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Are there any bunny rabbit fans out there? Spring-themed home décor are already trending these days because Easter is just around the corner. Of course, you cannot miss out on some of the cutest rabbit-themed decorations. Antique Farm House has a vast collection of bunny and rabbit pieces that you can add to your home to make it hoppin’. If you love fluffy bunnies, you’ll surely love what this unique home and décor store has to offer. Check them out below.

For the Living Room or Garden

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Add a bit of bunny cuteness to your living room or your garden. Antique Farm House has a variety of adorable and unique pieces that you can use to make these lovable little critters pop. Here are some pieces for the living room that we love:

(1) Rabbit Table Lamp with Burlap Shade

Add some light into your living room. This cute rabbit lamp has a burlap shade that reminds you of a cozy home. Place this on your accent table to complete the ambiance that you’re going for. You can purchase this from Antique Farm House.

(2) Set of 2 Pale Distressed Rabbit Figure

This pair of cute rabbits are a nice addition to your living room decoration. These will add an aesthetic touch to your living room table, mantelpiece, accent tables, and cupboards. These bunnies can also be used to decorate any room of your home. Order this now from Antique Farm House.

(3) Set of 2 Leaping Rabbit Finial

This handsomely crafted leaping bunny comes in sets of 2. You can use this to decorate your mantelpiece, tabletop, or anywhere you feel like it. This décor will add a playful twist to your bunny country chic theme. You can buy this from Antique Farm House.

(4) Set of 2 Bow with Flowers Rabbit Figure

You cannot ignore how cute these floral rabbits are. These will look pretty on your tabletop or shelves. These bunnies will add a bit of feminine touch to your home. You can grab a set of 2 from Antique Farm House.

(5) Every Bunny Needs Some Bunny Framed Wall Sign

For your blank walls, grab this cute and pun-ny wall sign. It features neutral tones but still gives off a spring vibe. Your walls are going to have an instant makeover. You can buy this wall sign from Antique Farm House.

(6) Patina Rabbit Bird Bath

This gorgeous piece will look stunning in your garden or your porch. If you have feathered friends, they’ll surely love basking in this bath. This décor will also add a hint of spring to your front porch or outdoor garden. Get this from Antique Farm House.

(7) Sweet Bunny Statue with Flower Crown

Here’s another spring-themed bunny statue that you can use indoors and outdoors. The floral crown matches this little rabbit’s cuteness. You can use this to decorate your living room, bedroom, nursery, garden or home front. You can purchase one from Antique Farm House.

(8) Set of 2 Sitting Rabbit Statues

More bunny sets are coming your way! This pair of bunnies is made out of stone powder, giving it that rustic and unique look. These bunnies are great for indoors and outdoors. You can place them in your entryway or your living room. You can even use this pair as bookends. You can grab this set from Antique Farm House.

(9) Bunny Couple Statue

Add a touch of sweetness to your home. This bunny couple has a romantic feel and is sure to add personality to your interiors. Purchase this from Antique Farm House.

(10) Hand Carved Wood Rabbit Figurine

This little guy will just hop right into your home just in time for spring! This piece is made of mango wood and features intricate details and carvings. Use it to decorate your living room or any part of your home. Buy one now from Antique Farm House.


For the Nursery or Kids’ Bedroom

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You can also create a bunny-themed nursery or bedroom for your little ones. These décor pieces have a chic and rustic feel that will go perfectly well as you redecorate your child’s bedroom. Check out what we curated below:

(1) Hollihocks Art Penelope Rabbit Wall Decor

Add something adorable to your walls. This wall art has a distinct personality to it that it can add something new to any room. This wall decoration is available in 3 different sizes. It’s available for purchase on Antique Farm House.

(2) Sitting Bunnies Statue with Flower Crown

These lovely bunnies just reminds you or mommy and baby. The added flower crown details are just perfect to make this pair look extra adorable. You can grab this set of 2 from Antique Farm House.

(3) Furry Bunny Door Hanger

Decorate your little one’s nursery door using this cute bunny hanger. It’s made from faux fur and ribbons so it’s suitable for indoor use only. The design may be simple but it still has a strong spring vibe. You can purchase one from Antique Farm House.

