Cute Halloween Costumes You (and the Family) Can Wear this Year

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Halloween may be a month away but it’s never too early to prepare for one of our favorite holidays! This year, Halloween may be a bit different because of all the social distancing protocols and lockdowns happening. However, we shouldn’t let anything get in the way of our festive spirit! As long as we observe standard health practices, we can still have a fun and festive Halloween. The first step to preparing for an awesome Halloween is to find cute Halloween costumes for you and the entire family. Let’s get started!

Cute Halloween Costumes For Mom, Dad, and Baby

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This year, let’s go for a cute and funny theme when finding Halloween costumes. We’ve listed A LOT of cute Halloween costumes for moms, dads, and even babies! Here are some of our top finds.

(1) Bee Keeper and Bumblebee Baby Carrier Costume

Here’s a unique costume for parents and their babies! Mom or dad is the bee keeper and baby will be the cute little bumblebee. It includes a bee keeper costume with matching beekeeper hat for the adult and a bumblebee carrier and matching headwear for the little baby. Everything is made from polyester. You can purchase this from Shindigz.

(2) Safari Guide and Lion Baby Carrier Costume

Go for a wilder (but cuter) costumer this year! Parents can be the safari guide, while baby is the cute little lion. This costume includes an adult safari wear with matching hat, and a baby lion carrier with a whole body lion costume. The costume is also made from polyester. Order this now on Shindigz.

(3) Seeing Red Baby and Me Chef and Lobster Costume

How cute is this tandem costume?! Little baby is a cute little lobster and mom or dad is the chef. This costume set includes the lobster baby suit, chef’s hat for adults, and a complete chef’s uniform. When looking for an adorable and funny costume, this is the perfect pair! You can order yours from Amazon.

(4) Seeing Red Baby and Me Diver and Octopus Costume

This is another cute Halloween costume for mommy and baby! It’s a funny costume set that will make parents and their babies the stars of Halloween. Parents are the deep sea divers while their little cuties are the octopus – with matching tentacles and all! This set include a scuba suit, flippers, and mask for the adults, and an octopus wardrobe for the little one. Octopus costume includes the headwear and of course, the tentacles. You can purchase this online on Amazon.

(5) Disguise Men’s But Mommy I Don’t Want to Grow Up Costume

We can’t help but laugh at this silly Halloween costume for dads. It’s made of polyester and features an easy to wear costume that dads can simply slide into. Dad will look like a baby carried by his old mom when he wears this. This set includes an inflatable torso, old lady mask, baby pajama suit, scarf, and baby bonnet. Grab a set from Amazon.

(6) Fun World Adult Peanut Butter and Jelly Costume

Mom and Dad can have fun by going as a pair of peanut butter and jelly sandwich this Halloween. The details of the sandwich slices are just so cute and really remind you of the classic sandwich favorite. This may by a simple costume idea but it’s quite witty, don’t you think? You can order this from Amazon.

Here’s a promising review of this product:

subscription busy boxes, busy boxesMy husband and I bought these because our children really wanted us to dress up with them. We had a hard time finding a couple’s costume that was both affordable and family-friendly, but this one is perfect! After reading all of the reviews, I was concerned about things like it fitting awkwardly over someone like me who is very busty, or the peanut butter and jelly images being less vibrant than pictured. I was worried for nothing. This costume fits great on any body type, and is soft and comfortable. The images are bright, and no one had any trouble telling what we were. We got tons of compliments! ­TinkerMommy

(7) Future Memories Adult Bacon and Egg Costume

If you love breakfast, why not go as the favorite breakfast pair this Halloween? Mom and dad can be bacon and egg, which is a perfect combination if you ask us. Everyone will surely have a good laugh when they see the parents in these. This set is available on Amazon.

Read a positive review about this product here:

subscription busy boxes, busy boxesThis costume was used for a in store Selling event! Worked perfect and looked realistic. David L. Cox

(8) Renee Cho Couple Cookies and Milk Carton Box Costume

Realistic milk and cookies are printed on this costume set. It’s another perfect combination for the parents to wear as their Halloween costume. It’s also suitable for bigger kids. This costume set will simple bring smiles to anyone who sees it. You can buy this from Amazon.

