Creating a Minimalist Closet in 5 Easy Steps

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Now that you’re stuck at home, you might be wondering how you can make the most out of your time. With all the excess hours you have, you might be finding the urge to discover what to do. Why don’t you try decluttering your closet and create a minimalist one? Times like these, there’s an opportunity to monetize your clutter to make room for a simple style of living. Here are some easy ways on how to create a minimalist closet.

Tips to Create a Minimalist Closet

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When it comes to clothes, sticking to a bare minimum closet may seem close to impossible. You’re thinking, “How can I let go of this jacket when it goes perfectly with this top?” or “I just NEED these shoes, how can I just give them away?” Having a minimalist approach when it comes to fashion can be challenging but these 5 steps can guide you through the process.

  1. Discover your own style. Before you start cleaning your closet, it’s important to discover your inner fashion style. What is your look? What kind of minimalist fashion are you going for? Once you’ve figured out what style you have, it will be easier for you to let go of unnecessary fashion pieces that you have.
  2. Get everything out! You cannot declutter without going through every single piece of clothing in your closet. Get all of your clothes out of the closet and start sorting. Make sure not to leave anything behind.
  3. Don’t be sentimental. We are prone to keeping something because of their sentimental value. Do you still have that puffy prom dress because you wore it when you became prom queen? That first designer coat is still in the closet but won’t fit you anymore? Get ride of them already! Stop with the sentiments and move on. After all, these are just material things. What’s important are the memories.
  4. Clean and declutter. This step is the trickiest part. You need to determine which clothes to keep and which ones to throw, donate, or sell. Determine if you’re going to wear that piece often. Which ones are just stuck in the closet for three to six months? Our piece of advice, choose pieces that are versatile. Neutrals are safe options. Items that are easy to mix and match are always a keeper. You can stick to your main look to be able to create a more organized closet.
  5. Let go. Finally, once you’ve sorted everything out, it’s time to let go. Don’t look back or take another last peek at the items you’re going to give away. Tendency is that you’re going to want to keep something again.

Letting go of your clothes may be hard at first. However, once you’ve done the first part of the decluttering process, you’ll be able to create a minimalist closet easily. For more decluttering tips, you can watch the video here:

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Minimalist Closet Must Haves


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To make it easier for you to build a minimalist closet, here are some organizing tools and must haves:

(1) Honey Can Do 10-Piece Wood Suit Hangers

Hangers are absolutely essential for a closet to be organized. These wooden hangers are classy, chic, and very useful. This type is ideal for keeping dresses, shirts, and jackets free from wrinkles. You can purchase this from Macy’s.

(2) Honey Can Do 4-Piece Skirt and Pant Hangers

For your jeans, skirts, and business trousers, these hangers are perfect. Keep your bottoms wrinkle-free by clipping them in these. The design is also sleek and sophisticated. Perfect for a minimalist closet. Grab these from Macy’s.

(3) Whitmor Natural Wood Belt Hanger

Belts and other long accessories can sometimes be difficult to organize. This hanger is just ideal for keeping said fashion accessories in place. These are helpful so your belts won’t get tangled and messy inside your closet. Buy this hanger from Macy’s.

(4) Honey Can Do Parchment Cord Basket with Liner

For your pajamas, towels, and other clothes, these baskets are perfect for storing them. Simply roll them and place in these. Your closet will instantly look organized when you have these durable and eco-friendly baskets. You can buy these from Macy’s.

(5) Whitmor Set of 6 White Drawer Organizers

You can easily keep your jewelry, watches, and other tiny items organized in your drawers using these organizers. You’ll be able to easily find and grab whatever you need from your closet drawer with the help of these organizers. Purchase these from Macy’s.

(6) Whitmor Honeycomb Drawer Organizer

Keep your socks, undies, scarves, ties, and other small foldable clothing in order using this honeycomb organizer. This drawer organizer is easy to install. You’ll be able to see everything you need at a glance because of its pocket-like compartments. You can buy this from Macy’s.

(7) Honey Can Do Bamboo Shoe Bench

To help you keep shoes to a minimal, this shoe bench is ideal. It features two tiers for footwear storage and a bench for you to sit on while you put on your shoes. Place this in your home’s entryway or any room where it’s convenient for you. You can get this from Macy’s.

(8) Honey Can Do Over-the-Door Hanging Organizer

Maximize closet space using this hanging organizer. You can store clothing items easily in each of its pockets. It’s easy to install and hang. Use it for shoes, slippers, small clothing items, and more. You can purchase one from Macy’s.

(9) Yamazaki Plain Coat Hanger

For your daily coats, hats, and other outer wear, you can use this coat hanger to store or hand them. Its slender style makes it easy for you to place it anywhere you want to. Buy this from Macy’s.

(10) Whitmor Wood Slat Garment Rack

If you’re the type who plans his or her outfits ahead, you can get this garment rack and place it in your bedroom or near your closet. It makes it easier for you to grab your planned outfits. It’s completely mobile, as well as durable. Purchase one now from Macy’s.

It’s difficult at first; however, once you’re able to create a minimalist closet, you’re embracing a lifestyle where all you have is everything you need. This kind of lifestyle eliminate the need for material things that have no purpose to you. Instead, you’re maintaining a habit that enables you to use the full potential of everything you have, even when it comes to your clothes.


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