October is Babywearing Month! It’s the perfect time to find the right carrier for your baby so you can practice babywearing. It’s an intimate way to carry your baby wherever you go as compared to strollers. It has many benefits for moms, as well as their infants.

Benefits of Babywearing

If you’re new to babywearing, you might be wondering why should you opt to “wear” your baby when you can put him or her in a stroller instead. Infants thrive because of their mother’s touch. This is why babywearing provides many benefits for babies and their mothers. Some of the babywearing benefits include:

Happy Babies

  • Babies who are carried cry less. Based on the Pediatrics journal, three hours of babywearing helps reduce the crying of infants in the evening by 54%. It also helps reduce overall crying by 43%.

Convenience and Comfort

  • A good carrier can help keep your baby comfortable. You can also attend to your other chores without worrying about whether your baby is fussy or not. If you have multiple children, you can attend to all of them while you wear your baby.

Powerful Bonding

  • Babywearing also helps parents, grandparents, and other family members bond with the baby. As parents wear their babies, the infants can get used to their parents’ heartbeat, voice, facial expressions, and movements.

With the benefits of babywearing, it’s worth giving it a try. It provides a way for moms (and dads) to form a strong bond with their babies.

Top Baby Carriers You Should Try

To celebrate Babywearing Month, you can try out these comfortable baby carriers.

1. Infantino Cuddle Up Ergonomic Hoodie Carrier

This baby carrier has pads that keep baby’s back and shoulders comfortable. It also features a hoodie to keep your baby warm during colder weather. It supports front, as well as back carry. This carrier supports babies weighing 12 up to 40 pounds. Purchase it here.

2. Mother Nest Ergonomic Baby Carrier

If you’re looking for a carrier that is versatile but has an affordable price, this one’s for you. It helps support babies that weigh 12 up to 33 pounds. This carrier is ideal for rear-facing carry. The shoulder straps are padded to keep mom’s shoulders comfy as she carries baby around. You can get it here.

3. Bebamour New Style Designer Sling and Baby Carrier

For a great hipseat carrier choice, the Bebamour New Style Designer Sling and Baby Carrier is worth every penny. You can use it with the hipseat to keep your baby comfy or you can remove the hipseat to use it as a regular carrier. Grab it here.

4. Lilliebaby 4-in-1 Essentials Baby Carrier

An exceptionally excellent carrier, this one is highly functional and features six various carrying positions. It also has a sleeping hood that keeps the baby protected from the sun, as well as the cold weather. Buy it here.

5. Ergobaby Omni 360 All-in-One Ergonomic Baby Carrier

This carrier is lightweight and features a 360-degree carrying style for your baby. It helps support babies, as well as toddlers, that weight from 7 up to 45 pounds. You can also carry your baby in 6 different positions. You can purchase it here.

6. Boba 4G Carrier

This durable and reliable carrier has a thick waistband that helps support your baby’s weight. It supports baby from 7 to 45 pounds. It also has foot straps that can support your baby’s legs when they’re already tired. You can get one here.

7. Pognae No. 5 Ply Luxury All-in-One Baby Carrier

An award-winning carrier, the Pognae No. 5 Ply Luxury All-in-One Baby Carrier is extremely popular in Europe, as well as in Australia. It features a hipseat that keeps baby comfy while you stroll around the house or you go out for errands. You can grab it here.

8. Onya Baby Outback Baby and Child Carrier

The Onya Baby Outback Baby and Child Carrier can support babies as small as 7 pounds and as big as 45 pounds. It will easily support and sit your baby comfortable even if you’re wearing him or her for a long period. Buy one here.

9. Baby Tula Explore Baby Carrier

Tula Carriers are made with adorable prints that are eye-catching. They may have fun and quirky prints but their carriers are comfortable for moms and babies. It can help support babies who weigh 15 up to 45 pounds. The padded shoulder straps help support moms’ shoulders and the carrier itself help carry babies easily. Purchase one here.

10. BABYBJORN Baby Carrier

This carrier has a classic style but still provide 100% support for babies. It is comfortable and could easily support babies and toddlers, except newborns. You can get it here.


On this Babywearing Month, get a baby carrier for your baby. You’ll be able to multitask while keeping your baby safe and sound. Visit TeelieTurner.com for more news on motherhood and pregnancy. You can read more about our pregnancy and motherhood-related posts here:

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