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Teelie’s Fairy Garden began with a love for all things fairy garden. The enchantment that a fairy garden brings to one’s life is incomparable.

Welcome To Our Family Of Magical Instant Digital Downloads!

Teelie’s Digital Shop was created to be able to cater to the needs and connect to all our fairy-loving friends around the world. All the products on this magical website are instant digital downloads and we give you how-to videos and a look at the finished product. This means after you purchase any of our items you will receive a PDF file that you can instantly download, print, cut out, and enjoy. We have items for human parties, celebrations, family DIY parties, fairies, fairy gardens, dollhouses, and decorating for holidays or just fun occasions!  

Teelie Turner's Magical Fairy eBooks

Welcome to Teelie Turner’s Magical Fairy eBooks! If you’ve been searching for some truly extraordinary stories that take you into a world of enchantment, look no further. Here, fairies from all over the globe come alive in wonderfully written and illustrated adventures that will spark your imagination and wonder. We invite all fairy lovers everywhere to explore the amazing realm that is Teelie Turner’s Magical Fairy eBooks!

Put away those ordinary books, and get ready to fly away with exciting tales of mystery and surprise. Our legendary stories go beyond fairy tale basics, taking you into a unique universe where mischievous sprites come to life. You’ll laugh at the high-jinks of our spirited characters as they navigate adventures both thrilling and dangerous. And along the way, you’ll gain a whole new appreciation for how extraordinary these tiny magical creatures can be!

Do yourself a favor – don’t miss out on these captivating tales from Teelie Turner’s Magical Fairy eBooks and discover why fairies are so enchanting. All aboard for an adventure in fantasy like no other!

Gigi The Magical
Chic Fairy

Magic is everywhere with Gigi the Chic Fairy. She’s got an amazing job in Fairy Land, and it involves fashion and good deeds. Currently, four magical books, a coloring book, and several magical activities and digital downloads including an instant fairy garden have been created for Gigi. Digital downloads are amazing because you can instantly receive them and begin your fun and interactive play. They are educational and affordable DIY activities. They are wonderful to do as a family, with friends, or for a celebration.

The Adventures Of Pirate Pete And The Lost Fairy Treasure

Pirate Pete and the Lost Fairy Treasure is more than just a book, it is a whole experience created for your magical enjoyment by Teelie Turner. Imagine reading a book and then going on an incredible adventure of your own to pretend to be the characters within the book. We have created a vast assortment of paper items available as digital downloads to help you do this.

Teelie Turner's Magical Seasonal Digital Products

Celebrate the special holidays of the year with a dash of magic in every moment! Teelie Turner’s Magical Seasonal Digital Products have something for everyone – both small and big kids alike! With digital downloads that can be enjoyed instantly, you’re just one click away from endless fun activities. Get dressed up, make a paper doll, or create your own magical fairy garden with Teelie’s amazing selection – the only limit is your imagination! And that’s why we guarantee these activities will always keep you and the family entertained throughout Easter and all other special days of the year. Don’t worry about the time anymore- get ready to add a little bit of magic to each moment!

Exclusive Felicia Magical Fairy Posters

If you’re looking for a magical way to spruce up your walls, look no further: Felicia fairy posters are here! Featuring a new and magnificent design every week straight out of the fairyland, these elegant prints will transport you to a world of sheer enchantment. From intense hues to intricate details, you’ll be in awe every time you take a peek at your wall. Our printing options guarantee that your poster will turn out just the way you want it to – glossy or matte – and our instructions make placement easy-breezy! And once you’ve got them all framed up properly, don’t forget to stare upon your own personal haven of beauty! Get creating and fly away with Felicia now!

Teelie Turner's Magical Instant Fairy Garden

Introducing Teelie Turner’s Magical Instant Fairy Garden – the perfect way to create a magical world right in your own home! With Teelie Turner’s downloadable gardens, you won’t have to wait long before your very own little world is ready and waiting. From storybook to the cottage, woodland to glade, there are so many amazing designs to choose from you’ll be spoilt for choice!

Plus, this fairy fun doesn’t just have to stay indoors. If you’ve got a sunny corner of the garden why not take it outdoors? Every miniaturized piece is designed with both a natural look and character in mind for a truly enchanted experience. Create an enchanting fairy tale each and every time!


Themed Miniatures To Go With All The Magical Digitals

Come to Teelie’s Digital Shop and witness the wonders of a true fairy wonderland. Teelie Turner has worked her magic to provide digital downloadable products like no other — the perfect way to bring some lighthearted, whimsical fun into any home. Her exclusive Instant Fairy Garden will transform your space into a fantasy experience you won’t forget. But wait, there’s more! Now she’s providing magical miniature products to go with all Instant Fairy Gardens, themes and holidays — a veritable feast for the eyes! Why not come by for a look today — we guarantee it’ll make you believe in real-life fairies!

Miniature Magical Fairy Signs Your Fairies Will Love

Welcome the magic of your fairy kingdom with the Miniature Magical Fairy Signs! Whether you have a large or small fairy garden, these delightful little signs add charm and whimsy in a way that’s truly magical. Each set of 6 comes with small cute animals, ferns, and flowers, making each absolutely irresistible! Your fairies will love showing off their new decorations to their friends – so why not bring your fairy kingdom to life with these beautiful pieces today? These digital miniature signs are sure to delight everyone who comes over for a visit!”