Thanksgiving is only a few days away. Are you ready for the celebration? If your home still lacks the celebratory decorations needed for Thanksgiving, you can get an idea on how to give your home an overhaul using these decorative essentials. These home and décor pieces will instantly give your home an instant Thanksgiving ambiance. These decors are sure to inspire you and your guests’ thankful spirits.

1. 16-Inch Mum and Daisy Centerpiece Candle Holder

Take this opportunity to show off your scented candles that are perfect for Thanksgiving. Place them in this candle holder to add more color to your home. You can use this decorative piece on your living room table or your dining table. It will surely be the center of everyone’s attention. This is available at Michaels.

2. 13-Inch Orange Happy Thanksgiving Turkey Carved Craft Pumpkin by Ashland

Of course, Thanksgiving is nothing without the signature pumpkins. This carved pumpkin will look great in any room of your home. Use it to liven up your mantle, your front porch, or your hallway. It will add color to your home, as well as ignite your Thanksgiving spirit. You can get this carved pumpkin here.

3. Glitzhome Embroidered Thanksgiving Pillow

Show off your thankful spirit using this Thanksgiving pillow. Place them on your sofa as an additional decorative piece this Thanksgiving. The beautiful and creative artwork on the pillowcase adds a modern twist to your home. Get this Thanksgiving pillow here.

4. Autumn Harvest Thanksgiving Gourd Decoration

Show your celebratory and thankful side! Decorate your home using this Thanksgiving Gourd and it will automatically transform any part of your home into a Thanksgiving-ready room. Buy this Thanksgiving Gourd from Michaels.

5. Metallic Tassel Garland

If you want a modern twist to your Thanksgiving decoration, you can use this metallic tassel garland to decorate your home. The colors are inspired by Thanksgiving and this tassel garland is easy to use to turn your home into a festive one. Purchase this garland from Zulily.

6. 2-Set Thanksgiving Placemat

Keep your dining table festive using these Thanksgiving placemats from Zulily. They have a welcoming ambiance that can make your guests feel more at home. Made from paper, these placemats will also keep your dining area neat and tidy. Clean up is also as easy as pie. Get this here.

7. Staub Cast Iron Pumpkin Cocotte

These are more than just cast iron cocottes. You can use them as Thanksgiving decors, as well as serving dish for your Thanksgiving dishes. Purchase these from Food52.

8. Duo Candlestick

This simple yet chic duo candlestick is perfect for transforming any dull dining area to a festive one. It literally adds more light to the table, as well as provides a beautiful effect on your Thanksgiving table decors. Buy this from Food52.

9. Magnolia Garland

Keep your dining table festive using this Magnolia Garland. Make your Thanksgiving dinner look lush and colorful by adding this garland to your decorations. Place it in the middle of your table and it will instantly give you a festive spirit. You can get it here.

10. “Give thanks Always” Door Hanger

Welcome your guests using this Thanksgiving-inspired door hanger. Made with polyester, this door hanger is soft to the touch. This will give your front door an instant Thanksgiving ambiance. Buy it from Zulily.


These decorative essentials for Thanksgiving will give your home a new look. You can easily transform your usual home into a festive one where you can host Thanksgiving dinners for your friends and family. You can always check out for more news and tips on how to create holiday dinners that your guests will enjoy. You can also view our other posts here:

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