Here’s a helpful review of this product:

subscription busy boxes, busy boxesFun costumes. Fit great. Wish that cookie image was on backside too but it still worked out. Philip Flores

(9) Hauntlook Chicken and Waffles Couples Costume

We are all for perfect food combinations this Halloween! Parents can also go as chicken and waffles while they enjoy the Halloween festivities even while at home. Nothing beats this classic combo on the dinner table, as well as when you’re wearing them for Halloween. Purchase this from Amazon.

You can refer to this review if you’re thinking twice about buying this product:

My husband and I bought this to wear. My 6’1 husband cannot fit into the chicken bucket. It is beyond tight. The waffle fits both of us fine. Super cute though! Diet Coke Queen

(10) Future Memories Adult French Fries and Ketchup Costume Set

Lastly for the tandem costumes is another classic – the ketchup and fries combination. This includes a ketchup costume with matching spout headwear, as well as a fries body suit. Give everyone a good laugh when you walk in the Halloween celebration in these. You can buy this from Amazon.


More Adorable Halloween Costumes Here!

We can’t get enough of these cute costumes for babies, toddlers, and kids. Here are our top 10 finds.

(1) Dress Up America Baby Rooster Costume

This adorable rooster costume fits kids 0 up to 24 months. It features a white fuzzy romper and a hood that has      rooster face, crown, and beak details. The costume is made from polyester material that’s soft, warm, and comfy for baby. Order this adorable costume now on Amazon.

Here’s why parents love this:

subscription busy boxes, busy boxesEveryone loved this costume on our 14 month old. It fit her well and she didn’t mind the hat the first night she wore it. By the 2nd night she started pulling it off, but would let us put it back on which means it wasn’t too uncomfortable. It was incredibly cute while it lasted! The Velcro closures were super easy. OceanRN

(2) Rubie’s Kids’ Baby Shark Costume with Sound Chip

As long as there are cute babies, the Baby Shark trend will never go away. This costume fits infants, toddlers, and older kids. It features a yellow baby shark romper with shark teeth, eyes, and fin details. You can purchase this from Amazon.

Here’s a positive review about this costume:

subscription busy boxes, busy boxesThis is awesome. Our toddler picked this for Halloween and she’s been wearing it nonstop since it got here, taking it off just to let her brother try it. She can get into and out of it by herself, which is great, and pushes the button to play the song by herself. It runs big, but that works for us—our 2 year old and 4 year can both wear it, and my kids are very tall for their ages (the four year old is the size of most 6 year olds, 2 year old closer to 4 year old size). This means both kids can have fun with it, although the bug guy can’t snap it at the bottom. Only drawback is that the song doesn’t play all the way through, it stops after daddy shark and skips the rest. Our son is even thinking about switching to this for Halloween instead of being an astronaut. Kids will need to wear long sleeves and tights underneath, but that’s no big deal. Not sure how washable it is yet, since I wouldn’t let her wear it for meals, but looks decent to clean. ­- Jennifer

(3) Suit Yourself Little Stinker Skunk Costume

Who would have thought a little stinky skunk can be this cute? This costume is available for babies 6 up to 24 months. It includes a furry skunk body romper with a cute little tail. It also includes a pair of paw booties and a furry hood. You can buy this from Amazon.

Read more about this product through this review:

subscription busy boxes, busy boxesSuch a cute costume. The only thing I didn’t like was the Velcro for the tail wasn’t very strong. Great that it comes off for car seat purposes though , so I just pinned it, but other than that it was great quality. The hat and booties are being used through the winter for slippers and a hat that my little will actually keep on! Johanna Maust

(4) UNDERWRAPS Store Baby’s Flamingo Belly Babies

This cute flamingo costume is also perfect for this Halloween. It includes a flamingo body suit, head wear with flamingo eyes and beak details, and fluffy show covers. Available in toddler sizes, as well as for older kids ages 4 to 6 years old. You can get a set from Amazon.

