Business attire is often stereotyped as being plain, boring, and serious. If you are a career woman, you may feel limited by the pieces that you are faced with. However, you don’t have to feel constrained if you are wearing business attire everyday. You can still show your fashionable side when you’re going to work. These top 10 fashion essentials can help you create a professional-looking wardrobe without sacrificing your love for fashion and flair. We’ve found these versatile fashion pieces that you can wear when going to the office or when you feel like power dressing.

1. Dress Pants

First of all, you need a pair of dress pants. You may be tempted to go with the natural black dress pants but you can also choose other shades such as gray, brown, blue, and even pastels! Choose a cut that you’re most comfortable with. You may be comfy in a straight cut pants or you may feel more at ease when you’re wearing skinny or a more tailored fit. It’s up to your preference. As long as you feel confident in them, you can confidently wear them to work. Try this pair of high waist pants in royal blue. It’s a different take on the usual dress pants but it is still perfect for work. Get a pair from Zulily.

2. Verstaile Blouse

Of course, you need a blouse to match your dress pants. Choose a blouse that you can wear with either a pair of pants or a skirt. You should also choose a style that flatters your body. Don’t sacrifice your fashion sense just to stick to your business attire code. You may initially choose a white blouse. However, you can still choose bright hues that match your personality. You can try this tie hem button up blouse from Zulily.

3. Tailored Blazer

Blazers are a must have when you’re building your own professional-looking wardrobe. You may choose to stick with a neutral shade. However, if you feel adventurous when it comes to your fashion, you can choose unique shades and cut to add more personality to your business attire. If you love adding a bit of color to your outfit, get this beautiful mustard yellow blazer from Zulily.

4. Pencil Skirt

A pencil skirt gives off an elegant, yet powerful vibe. You need one for your professional wardrobe in case you want to feel more feminine while going to work. Wear it with a versatile blouse and a coat to complete your business casual outfit. You’ll be ready for work in no time! Instead of sticking with the usual black and brown hues, why not try other shades such as red, orange, and even pink. Wear this red pencil skirt and turn heads as you walk into your office. You can purchase this from Zulily.

5. Dress Coat

During the cold weather, a coat is a fashion staple. Even if you’re just going to work, you should have a dress coat that you can wear with any type of outfit. You can choose a black or brown one. However, you can spice things up a bit by getting a coat that has a different shade or a unique style. Go floral and stylish with this double-breasted coat from Zulily.

6. Little Black Dress

A LBD is a must have for every closet. It is a safe choice when you run out of ideas on what to wear. Just slip into your little black dress and wear your favorite heels or flats to finish your look. When you’re a career woman, it’s always a great idea to keep a black dress in your closet. It may be black but you can still look for a style that fits your taste. This stunning black peplum dress is a great choice. You can buy it from Zulily.

7. Warm Cardigan

You also need a cardigan in case you get cold in the office. It is also a fashionable piece that gives your outfit an extra personality. Choose one that can complement your business attire but still shows off your fashion sense and style. Go for a geometric pattern to give your plain business casual outfit some flair. Purchase this geometric cardigan from Zulily.

8. Sexy Pumps

A pair of sexy pumps is a great way to spice up your business attire. Get the right height to keep your feet comfy. Pair your pumps with your LBD or your pencil skirt to give power dressing a whole new meaning. Black pumps are a safe choice. However, you can also choose other shades like red, pink, or brown. You can even go for floral prints and animal prints to give your outfit some personality. You can be safe and bold at the same time by choosing a pair of pumps just like this one. Black Mary Janes with chunky heels give you stability and a cute sense of fashion. Grab a pair from Zulily.

9. Go To Flats

You may be fashionable but you are not bionic. There are times when you need to give your feet a break. A pair of go to ballet flats that are comfortable is a great way to have a break from your usual high heels. Choose a classy style to keep up with your professional attire. This pair of gold toe nude ballet flats is perfect for completing your work ensemble. Purchase a pair from Zulily.

10. Statement Accessory

Lastly, you need an accessory to complete every outfit. A watch is an ideal fashion accessory for any career woman. It’s functional, as well as stylish. Choose a watch that matches your personality and would go with any outfit you can think of. This stunning timepiece is a perfect choice. You can buy one from Zulily.

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These top 10 fashion finds are sure to help you create a professional-looking wardrobe that is versatile, yet fashionable. You can mix and match them to create a variety of looks. Experiment with different colors instead of sticking to neutral ones. Even if you are now a career woman, you can still have fun with fashion and style. Think of your office as your runway. This way, you can look forward to getting ready for work everyday. Visit for more fashion inspirations. You can also read some of our previous posts to find other styles that fit your taste.

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