One of the most common types of cancer among women is breast cancer. Every year, there are 522,000 deaths, as well as 1.7 million new reports on breast cancer cases. Over the years, cases have been increasing but there is still hope. Early detection and treatment are key to the containment and control of breast cancer. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It’s the perfect time to raise awareness and increase the support for breast cancer.

Why Should You Be Part of Breast Cancer Awareness Month?


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Breast Cancer Awareness Month is not just for women. It’s for everyone. It’s a significant health problem that everyone needs to be aware of. Being aware of the risk factors and the steps needed to detect it early can help save lives. Being part of this movement will enable everyone to be educated on how to become more conscious of how to prevent, detect, and manage breast cancer.

How You Be Part of Breast Cancer Awareness Month


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Being part of Breast Cancer Awareness Month doesn’t require a big gesture. You can participate in simple ways. Here are some simple, yet meaningful ways you can help raise awareness.

  1. Donate. Donating any amount is already significant to the cause. The National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc. is dedicated to help women diagnosed with breast cancer. Any amount will go a long way. So if you have funds to spare, you can donate here.
  2. Educate. Being informed is also a way of participating on Breast Cancer Awareness Month. You can educate yourself and others about breast cancer. This way, you can help spread true facts about it so misconceptions are eliminated.
  3. Check Up. Now that you’re aware of the risk factors, you can schedule a check up with our doctor. Regular check up can help detect breast cancer early and increase the chances of being able to manage it.
  4. Support. Support the cause by helping out with fund raising, providing emotional encouragement to those who have been diagnosed with breast cancer, and purchasing any breast cancer awareness merchandise. When someone’s selling products that aim to raise funds for breast cancer or for their treatment, you can purchase from their business. We’re sure it will mean a lot to them.

Breast Cancer Awareness Products You Need Right Now


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Help support the cause. These breast cancer awareness merchandise can help promote and celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

(1) Butler and Grace Pink Breast Cancer Awareness Wristband

This silicone wristband is a cute accessory that anyone can wear to help spread breast cancer awareness. It’s made from soft and flexible silicone material. It’s in a signature pink shade that really stands out. You can purchase this from Etsy.

Promising Review:

subscription busy boxes, busy boxes“Excellent service and product, shipped on time…. Absolutely satisfied!! Love them!” – Efi Pouli

(2) White House Décor Boobies Plant Pot

This cute and empowering plant bot is just what every plant parent needs. It will surely brighten up your plants and it’s also a great home and décor piece. You can help cancer research by purchasing this pot since a portion will be donated to the Cancer Research UK for every sale. You can place your orders on Etsy.

Positive Review:

subscription busy boxes, busy boxes“Beautiful!!” – Jennifer Wood

(3) Ear Fun Jewelry Pink Ribbon Earrings

These cute studs are also a perfect way to support breast cancer awareness. These are handmade and measure ½ inches. You can wear this personally or give it to someone who survived breast cancer as a congratulatory gift. You can also give this to someone who was diagnosed with breast cancer to encourage them. Order a pair on Etsy.

Positive Review:

subscription busy boxes, busy boxesstacyblake8383

(4) VSRhinstone Designs Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon Rhinestone Mask

Protect yourself against COVID-19 with style and purpose! This gorgeous rhinestone mask is not only a protection against the virus but also a way to show your support for breast cancer awareness. It’s made with a breathable fabric that’s soft and friendly on the skin. You can purchase this on Etsy.

Positive Review:

subscription busy boxes, busy boxesIt’s perfect!!! It stays in place and is very thin and breathable. It’s also very beautiful, I’ve had lots of compliments on it!! Thank you!!” – Donna Loftis

(5) Freya Jewelry Designs Boobie Ring

This limited edition design is perfect for someone who’s battled breast cancer or someone who just got diagnosed. It’s a perfect way to encourage them and to applaud them for their bravery. This ring is made of silver and is handmade with love. You can buy this from Etsy.

Positive Review:

subscription busy boxes, busy boxesI’ve had a fantastic experience with the shop! Considering the situation, the ring came very quickly! I also adore the design and am hoping to gift it to my partner once the lockdown is lifted and I cannot wait! The personalised note that came with the ring was a very lovely touch and added completely to the experience! The only critique I have is that I wish the band was marginally thicker, however, the ring is gorgeous regardless!” – Natalia Perdek

(6) Gift Maker Co In October We Wear Pink Breast Cancer Awareness Shirt

Here’s an empowering shirt that commemorates Breast Cancer Awareness Month. You can wear this to help others become informed and conscious of breast cancer. It has a cute vinyl print design and is made from 100% cotton. You can order this from Etsy.

Positive Review:

subscription busy boxes, busy boxesKrystal Rios

(7) Sentimental Support Breast Cancer Awareness Sterling Silver Necklace

Anyone who survived breast cancer will feel empowered when they wear this. It’s a survivor necklace with a pink Swarovski pearl. You can choose from words (Survivor, Strength, or Hope) that will be engraved on the ribbon-shaped charm. This is made from silver and made to order. You can place your orders on Etsy.

