Christmas ornaments have come and gone in terms of design. Nowadays, we are no longer limited to the classic round balls of the past – decked with glitters and shimmers in various colors.

shatterproof xmas tree balls bigstock-Cake-pops-32327561

But round balls aren’t the only classic Christmas ornaments. Santa Claus, candy canes, gingerbreads and poinsettias have also become popular choices when it comes to dressing up the Christmas tree.

Although these classic Christmas ornaments still click and do the trick in ushering in the holiday season, other designs are also on their way to gaining a following.

TV and Movie-Inspired Christmas Ornaments


Yes! The digital age has made it possible for your favorite “Frozen” and “Downton Abbey” characters to deck your Christmas tree. And we’re not talking picture cut-outs here!

We’re talking shatterproof Christmas ornament recreations of your favorite characters like Elsa, Anna, Hans, Kristoff, Sven and Olaf from “Frozen.”

Others, like this “Downton Abbey” Christmas ornament, are of more delicate make such as glass.

Animal Christmas Ornaments


Can’t contain your love for your pet? Have your furry friends hung up on the Christmas tree with a wide selection of animal Christmas ornaments.

These pieces are hard not to adore as most of them are handcrafted – from stitching to painting! Owls and birds ornaments have also become popular Christmas tree accents.

Food & Beverage Christmas Ornaments

diet cokecupcake


It seems that your Christmas table is not the only place for food and drinks this holiday season! Technically, gingerbreads and candy canes pass as food Christmas ornaments but other delectable treats are also gaining popularity such as cakes and even sodas!

Personalized Christmas Ornaments

cat ladyteacherny yankees

This is probably our most favorite among the different types of Christmas ornaments simply because it gives holiday decorations a more personal touch. In fact, you can even make this a yearly tradition – adding one more personalized Christmas ornament on your holiday tree each year to represent you. Whether it’s a milestone like becoming a teacher or discovering a love for football, we’re sure it’ll make your Christmas tree even more fab!

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