Don’t know what to do for your Thanksgiving Day party? Lucky you, because we do! From your home décor, food prep, freebies and activities, everything you must do- and when to do them, our checklist got you all covered!


6 weeks ahead:  Ponder on the 3 Ws…

  • Who’s coming. List down the names of your guests. Start sending the invites once finalized. Give them a week to confirm on their arrival time- and even their known allergies.


  • What it’s about: Think of a something new, a never been done before! With this, come up with a list of menus, décor schemes, over- all theme and ambience! If it’ll be a potluck dinner, think about what each guest could bring.


  • When is what: Create a specific task timeline of what you need to do (e.g this checklist!)


5 weeks ahead: Finalize your ideas and prepare for some initial action!


  • Make sure by now you have your guests’ responses and confirmation.


  • Decide on the final recipes in your menu. Plan on how the actual serving will go. Would it be buffet, or sit- down? Cocktails in the living room? Think on how the general flow of your party will go.


  • Enlist the ingredients you need. Check out your cupboards and cross out anything already available. What remains would be your final shopping list! Also, include the cooking gears you might need. Add into your shopping list your décor items and any home materials or repair pieces. New towels or electric plugs might be some of them!


Four Weeks Ahead:  Create your concrete cooking and shopping schedule!


  • Order your turkey!


  • Review your list and scan for something you won’t find in local stores. Order those exotic ingredients or cooking gear online asap! Review your list- again- and check for the items you can simply borrow from your friends or family. Review your list- and again- divide them on your shopping schedule. Nonperishables and gears should be bought first.


  • Come up with a personalized cooking plan and timeline. Based on this, categorize your must- buy perishables on when you’ll purchase them. Just make sure you buy them no more than 3 days before cooking them!


Three Weeks ahead:  Initial shopping, home repair and decorating!




  • Clean out your cupboards to make room of things you’ll buy
  • Purchase all non- perishables and gears.
  • Take care of home repairs.
  • Gather your home decors. Visualize on what your ‘thankful’ home should look like. Be freshly festive and feisty!

Two Weeks Ahead: Initial cooking

  • Clean your freezer to make room for some freezing!


  • Buy any perishables you’d be cooking this week. Cook what you can now: bread, pie dough, turkey stock.


  • Make your non- perishable table décor like your centerpieces!


One week ahead: Prepare your home



A Door Wreath is always must- Thanksgiving décor


Brighten up your home with gold, rich oranges and browns.


  • Meet Major- General Cleaning!
  • Over- all decorating.
  • Prepare your clean towels, sheets and linens.

Weekend before Thanksgiving:  Making bits of the bigger picture



  • On duty: Major Fridge- Cleaning. Make space for all the ingredients you need to stuff inside for the week to come.
  • Cranberry and turkey please. Make the cranberry sauce on Sunday. For your turkey, make sure you buy it on that Saturday and stow in the fridge for defrosting.

Weekdays before the Big day

  • Three days before, be sure to purchase the rest of the perishables.
  • Stock the guest rooms with pillow, coffee, toilet essentials, and chocolates- under- pillow!


  • Perk up your Thanksgiving Music playlist!


  • Set up the bar and organize party favors.


  • Do final house clean- up. Start by each room with this formula: 10 minutes to tidy up, 10 minutes to dust, and another 10 to vacuum!
  • On Wednesday, cook as many as you can! Assemble and bake pies and store at room temp, except pumpkin pie! Defrost pie crusts and turkey stock.


Thanksgiving Morning: Keep the salad classics’ crisps and freshness. They include green beans, asparagus and broccoli.  Mash the potatoes- cut them into equal- size chunks and use butter and cream in room temperature.


Thanksgiving Midday:  ‘Set-up’ for the turkey! Remember, 16 lbs of turkey takes 3-4 hours to cook.  After which, you can delegate carving duties!


Thanksgiving Night: Expect it flawless, festive, and essence- fortified for you and your guests! That’s how giving Thanks should be!


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