Read a review about this costume here:

This is SO cute! It’s much more hot pink than in the picture but just so adorable. We bought the size large for my 2 year old who is just starting to fit in size 2T and 31 lbs. The hat is a bit a big so I need to adjust it now and then to make sure he can see. The foot coverings are really big on him and I’m not sure we’ll use them since it seems like he would just trip or get them dirty. But overall, the costume is soft and adorable and he loves being a flamingo! Ben and Larissa

(5) Dress Up America Coffee Costume for Kids

We all know some of us miss our trips to our favorite café. This Frappuccino costume is too adorable to pass. It’s complete with the straw headwear, whipped cream details, coffee cup body suit, eco bag, the logo details on the front, and the coffee cup details on the back. This costume is for toddlers and bigger kids aged 4 up to 14. You can get a set from Amazon.

(6) Crafty Lil’ Witch Infant Costume

Your little ones will really put a spell on you when you see them wearing this cute witch costume. The costume features a striped sleeve dress with button and polka dot ruffle details. It also includes a matching witch’s hat. You can order this from Shindigz.

(7) Splash and Bubbles Toddler Costume

This cute fish costume includes a fish head gear with eyes and mouth details, as well as a fish body suit with tail and fins. It’s available in 18 to 24 months size, and 4 to 6 size. You can order this costume on Shindigz.

(8) Splash and Bubbles Unicorn Toddler Costume

Your little kid will truly feel magical in this adorable unicorn costume. It features a fluffy unicorn body suit and a hood. The costume has rainbow tail and mane, as well as a cuddly unicorn body. It’s just perfect for unicorn lovers. Available in 18 to 24 months, 2 to 4 years old, and 4 to 6 years old sizes. You can grab this from Shindigz.

(9) Squiggly Piggy Costume

Look at how cute this little piggy costume! This set includes a fluffy pink body suit with a ribbon detail, a hood with piggy snout, ears, and eyes, and adorable shoe covers. You can’t help but gush at how adorable your kids are going to be in these. You can buy this from Shindigz.

(10) Laura the Lamb Infant Costume

Your toddler will look absolutely cute in this lamb costume. They will surely be baaaa-eutiful in this fluffy costume. It includes a white bubble body suit, a hood with lamb ears, and foot covers. Purchase this from Shindigz.


Don’t Forget Your Pets!

Your four-legged friends can also celebrate Halloween! Get them these cute costumes for pets.

(1) NACOCO Cowboy Rider Dog Costume

This costume is both adorable and funny. This adjustable saddle costume features a cowboy doll. It’s as if the cowboy is riding on your pooch’s back. Order this online on Amazon.

(2) Meihijia Funny Cowboy Jacket Suit for Cats

You’ll laugh everytime you look at your cat when it’s wearing this cowboy costume. With a cat’s poker face and this costume, it’s the perfect duo. It features a cowboy suit with plush doll hands holding a gun, and a cowboy hat. You can get this from Amazon.

(3) California Costumes Pet Triceradog Costume

Imagine how cute your little doggy would look in this head gear. This costume is a headpiece with three horn details just like a triceratops. It’s available in extra small, small, medium, and large sizes. You can order this from Amazon.

(4) Mikayoo Pet Dog Cowboy Halloween Costume

This is another cute cowboy costume for doggies. It’s available in extra small, small, medium, and large. You’ll get a good laugh whenever you see your four-legged friend walk around in this. This is available on Amazon.

(5) TOMSENN Dog Lion Mare Costume

This costume is perfect for large dogs. They’ll instantly look like the king of the jungle when they wear this. Purchase one from Amazon.

You can still enjoy celebrating Halloween this year even if there are restrictions. You can plan a simple but entertaining Halloween at home to avoid going out. These cute Halloween costumes will make your celebration more festive and fun. Get your hands on them before they run out.

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