Create a Rustic Farmhouse Home with these Pieces from Antique Farm House

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There’s something appealing when we see a rustic farmhouse home. The vintage feel and the serene country vibe makes you just want to stay at home and curl up into a ball. Getting the right home and décor pieces can be challenging, especially when one is going for a farmhouse chic theme. Luckily, there’s Antique Farm House.

Antique Farm House, rustic farmhouse home decor

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Antique Farm House is a go-to store for all farmhouse-themed home decoration needs. They offer vintage pieces at lower prices compared to other home and décor pieces. Clients can create a luxurious farmhouse home without breaking the bank. Each of their pieces is one of a kind. If the item gets sold, it’s gone forever. So if you like a piece, make sure to get your hands them before they’re gone.

Antique Farm House Pieces for Your Home

Antique Farm House, rustic farmhouse home decor

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Antique Farm House has a variety of home and décor pieces that can transform a dull home into a chic farmhouse. With the perfect decorations, you’ll be able to create a farmhouse-themed home that you’ve been dreaming of. Check out the different decors that you can use for various parts of your home.

For Your Dining Room

Antique Farm House, rustic farmhouse home decor

Decorate your dining room with these unique farmhouse-themed pieces.

(1) Stoneware Plate with Speckle Glaze

These stoneware plates are not just for dining. They also add a rustic touch to your tablescape. These plates are food safe, dishwasher safe, and microwave safe. They are available in sets of 4. They come in neutral shades, which make them easy to mix and match with different elements. You can purchase this set from Antique Farm House.

(2) Set of 4 Woven Grass Placemat

Bring the cottage chic vibe into your dining room. These 4-set placemats will help you create a stunning tablescape. They add a beautiful and rustic vibe to your dining table. These are made from date leaf and kans greens. Measured at 14 inches in diameter, these mats can create a more distinct layering effect for your tableware. Buy this set from Antique Farm House.

(3) Set of 2 Elegant Linen Side Chair

Elegant, beautiful, and practical. These chairs are absolutely stunning and would be perfect for the dining area. They are not just useful, but also aesthetic. These will add an elegant effect on your dream farmhouse dining area. You can get these from Antique Farm House.

(4) Farmhouse Bakers Cabinet

Show off your beautiful dinnerware and ceramic collection! Store your dishes and tableware in this beautiful bakers cabinet. The contrasting natural wood and white paint finish can complete a farmhouse home vibe. You can order this from Antique Farm House.

(5) Vintage Inspired Floral Dish Set

Make your dining experience more enjoyable. These vintage floral dishes sure are pretty; they can even make your dishes look stunning as well. Your tablescape will look timeless and stylish with this dish set. Grab this set from Antique Farm House.

(6) Set of 2 Hand Painted Buffalo Check Stoneware Pitcher

Add a country vibe to your dining room with this pitcher set. It includes two pitchers with hand painted buffalo check designs. Use this as a decorative piece on your dining table center, your shelf, or any parts of your dining area. You can also use this as a pitcher for your favorite drinks. These are dishwasher safe, microwave safe, and food safe. You can grab a set from Antique Farm House.


For Your Kitchen

Antique Farm House, rustic farmhouse home decor

Here are some decors that are perfect for your farmhouse kitchen.

(1) Kitchen Counter Storage Organizer

This organizer makes it easier for everyone to make a cup of coffee anytime. You can stack saucers on the metal tray and hang up to 6 cups on the built in hooks. Place this on your kitchen countertop so it’s easy for everyone to reach and grab their cups. The metal material adds a country and farmhouse vibe to your kitchen. You can buy this from Antique Farm House.

(2) Set of 3 Ceramic Numbered Canister

Organized your kitchen essentials in style. These canisters bring out that rustic vibe for your kitchen while providing additional storage space for your kitchen ingredients and staples. You can store flour, sugar, spices, and other necessities in these. Order your own set from Antique Farm House.

(3) Barn Shaped Crock

How adorable is this? Made from terracotta, this distinct piece can add cuteness and a vintage feel to your kitchen. Use it to store and organize your utensils, kitchen tools, and even your baking essentials. You won’t go wrong with this decorative piece. You can purchase this from Antique Farm House.

(4) Set of 3 Farmhouse Cutting Board Collection

This cutting board set if very versatile. These can be used as a wall décor or a table top décor. These are made from pine wood, which will add a nascent charm to your kitchen. Get this set from Antique Farm House.

(5) Set of 4 Whale Measuring Cups

Add a pop of ocean color to your kitchen. These whale measuring cups are made of stoneware and are food safe. These cups are a cute addition to your kitchen. They add a playful element to your kitchen top and they add a pop of blue to your farmhouse kitchen. Grab these cups from Antique Farm House.

(6) Bright Pitcher

Make kitchen time look and feel brighter. This cute yellow pitcher adds color to your kitchen. The bright shade simple makes you want to spend time cooking up new dishes in your kitchen. It’s also a good decorative piece for your countertop. You can get this from Antique Farm House.


For Your Bedroom

Antique Farm House, rustic farmhouse home decor

Keep your bedroom looking quaint and stylish. These pieces are perfect for a rustic farmhouse feel.

