Tasty. Delectable. Luscious. Hard to resist. Sweet. Best invention in the world.. Cookies! Yes, we know you’ll agree with us. Because of their great traits, cookies became one of the most wanted treats in the world. And people from different countries have made various cookie recipes. Of course, we want to show them to you.

“Cookies Around the World!” Featuring, 46 delectable cookie recipes from several countries. Try them for an unforgettable taste buds journey.

cookies of the world


Here are our best picks and without a doubt, we had a hard time choosing. Click on the image to get the whole recipe.

ITALY: Italian Rainbow Cookies

Italian Rainbow Cookies

Who would have thought that Italians are not just good in making pizzas but cookies as well? These cookies are not just appealing to the eyes, but also delicious. Italian Rainbow Cookies take time to prepare but sure is worth it!

Italian Rainbow Cookies-main

GREECE: Koulourakia (Greek Sesame Twist Cookies)


Next stop, Greece! For a not so sweet but still delectable taste, try this Greek treat. It will be the newest tandem for your morning or afternoon coffee.


NIGERIA: Nigerian Coconut Cookie Crisps

Nigerian Coconut Cookie Crisps

Great combination of crispy and tasty.  Experience the delight of coconut with a sweet ending of strawberry jam. These cracklings can be the perfect snack for your upcoming holiday parties.

Nigerian Coconut Cookie-main

SERBIA: Vanilice (The Little Vanilla Cookies)


Wonderful walnuts with a dash of vanilla and Voila! A luscious treat that melts in your mouth. Vanilice is a holiday treat in Serbia. These little beauties are ideal for your Christmas party!


INDIA: Chickpea Flour (Besan) Laddu

Chickpea Flour

Laddu are sweet balls and they’re usually made with various ingredients. Chickpea laddu have a creamy texture that you’ll surely love. Plus, their colorful appearance will be an impressive display on your holiday tables.

Chickpea flour-main

CANADA: Nanaimo Bars

Nanaimo Bars

Here’s a sweet reason to love Canada. Nanaimo Bars are the addictive no-bake treats you should try. From the looks of it, we know you’ll be eating a lot.

nanaimo bars-main collage

Philippines: Polvoron Candies

Polvoron Candies

Polvoron is a famous sweet delicacy that Filipinos love to eat. They’re usually wrapped in bright colored foils and sold by pieces in bake shops. Once eaten, they pop and melt in your mouth. Usually they’re made of milk and nuts. But, what if they’re made with Ovaltine? Yes you got that right. Try making these popping sweets the chocolatey way and you’ll love every tiny bit of it!


Indeed, no one can resist the delight that cookies can bring.

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