Give your feet the cozy feeling in the most coolest and cutest ways with these Halloween socks!

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Pumpkins are always present in every Halloween look. Plus, have more fun when you add something spooky like a Haunted House.

Haunted Pumpkins


A. Orange Pumpkin Socks – Complete your Halloween outfit with this sock showing a pumpkin head man.

B. Haunted House Socks – Designed to be spooky and nice. This haunted house inspired sock would look great on every Halloween look.

C. Pumpkin Smile Socks – Who doesn’t love seeing smiling pumpkins every Halloween?


Be the perfect Halloween pair with these Frankenstein socks for couples.



A. Frankenstein Sock for Men – Bolts and Frankensteins face are awesomely placed in this knee sock.

B. Frankenstein Sock for Women – If you’re not familiar of Frankenstein’s bride, then here she is in violet and gray hue.


If you’re tired of pumpkins, then why not try cats or bats for your feet?

Cats & bats

A. Bat Wool Sock – Go for a midnight stroll with these bat wool sock. Perfect fit for your feet.

B. Cat witch Sock – A cat lover? Then this sock inspired with a cat witch is what you need.

C. Bats with Witch Sock – This Sock doesn’t just include flying bats, but there’s also a witch that’s uniquely placed on the left pair.


To complete the scary wardrobe agenda, mummies and ghosts are here to give you a hand.

Mummies & Ghosts

A. Ghostly Socks – the ghosts are obviously enjoying the party while they’re covering your feet. We have to say this but they’re “spookingly cute.”

B. Mummy Socks – Meanwhile, this mummy is not here to just party. He’s here to scare anyone who can’t resist to stare at your feet covered with a cool sock.

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