Getting yourself ready for a date night gives you two feelings: excited and anxious. Excited because you get to spend time with your beau or you get to meet someone new. Anxious because you don’t know what outfit to choose. We’re here to remove your anxiety because our date night guide will you help in everything you need to be dolled up and ready. Click on the bold underlined text to shop.


When you only have one hour left, go and have a nice hot shower to feel fresh. Preparing your hair and skin is also a must. Start applying moisturizer to your skin 3 minutes after you take a bath. It’s very essential for your face before putting makeup. Your hair needs to look great the whole night, apply a hair serum with long lasting effect.

an hour before


Whether you’ll be meeting your significant other or someone new, the best date outfit is a dress. They effortlessly bring out your lovely feminine side. There are 2 options you can choose from when wearing a dress. You can either go bold and sexy with a sleek black dress, or you can go dainty and sweet with a pastel painted lace dress. Either way, make sure to avoid dresses with too large of prints or patterns. We don’t want your date to be distracted. A subtle approach is the key to impress and keep him interested.



Doll shoes and other flat sandals should never be part of your options. Heels are the key when going to a date. But take note that it should not exceed 4 inches.

If the dress you’ve chosen is a bodycon or A-line, use buckle strap sandals. On the other hand, the safest choice for your pair of shoes would be the ever versatile pump. Avoid shoes with too much shimmer and stones. We’re so over the New Year’s Eve style. Go for plain and chic ones.



Finish your look with elegant accessories like a simple but stylish arm bracelet. For your bags, a mini clutch is just enough. Don’t use big bags, you’re giving him an impression that you just got out from work and didn’t prepare at all.

Your date is most of the time focusing on you. Pay attention to even the smallest details. The top 3 things that men quickly notice in a woman is her hair, hands and eyes. Don’t use eye popping nail colors. A nail polish with pale or pastel hues will make your hand look neater.

pay attention to details


Natural with enough blend. That’s your basis when doing your makeup. For your eyes use an eye shadow palette that has warm and neutral hues. Blend and achieve the light but beautiful look. For your lips, use matte lipstick with pale colors. Red is out of the picture. Nude matte lippies are in the trend.


If you want an exact makeup look to try, watch this interesting make up tutorial

Credits: Rachel Leary

Finally! You’re all set for that special night. Always remember to just relax and enjoy prepping for your date night. Have fun!

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