Decorating the home is one of the highlights of the holiday season. It’s a bonding experience for they entire family as they all transform their home into a festive one together. The Christmas tree isn’t the only thing you need to decorate during the holidays. It’s also a great idea to decorate your mantel to keep the holiday spirits up. These mantel Christmas decors are sure to help you create a merrier home.

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1. 7’ Fresh Magnolia Garland

Create a welcoming sight for your entryways and your mantel using this beautiful Magnolia garland. It’s perfect for this holiday season as it adds a holiday spirit in your home. Purchase it from One Kings Lane.

2. 6” Christmas Tree 2018 Figurine

Place this on top of your mantel and it will instantly add more festivity to it. This porcelain Christmas tree figurine has details that are stunning and perfect for the holiday season. Get this here.

3. Snowflake Beaded Stocking

Stockings are a staple when it comes to holiday decorations. It has beaded snowflake details that add more glamour to the classic Christmas decoration. You can hang this on your mantel to make it look happier and merrier.

4. S/2 Candle & Match Striker Gift Set

This set is perfect for gift giving, as well as an additional home décor on your mantel. This set includes a handmade soy wax candle with a hint of evergreen, white tea, and cypress oils. The matches are also included. You can buy this from One Kings Lane .

5. S/5 Dried Cotton Stalks

Place these simple yet elegant cotton stalks in a vase and they will give your mantel a look that’s perfect for the holiday season. It’s also a bonus that this home décor can also be used all year round! You can get these cotton stalks here.

6. Art Deco Christmas Stocking Hook

This vintage-looking stocking hook is a great addition to your mantel decoration. It’s decorative and functional, making it a versatile Christmas home décor. Buy this from One Kings Lane.

7. S/4 Dried Moss Balls

This home décor is not only for Christmas but also for any type of occasion. Place this on top of your mantel and you’ll add a hint of green to your overall home decoration. You can purchase this here.

8. Santa Painting Nutcracker

Here’s an iconic character during the Christmas season. This home décor will add a festive note to your home. It’s a classic character that should always be included in your Christmas decors. Buy one from One Kings Lane.

9. S/6 55” Cone Garlands

If you want a different kind of Christmas décor, this will add a rustic chic feel to your Christmas theme. Place it on your mantel together with your other handpicked decorations to complete the look you’re going for. Get this here.

10. Artichoke & Herb Wreath

As a final touch, try adding this beautiful wreath to your mantel. It completes your overall Christmas look. You can purchase this from One Kings Lane.


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