Your friend just said YES! She has the RING! Yes- she’s getting married! You can be her lucky sister, her pal, or her best friend. Whoever you may be in her life, you can surely make her next days extra special and less demanding. How? You can take the lead in hosting her once- of- a lifetime bridal shower party! We list for you the Do’s and Don’ts for planning that special bridal shower.


DO: Think Like You’re The Bride

  • Bridal shower 101’s most basic fact is simple. The party is for the bride and everything should revolve around her. Be creative. Planning the party doesn’t need to be expensive. Take into consideration her likes and dislikes, her personal style and interest and we’re sure you’ll come up with a great idea.

DON’T: Think You Are By Yourself

  • What makes party planning a stress? Under delegation! Learn from others’ mistake and stop thinking that you are alone! Invite your shared group of friends, fellow bridesmaids or co- workers to take some responsibility. We are sure they’ll be happy to help.


DO: Carefully Plan the Guest List

  • Determine first hand if the party will be a traditional or non- conventional. Will it be all girls or co-ed? Here’s the ultimate rule: Only guests invited to the wedding should be attending the bridal shower. The only exception: showers set by officemates. It’s not always possible to invite ALL work colleagues to a wedding.  And another extra rule: although it’s proper etiquette to invite bridesmaids to every bridal bash, they are expected to attend only one.

DON’T: E-vites and Electronics

  • Although it’s easy and much cheaper to send electronic invites, it’s not too ideal for memory purposes. Remember that you are doing this so that the bride can have something she can treasure for a lifetime. There’s a wide variety for a less expensive invites. Try making them more personal by making it yourself with the help of your friends.


DO: Tradition says at home but it can be anywhere memorable.

  • The Bridal shower is usually held 2-8 weeks before the wedding. Confirm the date with the bride. Just make sure though that you mail invitations out at least 3 weeks from the party date. Traditionally, it’s held at the host’s home but there are other suitable alternatives. Consult with the bride if she and her fiancé has a special place for them as a couple so that you can use it to make the party more memorable.

DON’T: Make it hard for you and your guests.

  • Although having the party at a more unforgettable place rather than your home is an appealing idea, you need to consider the comfort and safety of your location. Horse- racing tracks, museums, parks, or bowling alleys could be the bride’s favourite place, but it might not be too convenient for you and your guests.


DO: Personalize it and stick to the theme.

  • Since it’s a bridal shower party, make everything about the bride. Games and favors are no exceptions. Make it personal about her! It’s an intimate gathering of people close to her heart, so revealing some truth about her would not hurt!

DON’T: Exaggerate.

  • Don’t spend much time on the games part. Keep it to at least 2-3 games. Make sure it has meaning to the couple and offers absolute fun for everyone! For the favors, tag price does not necessarily guarantee satisfaction. A couple’s photo with their personal message on it would do! Sprinkle some frame glitter and it’s good to go!

You already now have a background on planning a bridal shower. Let us help you more by suggesting ideas and concepts for your soon to be party. We have below two ideas you can choose from. It’s already a complete set, from the theme to the party give away. Go ahead and explore. Just click on the item description for more info.

THEME: Black and White

  1. Invitation

 BW Invites copy

A. Classic White Floral Party InvitationsInvite guests to your classic style party with these beautiful floral invitations. Packed in a delicate presentation box with matching envelopes. These invitations also feature a pretty die-cut floral watermark pattern accented with a matching ribbon.

B.Vintage Chalkboard Bridal Shower CardThis invite is made with a subtle matte eggshell texture with a smooth finish. Perfect for the prime black and white party.

      2.Venue Decors

BW Decors copy

A. Luncheon NapkinsThe delicate Black Luxe Luncheon Napkin with shiny metallic imprint foil color has a vintage frame graphic. It can be also customized to match your party’s exact theme and tempo.

B. “Black Baroque” Elegant Place Card Holder/Photo FrameAn item that exudes unique aura and personality. It displays what we call “old-world elegance”.

  1. Food

Extremely Moist Chocolate-Beet Cake

BW Cake

Its secret ingredient is beet. Crushed beets are an inexpensive way to make a cake achingly moist, nearly molten. We bet that the bride and other guests will love it.

BW Cake 1 copy

Lemony Asparagus Pasta with Mushrooms and Herbed Ricotta

Asparagus Spahetti

This dish is light, easy to make and most of all, healthy. Absolutely a divine treat for the party!

Asparagus Spahetti 2 copy

  1. Games and Favors

BW Games and Favors copy

A. Toilet Paper Dress GameWith this fun toilet paper dress game, boring and stuffy bridal shower games are a thing of the past!

B. “XO” Hugs and Kisses SoapsNow you can give guests hugs and kisses to take home. These first class scented soaps come in a set containing one “X” and one “O”. Soaps arrive beautifully packed in an elegant black and white gift box.

Theme: Floral

  1. Invitation

Floral Invites copy

A. Vines Bridal Shower InvitationWith flowers artistically designed, this bridal shower invitation displays attractively the good news!

B. Artistic Orchids InvitationIndulge in this gorgeously hand-drawn and water colored floral invitation designed by Smudge Ink. These lovely orchids are sure to delight anyone with an artistic eye!

  1. Venue Decors

Floral Decors copy

A. Personalized English Garden BackdropThis creative backdrop is a perfect background for those photo memorabilia moments.

B. Peach Floral Monogram Throw PillowAccent your venue with this custom pillow for a much more inviting ambience.

  1. Food

Lemon & Basil Chiffon with Lemon Mascarpone Frosting and Red & Black Raspberries

Floral Cake

This lovely masterpiece is a divine choice for your wonderful party. At first glance it can already make you crave for it.

Floral Cake 1 copy

Crostini with Sautéed Ramps

Floral Crostini

It’s an easy three ingredient dish that can deliver a sweet and savory bite of spring which melts in your mouth.

Floral Crostini 1 copy

  1. Games and Favors

Floral Favors copy

A. Floral Bridal Shower Bingo Game CardAccentuate your bingo games with these aesthetically alluring cards.

B. “Vintage Floral” Favor BoxWhen you want to make your party favors memorable, then put a sweet treat in this colorful floral favor box.

So, are you up for the Bridal-Shower-Party-Planning? Your pal just said YES for an eternity ring; why don’t you say the same for this challenge! Really, it’s simple. It will only take some Do’s and Don’ts.

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