Colourpop’s Disney Princesses was a huge success so it’s only logical that the brand releases its new collection of Disney Villains to match it. Colourpop’s Disney Villains Collection is inspired by each Disney bad guy (and gal). From the shades to the shimmer, each villain-inspired collection is sure to make you want to unleash your bad side. Check out the Disney Villains Collection from Colourpop.

  • The line features each favorite Disney villain such as Ursula, Hades, and Cruella De Vil.

  • The collection also includes an eye shadow palette that has 15 beautiful and highly pigmented shades.

  • You can purchase the products from $7 up to $22. Complete all the sets for $249.

Every girl has a favorite Disney princess. After all, we grew up watching them. However, you can’t help but admire the Disney villains as well because you have to admit, they are pretty badass. This is the second time Colourpop collaborates with Disney and it’s the villains’ time to shine!

Cruella Collection

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If Cruella De Vil didn’t make a scary impression on you, then you’re pretty brave! The Cruella Collection Set includes a rich pigmented lipstick in a yellow red shade, a Super Shock Highlighter in a pale peach shade, and pearlescent lip gloss.

(1) Cruella Lux Lipstick – a rich yellow red shade that lets you channel your inner Cruella De Vil. Purchase it here. (2) “You Idiots! You Fools! You Imbeciles!” Super Shock Highlighter – a highlighter that packs a punch. One swipe is all you need to feel as glamorous as ever. You can get it here. (3) “Perfectly Wretched” Jelly Much Eye Shadow – this highly pigmented eye shadow doesn’t crease, transfer, or fade. It’s perfect for a devilishly daring makeup look. Buy one here.

The set also includes the “Puppies!!!” Ultra Glossy Lip that retails for $7. You can also purchase the entire Cruella Collection Set for $25.

Ursula Collection

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Feel devious like your favorite evil octopod with the Ursula Collection Set. In features a lipstick in a blackened plum shade, a Super Shock Highlighter in a lavender shade, and an Ultra Glossy Lip with a sheer tint.

(1) Ursula Lux Lipstick – rich blackened plum shade that lets you channel your inner sinister self. Buy one here. (2) “Poor Unfortunate Souls” Super Shock Highlighter – one swipe is all it takes to feel as evil as Ursula in this pearlescent lavender highlighter. Get it here. (3) “Just Your Voice” Jelly Much Eye Shadow –a highly pigment eye shadow in an electric blue shade. Purchase this here.

The set also has the “Sad But True” Ultra Glossy Lip that retails for $7. You can also purchase the entire Ursula Collection Set for $25.

Evil Queen Collection

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The vengeful Evil Queen is as bad as it gets. You don’t have to ask a Magic Mirror who’s the fairest of them all when you wear this collection. It has a cherry red lipstick in a matte finish, a Super Shock Highlighter in a champagne gold shade, and a deep cranberry Ultra Glossy Lip.

(1) Evil Queen Lux Lipstick – a cherry red shade that has a matte finish. You can buy one here. (2) “Fairest of All” Super Shock Highlighter – a champagne gold highlighter that has a pearlescent finish. Get it here. (3) “Cursed” Jelly Much Shadow – create a dramatic makeup look using this eye shadow in an antique gold shade. Grab it here.

The set also has the “Bad Apple” Ultra Glossy Lip that retails for $7. You can also purchase the entire Evil Queen Collection Set for $25.

Dr. Facilier Collection

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Be a trickster using the makeup products from the Dr. Facilier Collection Set. The shades are inspired by the voodoo skills and trickery of the famous Disney villain, Dr. Facilier. It includes a nude lipstick with a rich pigmentation, an Ultra Glossy Lip in a duochrome crimson hue, and a shimmery Super Shock Highlighter.

(1) Dr. Facilier Lux Lipstick – a mid-tone warm berry shade that is rich in pigmentation. Buy one here. (2) “Meet Me On the Other Side” Super Shock Highlighter – a golden peach shade that gives you a viciously radiant glow. You can purchase it here. (3) “Not Today” Jelly Much Eye Shadow – a glittery jade green eyeshadow that doesn’t fade, crease, or transfer. Get it here.

The set also includes the “Shadow Man” Ultra Glossy Lip that sells for $7. You can also buy the entire Dr, Facilier Collection Set for $25.

Maleficent Collection

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There is no better gift to a Disney villain fan than the Maleficent Collection Set. The set has a lipstick in a Maleficent-inspired shade, an Ultra Glossy Lip in an icy lavender shade that also features a hot pink duochrome, and a Super Shock Highlighter that has a high shine shade.

(1) Maleficent Lux Lipstick – a deep magenta shade that gives off a villainous vibe for your luscious lips. Get it here. (2) “Mistress of Evil” Super Shock Highlighter – it features an icy champagne hue that gives off a pearly glow and shine. Buy one here. (3) “Spindle” Jelly Much Eye Shadow – a lavender shade that features a champagne gold flip. You can purchase one here.

The set also includes the “My Pet” Ultra Glossy Lip that sells for $7. You can also buy the entire Maleficent Collection Set for $25.

Hades Collection

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Hades may be hot tempered but you can still keep your cool and glamour while you wear the Hades Collection Set. It has the Hades Lux Lipstick, the Hot Headed Ultra Glossy Lip in a cool bronze and orange shade, and the peachy pearlized Super Shock Highlighter.

(1) Hades Lux Lipstick – a peachy nude that’s perfect for creating a neutral makeup look for your lips. You can purchase one here. (2) “Everybody’s Got a Weakness” Super Shock Highlighter – a highlighted that has a wicked shimmer in a peach and hot pink hue. Buy one here. (3) “I Own You” Jelly Much Eye Shadow – a highly pigmented eye shadow with a corally red and orange tone. You can get this here.

The set also includes the “Hot Headed” Ultra Glossy Lip that sells for $7. You can also buy the entire Hades Collection Set for $25.

The Glitterally Obsessed

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Don’t forget these two stunning glitter pots for your face and body – the (1) “Do I Look Like I Care?” that has a silver shade with a coppery gold flip, and the (2) “Anomaly” shade with a vibrant teal hue.

The Misunderstood Pressed Powder Eye Shadow Palette

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Here’s an eyeshadow palette that will rule them all! It’s a combination of mattes, duochromes, shimmer, and glitter. Perfect for a villainous character! Here are the shades included in this palette:

  • No Spots – a pure white matte
  • Mongrels – a pink ivory metallic
  • Diablo – a metallic lime shade
  • Devious – a matte terracotta hue
  • Tragic – a soft warm beige with a matte finish
  • Underworld – a bronze copper metallic
  • Pain and Panic – a mid-tone gold that features peachy pink flecks and metallic finish
  • Forest of Thorns – a metallic orchid shade
  • Flotsam – a baby pink shade with blue glitter and metallic touch
  • The Fates – a deep blue matte
  • Revenge – a charcoal gray shade with silver glitter and metallic finish
  • Sing – a dark brown shade and hot pink to gold duochrome flip and metallic touch
  • Jetsam – a denim blue metallic with a teal duochrome flip
  • Facile – an olive green with gold fleck shade and a metallic finish
  • 101 – a matte black hue

You can get this stunning palette here.

Disney Villains PR Collection

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Finally, you can purchase every product included in this selection in this Disney Villains PR Collection. You’ll get every shade and product when you buy this item. You can purchase your own here.

You can shop for all your favorite Disney Villains Collection from Colourpop here:

Colourpop’s Disney Villains Collection is anything but dull. Each makeup product features shades and finishes that are inspired by each Disney Villain. Prepare for some glitter, shine, and glamour when you try these products out.

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