Care Package Ideas You Can Create for Someone in Need

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With the rise in unemployment in the country nowadays, more and more people are in need of kindness and a helping hand. Nothing says “I’m here for you,” than a simple yet well thought of care package. Whether you want to help a struggling mom or your friendly neighbor, a care package is a great way to show you care. We’ve thought of these care package ideas that you can give to someone who needs them the most.

Simple Care Package Ideas



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If you know someone who is in isolation during this pandemic or someone who is stuck somewhere due to the lockdowns, these care package ideas are sure to brighten up their day.

For a stranded student.

Some students may be stranded in their dorms because of what’s happening right now. Send a care package to them filled with snacks they can enjoy. Here are our recommendations:

(1) Kraft Easy Mac Original Flavor Mac and Cheese Dinner

These mac and cheese cups are easy to cook. Just add hot water, pop it in the microwave, and enjoy. You can purchase this here.

(2) Rold Gold Tiny Twists Pretzels

This bag of pretzels is a convenient take away snack. These are baked and ideal for snacking. Grab a bag here.

(3) RITZ Original Crackers and Easy Cheese Cheddar Snack Variety Pack

A perfect pair, this RITZ crackers and Easy Cheese cheddar pack is a great way to enjoy a savory snack while on a lockdown. You can grab a pack here.

(4) Nature Valley Crunchy Granola Bars Oats N’ Honey

Packed with energy, these granola bars are 100% natural and have no artificial flavors. Buy a box here.

(5) Lay’s Potato Chip Variety Pack

A bag of Lay’s Potato Chips is exactly what you need to experience a savory snack anytime. This 40-bag pack is just perfect for a care package for someone who’s stuck in the dorm. Grab a 40-count pack here.

(6) TeelieTurner Swim Fishy Swim™ Mask

Of course, a face mask is a must have nowadays. This cute fish print mask is just perfect to cheer someone up while staying covered and protected. You can purchase this face mask here.

For a homeschooling mom.

Homeschooling is now part of the new normal since parents are thinking twice before they send their children back to school during a pandemic. If you know a homeschooling parent who is struggling during these times, these curated items can help them a lot.

(1) Crayola Back to School Supplies

This bundle includes a 24-piece crayon box, 12-piece colored pencils, and 10-piece washable markets. This set is perfect for art classes, as well as other creative projects done during homeschooling. Buy this set here.

(2) Crayola Premier Assorted Tempera Paint

Homeschooling involves a variety of creative tasks. This 12-set tempera paint is a great buy, especially when the kids will be homeschooling for the entire school year. This set includes 12 colors – green, blue, brown, magenta, peach, orange, black, turquoise, violet, yellow, white, and red. You can purchase a set here.

(3) PAXCOO 28-Piece No Spill Paint Cups Set

Here’s another set that’s perfect for homeschooling, as well as other art activities. It includes 28 pieces of art materials such as no spill paint cuts, paint brushes, and paint palettes. Get this set from here.

(4) Melissa & Doug Mini Sketch Pads

Sketch pads are a must when doing school work and artworks. This 4-pack sketch pads from Melissa & Doug is a great find. You can grab this from here.

(5) Hygloss Products Colorful Blank Books

Ideal for journaling, note taking, and sketching, these blank books make homeschooling extra fun! Purchase this here.

(6) TeelieTurner Flowers for You With Love™ Mask

This care package isn’t complete without a face mask. This beautiful flower print mask will brighten up a homeschooling mom’s day! You can buy one here.

For a struggling provider.

There may also be household providers that need help. Send them a care package that can help ease some of their burden of providing food on their table. Here are some care package ideas for them.

(1) Annie’s Home Grown Organic Mac and Cheese

Made with real cheese and organic pasta, these mac and cheese packs will help create savory meals for an entire family. Purchase this here.

(2) Well Yes! Campbell’s Sipping Soup Vegetable Soup on the Go

These soup on the go cups are convenient and easy to eat. The vegetable soup comes in a microwaveable cup, making it easy to drink. Available in Butternut Squash and Sweet Potato, Harvest Carrot and Ginger, Roasted Red Pepper and Tomato, Sweet Corn and Roasted Poblano, and Tomato and Sweet Basil. Buy this from here.

