When thinking of French countryside, you may envision warm, bright sunshine, and fields of lavender. A mixture of rustic and homey feeling can best describe the Provence. These elements are used to recreate a home inspired by a French country cottage. If you are aiming for an old chateaux look for your humble abode, you can easily decorate a French cottage home using key elements, furniture, and décor.

How to Create a French Country Cottage or a French Country Home

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1. Check the colors.


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When going for a French country cottage home, you need to be mindful of the colors you’re going to use. Usually, you can see a lot of rust, lavender, sunny yellow, fiery red, soft gold, grass green, cobalt blue, hunter green, and soft ocean tones on French country cottage-inspired homes.

2. Use natural materials.


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One of the most important elements of a French cottage home is the use of natural materials. Natural stone floors, high beam walls and ceilings, wool and cotton rugs, wooden furniture, and woven chairs are some of the materials and furniture used for a French-inspired home.

3. Add home and décor accents.

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Find inspiration in nature and other natural elements when decorating the interiors of your French cottage home. Use colorful ceramics, wicker baskets, pottery, carved wooden pieces, and lush natural flowers are excellent for home decors.

Home and Décor Pieces for Your French Country Cottage-Inspired Home


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Grab these home and décor pieces and furniture for your French cottage home.

(1) Brooke Sofa in Ivory Crypton

This sofa is not only comfy but also a beautiful accent to the living room. Its elegant and simple design is just perfect for your French-inspired home. You can add an accent chair or ottoman to complete the look you’re going for. You can purchase this from One Kings Lane.

(2) Canyon Stripe Patch Rug in Sky

If you prefer soft ocean shades, you can use this striped patch rug for your living room or bedroom. It’s also available in other hues – Cinder, Pacific, and Dune. It’s a beautiful decorative piece that can make the room pop. You can buy it from One Kings Lane.

(3) Stanton Tufted Bench in French Yellow Linen

Take a break from the usual whites and neutral shades for your French-inspired home. This gorgeous yellow tufted bench is perfect for the living room, as well as the bedroom. You can get this stunning furniture piece from One Kings Lane.

(4) Summer Hill Tall Dresser in Cream

Add this dresser to your bedroom to create a more rustic and natural look for it. It’s a beautiful furniture piece that’s decorative and functional. The cream shade of this wooden dresser is perfect for your chosen theme. You can purchase one from One Kings Lane.

(5) French Champagne Wicker Harvest Basket

Wicker baskets are great home décor pieces but they can also be used for almost any type of storage purposes at home. You can use this for storing your items in the living room or you can use your clothes. You can think of several ways on how to use this wicker harvest basket for decorative and purposive reasons. You can get this from One Kings Lane.

(6) Antique French Caned Vanity

This vanity is perfect for your bedroom. It has an antique and elegant vibe that will make your room look like it’s made for royalty. Add an equally regal vanity chair to complete the set. Buy this vanity from One Kings Lane.

(7) S/6 Evelyn Canopy Bed Panels in Ivory

Add dramatic flair to your bed by installing this bed canopy. It adds beauty to your bedroom and the canopy will make you want to sleep for days. It’s inviting and comforting at the same time. You can purchase this canopy from One Kings Lane.

(8) Rafter Sofa in Canvas Sunbrella

If you have a yard and you love hanging outdoors, you can get this outdoor sofa. However, if you love this design and would love to use it for your home’s interior, you can absolutely do so. It’s perfect for the yard or even your living room. You can get this from One Kings Lane.

(9) 15-Inch Lavender Arrangement with Planter

This faux lavender floral arrangement will remind you of the French Provence. You don’t have to maintain it as it’s a replica of real lavenders. You can use it to decorate your living room, bedroom, or kitchen. Place it on top of a coffee table and it will add personality to your home’s interiors. You can buy it from One Kings Lane.

(10) Landa Coffee Table in Graywash

Lastly, this beautifully-designed coffee table is perfect for the living room. It fits the French cottage-inspired theme with its whitewash shade and natural-looking design. You can purchase one from One Kings Lane.

Try these French country home décor tips to give your house a makeover. You can choose this theme to decorate your home to achieve a more relaxing and rustic vibe. Make sure to choose the right furniture and home decorations to keep your interior decors on point.

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