with warm rising dough.


What is a Pâtisserie?


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Pâtisserie refers to a pastry shop and the French dessert sold in them. Macarons, tarts, croquembouche, and mille-feuille are some of the most common French desserts sold in pâtisseries. A pâtessier refers to a skilled pastry chef who works with cold ingredients.


What is Viennoiserie?



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Viennoiserie are breakfast pastries that originated from Vienna, Austria. They fill the gap between French bread and pâtisserie. They can be sold in both boulangeries and pâtisseries. Common viennoiserie include croissant, brioche, financier, pain au chocolat, pain aux raisins, and palmier.


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Knowing where to go for French pastries and bread makes it easier for you to organize an intimate afternoon tea at home since you’ll know where to purchase the items for your afternoon tea menu.



Afternoon Tea at Home


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Afternoon tea started when one of the prominent figures in London society, the 7th Duchess of Bedford, Anna, was suddenly “having a sinking feeling” during one of the late afternoons. Craving for something small to satiate her hunger, the afternoon tea tradition started.

Nowadays, many afternoon tea ideas sprouted what was once a country’s tradition turned into a type of leisure and luxurious activity everyone enjoys. Usually plated in a 3-tier dessert stand, you start by eating the finger sandwiches on the bottom layer and work your way up to the topmost tier. Of course, tea is a must-have. If you want to try it out, you can set up your afternoon tea at home. Invite a few friends so you can catch up while enjoying a myriad of French pastries and desserts and sipping tea from your China cup.


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Indulge in various French desserts paired up with your favorite tea selections in an afternoon tea at home. You can easily set up your version of an afternoon tea with some tea essentials to ensure you have everything you need. Prepare your favorite serve ware and tea sets and create your version of an afternoon tea.




Serve your French pastries and desserts in this 3-Tier Porcelain Cake Stand for a fancy presentation. Provide dessert plates for your guests so they can plate their own selections from your menu. This set of Porcelain Floral Dessert Plates includes pastel shades and designs – lovely for an impromptu afternoon tea.

What’s afternoon tea without the tea? Each guest is usually served their teapot. Traditional blends such as English Breakfast or Earl Grey teas are commonly brewed for this intimate tea gathering. Serve your tea in this Porcelain Teapot with Stainless Steel Infuser to allow your tea to brew and bring out its natural flavors, even when they are already served at the table. Of course, bring out your favorite China, such as this Pink Vintage Porcelain Tea Cup. Include this Royal Ceramic Sugar and Creamer Set so you and your guests can adjust the sweetness or creaminess of your tea.



For your afternoon tea menu, you can serve savory and sweet patisserie. If you don’t have time to prepare the menu yourself, you can find available French pastries online and have them delivered to you. French Macaron Gift Boxes are available in sets of 15 and 25. Tarts such as Mr. Kipling Mini Bakewell Tarts can also be served to your guests. Grab a box of Assorted Les Carolines Mini Eclairs to add more elements to your patisserie menu. The Hartleys 7-Item Bundle is also a great package to include in your afternoon tea. Lastly, grab this Vintage Victorian Round Tea Caddy with 240 English Breakfast Tea Bags to complete your menu preparations.



Afternoon tea is a tradition that eventually became one of the most popular social dining experiences these days. If you’re planning on having afternoon tea at home, you can start by grabbing your favorite French pastries and bread from a boulangerie or pâtisserie near you.


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