Cutest Fairy Face Masks for Kids and Kids at Heart

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With COVID-19 still infecting millions of people all over the world, the so-called new normal is inevitable. Everyone is preparing to adjust to the new system until a cure is found. Part of must have during this pandemic is wearing a face mask. It’s an accessible way to help avert the spread of COVID-19 as surgical, as well as N-95 masks, have a shortage. Since face masks are now part of the new norm, brands are coming up with unique and creative ways to make their masks stand out.

Cute Fairy Face Masks that Brighten Up Your Day



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TeelieTurner is one of the many brands that has created a wide range of cute and adorable face masks. These masks are not just perfect for kids, but also for kids at heart. From magical fairies to cute patterns, these masks are everything you’ll need to show your playful and charming side.

(1) Tommy Tinker’s Kingdom Mask

You’ll be in awe of Tommy Tinker’s magical kingdom when you see this design. It features Tommy Tinker and several elements found in his kingdom. You can buy this from Redbubble.

(2) Tertia the Teacup Planter Fairy Mask

Tertia works hard for each teacup planter use in the fairy kingdom. Her penchant for detail and her creativity are what makes her the best fairy for the job. If you are a plant mom, Tertia is the perfect fairy for you. Grab this cute mask from Redbubble.

(3) Everything is Coming Up Pink Daisies Mask

Add brightness to your errand runs during this pandemic by wearing this face mask. The pink and yellow shades combine with the daisy prints just screams out happiness and positivity – something we could all use these days. Buy this mask from Redbubble.

(4) Easter Carrots and Bunny Craze Mask

How adorable are these carrot-slash-bunny patters? This print has a spring and easter vibe to it so it just brings out joy whenever you wear it. You can get this from Redbubble.

(5) Abella the Apron Fairy Mask

What does an apron fairy do? Well, Abella the Apron Fairy is a staple in the fairy kingdom because almost all the fairies wear aprons whenever they do some magic. The Abella print goes perfectly well with the light blue cloth of this face masks. You can buy this adorable mask from Redbubble.

(6) Pastel SurpriseMask

Bright pastel colors are what makes this mask a delightful one. Wear this and add fun and vibrance to your busy day. The pastel yellow, blue, orange, green, and pink are just to delightful on the eyes. Get this colorful face mask from Redbubble.

(7) Desta the Dragon Fairy Mask

How cool would it be if we can be like Desta? She’s a dragon fairy, who trains and connects with dragons. Feel empowered and magical with the help of this strong and fearless fairy. Purchase this mask from Redbubble.

(8) Flowers For You With Love Mask

We absolutely love the prints on this mask! Beautiful and colorful flowers are designed on the fabric. It’s such a lovely sight to see, as these flowers give a new hope and promise. You can buy this face mask from Redbubble.

(9) Ureen the Unicorn Fairy Mask

Unicorns have been in the enchanted world for a long time. Meet Ureen – the name means blue flame. This mystical unicorn fairy provides strength and help to fairies in the fairy world. If you are a unicorn lover, then this face mask is perfect for you. You can purchase this from Redbubble.

(10) Beige Fun Fairies from Tommy Tinker’s Village Mask

Lastly, you’ll fall in love with the fairy world when you see this cute and playful design of Tommy Tinker’s Village. It features fun fairies and other elements from the magical village. This design is also available in green and pink. You can get this from Redbubble.

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It’s important to remember that these face masks are intended for the general public’s use. Together with other health and safety measures, these are meant to give the public a means to help prevent the spread of the virus. They are not meant to be used in a medical or surgical setting.

Each mask sold equals to a donation to the Heart to Heart International. These face masks are available in one size only. They are made for adults but buyer For more information about these masks from Redbubble, you may read them here.

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