The holidays are fast approaching. Have you started your Christmas shopping already? If you have a busy schedule, it’s difficult to sneak in holiday shopping. It can be quite a rush as many Christmas shoppers visit the stores at the same time. We at knows how hard it is to do Christmas shopping during the holidays so we came up with these Christmas gift giving tips that will help make everything easier.

Christmas Gift Giving Tips You Need to Know

When you’re planning on starting your Christmas holiday shopping, try these tips and hacks that you can use:

1. Create a gift list.

Again with the list! This may sound cliché but creating a list really does get things done. In your gift list, jot down the names of the people you’re going to give a gift to. List down the gift or gifts you’re planning to give them. Making a gift list will give you an organized start.

2. Recycle gifts.

This may sound unorthodox and out of tradition. However, recycling gifts doesn’t mean you give away your old items. Instead, you give the previous gifts you received before that you don’t use and have never opened. You can give these gifts to someone you know who will be able to use them as long as the gift is still unopened, intact, and unused.

3. Don’t buy gift wrappers if possible.

Now what’s a gift without gift wrappers? Of course, you can still wrap your gifts but you can use greener alternatives. Since not all gift wrapping papers are recyclable, you may be harming the environment if you buy more. Instead, use biodegradable and reusable options such as newspapers, brown food bags, kraft papers, or magazine pages. If you are skeptical about this idea or you’re wondering if your present will look pretty, you can try watching these tutorials we’ve found:

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4. Make the gift wrap part of the gift.

Gift box curation is in nowadays so why not give it a try? For that special someone or most important people in your life, you can try giving them a more personalized gift that won’t take so much time to wrap. Instead, curate gift boxes or sets that will make them feel special this Christmas. Use wooden boxes, ceramic bowls, canvas boxes to put your gifts in. You can simply buy these from your local stores and use these as your “gift wrappers”. Here’s an example on how to create a curated gift for your loved ones.

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Through these gifts, you’ll be able to save money on unnecessary purchases and you get to have peace of mind knowing that your gifts are surely going to be appreciated.

Christmas Gift Giving Made Easier



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Here are the products you can try out to help save time when it comes to wrapping and giving your presents this Christmas.

1. HIYAGON Rectangular Laundry Basket
Rectangular laundry basket in deer print
2. 12-Piece Airtight Flip Top Bottles with Labels
12-piece set of flip top bottles with labels
5. Rachel Ray 56603 Melamine Garbage Bowl in Red
Red garbage bowl not just for food scraps but also for meal preps and more

(1) HIYAGON Rectangular Laundry Basket

If you plan on curating a gift basket for your loved ones, you can use this laundry basket as the gift wrapper. You can fill it with the presents that your special someone can use. You can buy this from Amazon.

(2) 12-Piece Airtight Flip Top Bottles with Labels

Here’s a great “gift wrapper” for curated gifts like Spa in a Jar, Easy Bake Pancake Mixes, Just Add Water Chocolate Cookie Dough Mix, and more! You can purchase this from Amazon.

(3) VonHaus Set of 4 Seagrass Storage Baskets with Insert Handles

If you’re planning on giving gifts to multiple households or recipients this Christmas, it’s best to purchase this 4-piece basket set. You can fill it with useful items for the home, kitchen, or bedroom. The baskets are part of the gift so there’s no need to wrap them with wrapping paper. You can grab this set from Amazon.

(4) Novelty Place Plastic Red and White Striped Classic Popcorn Containers

You can go for a themed gift this Christmas. These classic popcorn containers are perfect for creating a curated gift for movie lovers. You can fill it with DVDs, microwaveable popcorn packs, chocolates, candies, movie snacks, and more! You can purchase these cute containers from Amazon.

(5) Rachel Ray 56603 Melamine Garbage Bowl in Red

Don’t let this garbage bowl fool you. It may be called that way but it can be a great “gift wrapper”. You can fill it with kitchen utensils and essentials; as well as baking tools for someone who loves to bake and cook. They can even use the bowl as part of their daily kitchen routine. You can buy this from Amazon.

You can find other options here:

If you don’t have time to curate your gifts, don’t worry! There are a variety of gift boxes and baskets available that are perfect this Christmas. These gift baskets are just as thoughtful as the ones you curated.

1. Stuffed Unicorn Gift Basket for Girls
A unicorn lover’s dream gift basket
2. Mini Adventurer Exploration Pack by Thinking Owl
A nature explorer’s perfect present
3. Relaxing Lavender Spa Bath Gift Basket
A self-care gift basket in lavender scent
4. Spa Life All Natural Bath and Body Luxury Spa Gift Set
A sandalwood-scented spa gift set for men
5. New Mom Gift Box
A specially curated gift set for new moms

(6) Stuffed Unicorn Gift Basket for Girls

This gift is perfect for unicorn lovers. It has everything unicorn fans need to express their love for this magical creature. It includes a unicorn plush, makeup bag, socks, bath bomb, hair accessories, and many more! Grab this gift basket from Amazon.

(7) Mini Adventurer Exploration Pack by Thinking Owl

For the little explorer, this gift set is perfect! It’s an educational and entertaining gift for budding nature explorers. It includes binoculars, magnifying glass, LED flashlight, whistle, tweezers, bug container, and more! You can purchase this from Amazon.

(8) Relaxing Lavender Spa Bath Gift Basket

Gift the gift of self-care this Christmas. This spa bath gift basket is perfect for someone you want to pamper this holiday season. Everything in this basket has a lavender scent and includes a scented candle, bath salt, body scrub, shower gel, and many more! You can get one from Amazon.

(9) Spa Life All Natural Bath and Body Luxury Spa Gift Set

For men, this spa gift set is perfect. It comes in a sandalwood scent and includes bath crystals, bubble bath, shower gel, body lotion, and body scrub. This is perfect if you want to pamper your significant other this Christmas. You can purchase this from Amazon.

(10) New Mom Gift Box

Now we all know moms are just the superheroes we need to get everything done! They make sure their household is in order. For new moms, they may be feeling anxious about their new roles. Give them a special gift box that lets them know everything will be okay. This new mom gift set includes body butter, handmade soap, bath bomb, a tumbler, and an encouraging note. You can get this from Amazon.

You can find other options here:

You don’t have to feel stressed out when getting someone a gift. Follow these helpful Christmas gift giving tips and hacks to make everything easier for you this holiday season. For more gift basket options, you can shop for more below:

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