(3) Bear Creek Hearty Soup Bowl – Creamy Chicken with Rice

This is another option for a convenient microwaveable soup or meal. It’s filling and delicious. You can choose from other selections – Cheddar Broccoli, Cheddar Potato, Creamy Potato, Darn Good Chilli, Tortilla, and Minstrone. You can get this here.

(4) Quaker Instant Oatmeal Express Cups

Single serve instant oatmeal that are packed with nutrients. Each pack contains 12 oatmeal in 4 different variants – Maple and Brown Sugar, Apples and Cinnamon, Apples and Cranberries, and Honey and Almonds. Grab this from here.

(5) Cheerios Cereal Cup

Eat a wholesome breakfast in an instant. Each cereal cup is full of fiber, calcium, and iron. It’s also gluten free and made with 100% whole grain. Purchase this here.

(6) TeelieTurner Starfish at the Beach™ Mask

The blue, white, and red colors in this beach mask will truly brighten up anyone’s day. The vibrant colors are uplifting and are full or personality. Get this mask from here.

For someone you miss.

There are times when you just want to let someone know that you miss them. A simple gift basket can put a smile on their faces. Here are some gifts you can include in your package that really scream “I miss you!”.

(1) I Miss You! Hidden Message Mug

It looks like a simple mug but a sweet message is hidden inside. Once the tea or coffee is gone, this mug will surely tell someone how you really miss him or her. You can buy this mug here.

(2) Quarantine Card I Miss You

Since social distancing is now strictly implemented, it’s the perfect time to send a virtual hug. This Quarantine Card lets you send out social distancing hugs in the form of a simple yet sweet letter. You can get this here.

(3) A Bear Hug in a Bag

This gift is a cute and creative one. It includes two bears that you can paint. It has a lovely message that shows how much you care about the person. Purchase this here.

(4) I Miss You Gift Pillow

Hugs are really a rarity nowadays. Until social distancing is gone, this gift pillow is a perfect substitute for when you miss someone dearly. You can grab this from here.

(5) Homesick Scented Candle, Road Trip

Are you missing your road trip buddy? Send this Homesick Scented Candle and let him or her know. This scented candle has a mix of leather, water, and lime fragrances. Purchase one here.

(6) TeelieTurner Everything is Coming Up Pink Daisies™ Mask

Add smiles and sunshine to someone’s day. Get this cute and vibrant face mask by TeelieTurner and it’ll instantly color someone’s day. You can purchase this mask here.

For a quarantined birthday celebrant.

Lastly, you might know someone who might feel lonely because they’ll be celebrating their birthday while on quarantine. Make them feel extra special on their birthday by sending them these gifts.

(1) Only the Finest Alcohol for Your Birthday Card

This pun-ny birthday card is just fitting for the occasion. The birthday celebrant will surely have a laugh at this. You can buy this card here.

(2) Quarantine Birthday Gift Spa Set

Send this to someone who’s having a quarantine birthday celebration and he or she will surely be happy! It’s a customizable box that includes a variety of home spa essentials. The celebrant will surely have a relaxing birthday at home. You can purchase this from here.

(3) Happy Quarantined 30th Birthday Gift Box

Here’s another quirky gift for a quarantine birthday. It includes an insulated wine tumbler and any add on item that you choose. Buy this for someone who’s having a birthday during this lockdown. Available here.

(4) Quarantine Birthday Shirt

Document a one of a kind birthday with this vintage-inspired shirt. It’s witty and funny – just what someone who’s celebrating a birthday during a quarantine needs. You can grab this shirt from here.

(5) Quarantine Birthday Cookies

If you don’t have a cake for the birthday celebrant, these quarantine-themed birthday cookies are also perfect. This set features different quarantine-related designs that make each cookie fun. You can order these cookies here.

(6) TeelieTurner Pastel Surprise™ Mask

Add this face mask to your care package or gift basket to add more color to someone’s birthday. The pastel shades are sure to add more personality to the wearer. Get one now! This mask is available here.

Spread love and kindness during these trouble times. These care package ideas will help you bring a smile to someone’s face. Creating a care package for someone doesn’t have to be big and expensive. As long as it’s from the heart, it will truly be appreciated. If it’s your first time to create a quarantine care package, you can watch the video below for more ideas:

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