(1) 3-Piece Comforter Set

Turn your bedroom into a lavish sleeping area. This textured comforter set will turn your bed into a beautiful and relaxing space. The ruffles and clean design has a sweet and romantic feel. You can grab this set from Antique Farm House.

(2) Set of 2 White Ruffle Curtain Panel

Create a dreamy countryside bedroom. This 2-set curtain panel is all you need to achieve a lovely and enticing bedroom. These curtains are made from 100% polyester. Purchase this set from Antique Farm House.

(3) Farmhouse Floor Lamp with Linen Shade

Achieve a sophisticated yet rustic look for your bedroom. This floor lamp is a stunning accent and exudes elegance. You can place this in between accent chairs or in the corner beside your bed. Get this from Antique Farm House.

(4) Ruffled Country Chic Throw Blanket

Create a flirty and comfy vibe in your bedroom using this cute, ruffled throw blanket. Simply place this on your bed or on your accent chair and it will you’re your simple furniture into a luxurious decorative piece. You can get this from Antique Farm House.

(5) Jute Upholstered Vanity Chair

If you have a vanity, you can add this chair and it will turn a dull vanity into an elegant one. It has a country chic style that will upgrade your look into an upscale bedroom. It’s made from birchwood and jute. Assembly is required when you purchase this chair. You can purchase this chair from Antique Farm House.

(6) Round Shoe Holder Ottoman

This furniture is perfect if you want extra hidden space for your shoes. It’s made from birch wood, foam, and polyester. It provides extra seating, as well as an additional storage space. Buy this from Antique Farm House.


For Your Living Room

Antique Farm House, rustic farmhouse home decor

Spread the farmhouse vibe all throughout your living room with the help of these home and décor pieces.

(1) Matte Tulip Vase

Add this vase to your living room as a centerpiece. You can easily arrange your favorite flowers in this and they will instantly give your living room a countryside side. This vase is made of clay and handcrafted for all those who are looking for a unique farmhouse style decorative piece. You can purchase this form Antique Farm House.

(2) Metal Porthole Framed Round Wall Mirror

You’ll absolutely adore this vintage round mirror. It features a distressed texture that brings out the rustic vibe of this home décor. The frame is made from metal that has that repurposed appeal. You can buy this from Antique Farm House.

(3) Decorative Painted Wood Ladder

This wood ladder features a distressed effect on its paint finish. It gives the ladder its countryside style. Use this to hang throw blankets or as a decorative piece in your living room. Grab this from Antique Farm House.

(4) Country Class Side Table

Add a dash of the countryside to your living room. This side table is made of wood and metal that features a shabby chic style. Use this as a side table for your lampshade or for your coffee table books. This is a great additional piece for a country chic home. Grab this from Antique Farm House.

(5) 2 Door Retro Accent Cabinet

Store your items in style. This cabinet features a unique look and design that can fit any theme. If you’re going for a country style home, this cabinet is a good addition. You can have extra space and additional flair for your living room. Get this cabinet from Antique Farm House.

(6) Upholstered Wood Upscale Armchair

Use this as an accent chair for your living room or your reading corner. It has an elegant feel that makes you want to enjoy and relax in the living area. ?The simple design makes it easy to pair it with other home and décor pieces. You can order this from Antique Farm House.


For Your Porch

Antique Farm House, rustic farmhouse home decor

Finally, add farmhouse elements to your front porch using these decors.

(1) Metal Lantern Style Light

Illuminate your front porch with these old fashion metal lamps. These remind you of the old times with their unique designs and metal fabrications. These lights won’t only highlight your home, but will also add a farmhouse style to your home. You can order these from Antique Farm House.

(2) Welcome Wall Basket

Use this basket for your daily mail, newspaper, and other correspondence. This country style basket will look cute on your front door. It’s made from willow, which gives the basket that additional old-fashioned touch. You can purchase this from Antique Farm House.

(3) Polka Dot Rain Boots Planter

Give your front porch a whimsical touch. These yellow boots are great decors for your porch. They can also be used as planters. The yellow polka dot pattern makes these boots extra adorable. The bright colors just make your porch look lively and vibrant. You can get these from Antique Farm House.

(4) Classic Spindle Back Bench

Vintage meets modern design works well for this bench. This looks great on the porch. It adds an extra industrial element to your home. Enjoy your view while relaxing on this bench. Grab this from Antique Farm House.

(5) Classic Cottage Rocking Chair

A rocking chair is a must have when you’re going for that classic farmhouse style. This traditional rocking chair has a simple and nostalgic design – perfect for those quiet mornings when you’re drinking coffee and enjoying the view. It’s made from acacia wood and metal. You can purchase this from Antique Farm House.

(6) Little Bird Folk Art Water Fountain

Finally, get this elegant water fountain for your front porch. It features a nest design with a rusted finish. You can enjoy the serene sound of water while you’re sitting on your porch. Buy this from Antique Farm House.


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Antique Farm House makes it easier for you to create your very own farmhouse-inspired home. They have everything you need from rustic style furniture to vintage-inspired home decorations. Visit them and browse through their different collections.

Here are also some home and décor pieces we’ve found that are perfect for a rustic farmhouse theme:

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