Teelie Turner Fashions

Find wearable art pieces that you can keep and treasure. Elevate your wardrobe with colors in subtle shades of pastels.

Find Your Own Style

Welcome to Teelie Turner Fashions! We are the home of stunning, chic designs that will make any head turn. Whether you’re looking for something fun and whimsical, a contemporary sophisticated look, or holiday-inspired items, we have it all. From dresses to skirts, blouses to handbags, our pieces boast quality fabrics and colors that won’t disappoint. Our collections are perfect for any occasion – just take a look and you will fall in love.

Holiday Collection

Teelie Turner can bring the excitement back into your wardrobe during the holidays with her Holiday Collections! Featuring Halloween, Christmas, Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, and Easter clothing lines, there's something stylish for all of your holiday needs. Look no further for a remarkable set of stylish trendy looks to help show off your individual style.

From the chill of autumn to evocative nights around a bonfire, layer up with your favorite hoodies and scarves or pull-on layers of winter-style sweaters and jackets that you can impressively accessorize with eye-catching designs. With the arrival of spring comes an opportunity for floral fun – pick from a wide selection of colorful dresses or opt for something like overall jeans paired with delicate silhouettes or ruffles.

 For those days talking about love like Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day, decorate yourself in hues that represent each holiday perfectly with maxi dresses and cozy pants that will make you look beautiful. Top it off with an Easter Bunny look tomorrow morning – Teelie has everything you need!

 You’ll find something glamorous and comfortable in Teelie Turner’s collections so you can look your best while staying warm at the same time! Investing in these signature pieces will guarantee amazing style now and forever whenever you want to break out of those classic pieces year after year during any holiday season.

Plus Sizes

At Teelie Turner Fashions, we believe that fashion should be inclusive and available for everyone. Shoppers will find pieces in PLUS sizes that range from sophisticated to whimsical holiday designs. Whether you're shopping for the perfect office outfit or a fun night out with friends, there's something at Teelie Turner Fashions that will hug your curves and make you feel confident and stylish. No matter which style fits you best, the fashion-forward looks at Teelie Turner Fashions will make you look spectacular and feel strong, empowered, and beautiful. Dress up and feel confident knowing that we have designed specifically crafted just for YOU!

Christmas Decorations

Are you looking for beautiful and unique Christmas ornaments to decorate your home this season? Look no further than Teelie Turner Fashion's selection of Christmas Ornaments! Our collection offers something for everyone - from the whimsical to the elegant. Each ornament is hand-selected and crafted with the utmost attention; these ornaments are not only visually stunning but also enjoyable for all to look upon! If you're wanting a Christmas tree that stands out from the rest, Teelie Turner Fashion has all the options you need. With styles such as timeless glass balls, modern snowflakes, and even cute characters, our Christmas ornaments will bring joy and warmth to your holiday. Why settle for bland store-bought decorations when you can have quality handmade ones that show your unique personality? Whether it’s for yourself or a loved one, our selection of stunning Christmas-inspired decorations and keepsakes will enhance any home’s décor. Make lasting memories this year with charming decorations from Teelie Turner Fashions!

New Arrivals

Time to freshen up your wardrobe! Teelie Turner Fashions is proud to present our latest offerings of stylish and practical clothing items and accessories. Whether you're aiming for a sophisticated style or a more everyday look, we have something special in store just for you. Our new arrivals are the perfect mix of chic and classic designs, made with durable materials so they can stand up against the daily hustle and bustle.

Beauty and brains combine in each piece – these clothes not only look good but will last as well. Choose from elegant blouses, knit sweaters, fashionable skirts, and dresses, along with handbags and jewelry that will turn heads in heart-stopping ensembles. Our collections feature an array of colors, textures, patterns, and silhouettes to help you express your personal style in any situation. With pieces from Teelie Turner Fashions, you’ll never settle for ordinary.

Discover the latest looks for fall now before they sell out! Quality comes first at Teelie Turner Fashions – check out our full lineup of new arrivals today and find your perfect outfit that is both chic and practical.


Been on the hunt for that one fashion boutique that can supply you with everything you need to make your style truly unique? Look no further than Teelie Turner Fashions. Our exclusive boutique line allows you to access some of the trendiest apparel around, with always-changing collections so your wardrobe doesn’t have to stay stuck in the same style. For those looking to take their fashion game up a level, why not become a Teelie Turner Fashions Wholesale Boutique/Shop? Our wholesale program will give customers access to special discounts while still letting you make a profit. Plus, we’ll promote your boutique Trunk Show so all of your customers will be sure to know about our new fabulous collections right away!

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