(4) Bunny Trio 2-Sided Lumbar Pillow

Add this to your nursery this spring season. You can use it as an accent pillow cover. It has both front side and back side prints. You can order now from Antique Farm House.

(5) Set of 2 Some Bunny Loves You Wall Décor

Whit wall décor is a cute way of your kids that some-bunny loves them dearly. This art print is more than just a wall décor. It’s a reminder that you are loved. You can get this from Antique Farm House.

(6) Spring Bunny in Bloom Wall Sign

Add an adorable bunny wall sign to your nursery of children’s bedroom. This wall sign is not just a nice spring-themed décor, but also an artwork that can be used for any time of the year. You can order one from Antique Farm House.

(7) Set of 2 Bunny Ears Bucket Planters

Instead of using these as planters, you can use them to decorate your kids’ room. These can be used as an extra storage space or simply as a room décor. These planters are made out of medal and comes in pink and mint colors. Purchase one set from Antique Farm House.

(8) Hippity Hoppity Bunny Wall Art

Here’s a simple yet fun wall décor that will look great in any room. This art has a polished and minimalistic look so it will go well with any kind of interior theme. It’s available in 5 different sizes. You can buy this from Antique Farm House.

(9) Adorable Bunny Fluffle Lamp

Us this cute bunny lamp to add lighting to your little one’s bedroom. Place it on a tabletop or accent table. This decorative piece will just give a smile on your face. You can get it from Antique Farm House.

(10) Bunny with Baby Statue

Here’s another reminder of mommy and baby. This set is just so uplifting and touching, you just had to put in your baby’s nursery. You can grab one now from Antique Farm House.


For the Kitchen or Dining Area

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Create a hip-hoppin’ kitchen using Antique Farm House’s collection of bunny-themed ceramics, kitchenware, linen, and more! Here are some of our favorites:

(1) Set of 3 Spring Bunny in Bloom Tea Towels

Aside from being decorative pieces, these tea towels are also purposive. These are made from cotton and machine washable. This set comes in sets of 3. You’ll get 3 different bunny-themed designs when you purchase one set. These little bunnies are surely going to brighten up the kitchen. You can purchase one set from Antique Farm House.

(2) Set of 4 Spring Bunny Appetizer Plate

Serve your appetizers in style. These small square plate feature nostalgic bunny designs that are sure to transform your tablescape, as well as the dishes you serve. Buy a set from Antique Farm House.

(3) Set of 4 Simple Ceramic Bunny Cups

These beautiful bunny cups are not just for decoration. They can also be used as organizers for your kitchen. You can use these cups to keep tiny details in your kitchen more organized. You can grab a set of 4 from Antique Farm House.

(4) Set of 2 Ceramic Square Bunny Plate

Take your table setting up a notch this Easter. This rabbit plate is just what you need to keep the Easter spirit alive even if you’re stuck celebrating it at home. This plate is skillfully crafted and features gold details and a bunny print. You can purchase this from Antique Farm House.

(5) Ceramic Bunny Covered Dish

Surprise your guests with your special dish. You can use this bunny-themed dish cover to keep whatever you’re serving hot. This serveware is just to adorable that you just have to get your hands on it. You can get this from Antique Farm House.

(6) Set of 2 Spring Bunny Metal Nesting Box

If you need extra organizing and storage space, as well as a decorative piece for your kitchen, these metal nesting boxes are perfect. These may be used as planters for small plants for your kitchen. You can also use this for organizing your utensils or small kitchen tools. Grab a set of 2 from Antique Farm House.

(7) Set of 2 Decorative Bunny Tray

Use this ceramic tray to serve some appetizers or snacks to your guests at home. It’s white and simple but the gold bunny details add a hint of sophistication and fun. This piece brings out a spring touch to the kitchen. You can get this from Antique Farm House.

(8) Set of 6 Simple Bunny Embroidered Placemat

Amp up your bunny game on. These bunny embroidered placemats are sure to look great with your table setting. Whether you’re preparing for Easter or you just love bunnies, this set of 6 placemat set is a must have. You can buy these from Antique Farm House.