Promising Review:

subscription busy boxes, busy boxesSuch a beautiful item and decoratively wrapped also. It brought my Mum to tears, I cannot thank you enough.” – Liv Rose

(8) 3T Beauty Company Light Pink Breast Cancer Awareness Plush Throw Blanket

Stay comfy in this throw blanket anytime and anywhere. It’s 50 inches in length and 60 inches in width. You’ll be able to help the breast cancer cause because 20% of the proceeds from each sale will be donated and given to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, as well as the Susan G. Komen Foundation. You can purchase it from Etsy.

(9) wethebabes Boob Minimal Line Art Shirt

This shirt is perfect for commemorating boobs of all shapes and sizes. It’s also empowering women, especially those who are battling, as well as those who survived their fight against breast cancer. This shirt is made from 100% cotton that’s super soft and comfy. This shirt is available on Etsy.

Positive Review:

subscription busy boxes, busy boxes“It was absolutely amazing to do business with this store! I will most definitely shop here first for any future t-shirt orders! I have gotten a lot of compliments on the shirt and it has started many conversations which is exactly my point to buying this shirt!” – Jill W

(10) Sunny Sticker Boutique

Slap these stickers on anything – your mobile phone, laptop, notebook, bag, and others! These stickers are a perfect way to raise breast cancer awareness in a simple method. You can choose between matte or glossy finish. These are available on Etsy.

(11) Bite the Macaron PINK Macaron for Breast Cancer Awareness

Are you craving for sweets? These macarons are perfect for you! They are also special as they also help support the breast cancer cause. These macarons are baked fresh and are made from scratch. When you purchase these, you’re not only supporting a small business but also helping the fight against breast cancer. 10% of the proceeds from the sales to the Wear It Pink for the fight against breast cancer. You can order yours now on Etsy.

Promising Review:

subscription busy boxes, busy boxesI bought these for my cousin as a gift and she absolutely loved them. She said they were better than macaroons she’d tried in Paris and had amazing flavours. Beautifully presented and great addition of the personal messages. Quick to post, thank you so much.” – Daisymai

(12) Ryle Style UK Coppafeel Breast Cancer Awareness Baubles

If you’re looking for a different kind of home décor with a purpose, these baubles are for you. You can hang these as additional ornaments for your Christmas tree or you can simply use these as part of your home’s decorations. You’ll not only help spread breastfeeding awareness but also help donate to the cause. A portion of the sale of these baubles will go to the Coppafeel Charity. Order yours now on Etsy.

Promising Review:

subscription busy boxes, busy boxesUnbelievably cute and well made! I ordered a few Peter Rabbit themed items and Anna was so accommodating, polite and friendly. I can’t wait to display everything at my daughters 1st birthday party! I keep taking them out of their box to admire them. :-D” – Jennifer Marie Springett

(13) The Funky Candle CoGB Booby Melts – Breast Cancer Awareness

These melts are made exclusively for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. They come with a candy floss scent and come in three different choices of shapes or styles – Booby Bark, Booby Hearts, and Pair of Boobies. These melts will smell delicious and sweet when you melt them using your wax warmers. You will also be helping the Coppafeel Charity because 20% of the proceeds from each sale are going to be donated to them. You can purchase these melts from Etsy.

Positive Review:

subscription busy boxes, busy boxesSmells amazing! A lovely seller and an excellent product – I will definitely be buying from here again and would recommend anyone to do so!” – Olivia Hulston

(14) Mountain Dairy Studio Garden Goddess Handmade Fertility Mug

How cute is this handmade mug? This mug is handcrafted using earthenware clay and finished with food safe glazes. It’s also dishwasher and microwave friendly. This one of a kind mug is a great Breast Cancer Awareness gift for someone who has been fighting breast cancer. You can order this from Etsy.

Promising Review:

subscription busy boxes, busy boxesAfter I placed my order Heather informed me that the mug had been sold while on display at an art show. She was extremely apologetic and offered me several options, one being to make a new mug. She even asked if I wanted a different color and was pleasant to work with. This was a gift for a friend and she was SO pleased with it 😁 In fact I think this one was even more beautiful than the original.” – quazie

(15) Care Package Shop Breast Cancer Awareness Care Package Box

Lastly, send something sweet and meaningful to someone you know who’s battling breast cancer or someone who’s successfully survived it. This is a great way to show your support and encouragement that they really need. This box includes shoelaces, wristband, lip balm, pink rose soap, mints, decorative flower, and all pink Starburst candies. These are all packaged in a decorated box with a personalized card. You can get this from Etsy.

Positive Review:

subscription busy boxes, busy boxes“My step daughter loved it! She was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and just started Cemo! It was a wonderful gift for her.” – Kathy Orf

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Breast cancer is a serious health problem that every woman needs to be aware of. We all need to know the risk factors and the means to manage it. These products may seem like they are something simple but when you purchase these, you’ll also be a big help to the fight against breast cancer. This Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we need to take the time to educate yourself and others about the topic and the cause. This way, we can all help save lives in our own little ways.

Below are some more Breast Cancer Awareness merchandise:

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