(9) Rabbit with Chalkboard Figurine

What’s on the menu? This chalkboard is perfect for the kitchen. It’s decorative and it functions as a menu so your family can immediately see what’s cookin’. This chalkboard adds a playful twist to the kitchen. You can also use it to write daily words of encouragements or even important notes for you and the entire family. You can purchase this from Antique Farm House.

(10) Every Bunny is Welcome Wall Art

Create a warm and inviting home. This wall art is filled with springtime charm. It features a simple message with a plaid leaping bunny that has that country elegance. Choose from 4 different sizes. You can order this from Antique Farm House.


For the Home Office or Study Room

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Create a farmhouse vibe for your home office or study using some rabbit-inspired home and décor pieces. Antique Farm House has bookends, wall décor, lamps, and other decorative items for your home. Find out which pieces we picked out here:

(1) Rustic Rabbit Bookends

Give your bookshelves a makeover. These pair of rabbit bookends are what you need to add some whimsical vibes to your much loved books. The bunnies have a distressed bronze look that makes them easier to blend with, yet still stand out from other decors. Grab this from Antique Farm House.

(2) Rabbit in Glasses Lamp

This smart-looking bunny lamp is also a nice addition to the home office or study room. It will literally and figuratively brighten up the room with its imaginative style. Purchase this from Antique Farm House.

(3) Rabbit with Glasses Tabletop Statue

Pair these handsome hares with your Rabbit in Glasses Lamp. Use these to decorate your tabletop or shelves for a distinct style. You can select between an 11-inch one and 14-inch one. You can also choose to buy both in a set. Order these now from Antique Farm House.

(4) Set of 3 Velveteen Rabbit Arched Wall Décor Collection

Book lovers are sure to know The Velveteen Rabbi by Margery Williams. This classic literature is loved by kids and adults alike. These wall decors are perfect for your home office or library. They come in a set of 3 and would look splendid on your blank walls. You can purchase a set from Antique Farm House.

(5) Set of 3 Ceramic Bunny Image Dish

For your small accessories or necessities, this ceramic dish is a good choice. You can place it on a center table, your office table, or and tabletop. These come in a set of 3 so you can use these to add a hint of quirkiness to any room you like. Get these from Antique Farm House.

(6) Welcome Bunny Arrow Sign Replacement

This welcome arrow sign is a fun addition to your office door. It adds a playful twist to the serious ambiance of a room where you’re doing your work. It may have a spring theme vibe but it can be a décor that you can use all year round. You can purchase this from Antique Farm House.

(7) Set of 2 Ceramic Footed Bunny Bowl

Give your succulents and small plants a cute little home. This footed bunny bowl have a charming look to it. Theses bowls are made from ceramic and feature a golden bunny with bunny ears details. You can get a set of 2 from Antique Farm House.

(8) Set of 2 Gold Finish Metal Bunny Tabletop Décor

For a more sophisticated look, this gold finish metal bunny tabletop bunny decoration is a good selection. Use this to at a hoppin’ vibe to your home office, library, or reading room. You can get this from Antique Farm House.

(9) Set of 2 Floral Rabbit Accent Pillow

Add a bit of spring colors to your office. These accent pillows feature adorable bunny-inspired designs that just make you want to cuddle them. You can purchase a set of 2 from Antique Farm House.

(10) Antiqued Bunny Table Lamp

Finally this bunny lamp can also highlight your room. It features a sweet and delicate style that goes with any type of theme. Buy this unique piece from Antique Farm House.


These bunny home decors are too adorable! We couldn’t help but fall in love with every piece. Antique Farm House offers a wide range of one-of-a-kind home and décor pieces. Remember to purchase the home décor that you want immediately, since most of the items are so unique that they only have a few pieces on hand. Once the item is sold, there’s a high chance that they won’t get restocked anymore. Antique Farm House is committed to offering unique decors that create a distinct personality for your homes. So what are you waiting for? Start bunny shoppin’ and click that “Add to Cart” button! We hope you have a blast shopping for great finds.


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