DIY Activities to Keep Kids Busy During Coronavirus Quarantine

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“Work from home,” they said. “It will be easy,” they said. For parents who were advised to work from home during the coronavirus quarantine, you may be wondering how you’re going to concentrate on your computer when you have kids around. Contrary to popular belief, working from home can be difficult, especially when you have little ones around you. They require 24/7 attention so parents might find it hard to focus on the tasks they need to accomplish for their regular jobs.

Tips on How to Stay Sane During this Coronavirus Quarantine (For Parents)

If you are a working parent who is forced to work from home during the coronavirus quarantine, you may feel overwhelmed at how in the world you’re going to finish your paperwork and reports on time. Don’t worry. We’ve got some tips and tricks on how to keep you sane during this lockdown.

  1. Set a schedule. If mom and dad have work and they need to do it at home, setting a schedule can help. Create a schedule where both of you can have enough time to focus on what you need to do. Mom can watch the kids first and then dad can take his turn when he’s done with his work, or vice versa. Prioritize who goes to work first by checking who has a closer deadline.
  2. Never mind the mess. A home with kids is naturally messy. Toys get scattered, dishes are left unwashed, and laundry will keep on piling up. Don’t mind the mess. There is always a time to clean them up. Concentrate on the important work you need to get done and then you can allot a time to clean up. Let’s face it. You won’t be able to maintain a clean home, especially if you have toddlers and no helpers around the house. (We have a helpful and fun tip on how to maintain your home clean with the help of the kids later.)
  3. Keep the kids busy. There are times when kids get bored easily. Therefore, you need to come up with ways to keep them busy. Make everything fun for them – even the chores. Read our tips below to find ways to keep everything fun during this quarantine period.

Activities for Kids While on Coronavirus Quarantine

Here are some simple yet fun ways you can keep your kids busy while you are on lockdown.

Make chores fun.

Cleaning up or doing the dishes may be boring for your kids. However, if you make it fun and engaging for them, you just might succeed in keeping your household clean. Keep them involved in the kitchen by letting them participate in the food prep. When it comes to their laundry, make it fun by letting the kids race against each other. Whoever folds their laundry neatly first gets a prize. During clean up, you can play the clean up song. Make everything interactive so you can keep them entertained.

Here’s a video of the clean up song. You can play it whenever you want your kids to pack away their clutter.

Video Credit:

Make them work for screen time.

We all know the harmful effects of gadgets on kids. However, there are instances when we just turn to them whenever we run out of ideas. As parents, we have the option to give them a leeway when it comes to screen time. The kids just need to work for the amount of minutes they get using their phones and tablets. You can make them do their chores to get screen time. Print this screen time chart we got from and let your kids do the chores they want corresponding to the screen time they could get.

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For a tutorial on how you can set up this system, you can watch this video here:

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Promote art.

You can never go wrong with art. You can create different art projects so your kids are busy for hours. You can find the materials you need at home so you don’t have to worry about going out during the lockdown. We’ve found some easy art tutorials that you could follow here:

12 DIY Paper Crafts for Kids by 5-Minute Crafts Play

Video Credit:

16 Creative Drawing Hacks for Kids by 5-Minute Crafts Play

Video Credit:

20 Great DIY Games and Toys for Kids by 5-Minute Crafts Play

Video Credit:

Here are our top 5 must haves for a busy art session with the kids:

(1) Crayola Ultra Clean Washable Markers – 40 Count Fine Line

Washable markers are a must have in any art kit for kids, since they can be washed off easily. This set includes 40 markers that your kids can use to create different pictures and masterpieces. You can purchase a box from Amazon.

(2) Constructive Playthings Washable Tempera Paint Set

Purchase this 9-color set so you can simply mix different colors to create a new one. You’ll be able to save more when you purchase this set instead of buying small paint tubs. These ready to pour tempera paints make it easier for your kids to create artworks without any hassle. You can order your own set from Amazon.

(3)  Crayola Ultimate Crayon Collection

If you’re going to purchase a set of crayons, choose the biggest one with the most colors. Your kids will surely go gaga over this 152-piece crayon set. This is available on Amazon.

(4) Bassion 2-Pack Kids Art Smock

Art can sometimes be messy. Avoid paint stain on your kids’ clothes using these art smocks. Each smock are designed with pockets so your kids can easily grab their art materials and paint brushes anytime they want. Order yours now from Amazon.

(5) Amazon Basics Kids Wooden Table and 4 Chair Set

If you’ve got a lot of kids, you can keep them in one space whlle they are doing their art with the help of this wooden table and chairs set. Your little ones can come up with whatever artistic creation while they work together in this kiddie furniture. This set is available on Amazon.

Play board games.

Board games are also a great way to pass time. Find games that your children will enjoy. Take note of their ages and choose a game that all your kids can like. If you are looking for board games that your family can play, here are our top 5:

(1) Operation Electronic Board Game

Players can become doctors and “operate” on Cavity Sam. This game is tricky yet fun. Everyone in the family will enjoy this as each take turns in retrieving an item without getting or hitting the buzzer. You can also experience the fun of this game. Orders yours from Amazon.

(2) Battleship with Planes Strategy Board Game

Hone your child’s thinking skills with the help of this strategy board game. Each player tries to sink his or her opponent’s battleship. This childhood favorite can also be yours. You can purchase one from Amazon.

(3) Monopoly Stranger Things Edition

Now we all know that Monopoly has torn families apart. There’s not a single game when families don’t fight over which property is which. They tend to forget that it’s just a game. That’s just the beauty of the game – it sucks you right in. This Monopoly Stranger Things edition is fun to play with, as long as you follow all of its rule. Get this game from Amazon.

(4) Hasbro Guess Who Classic Game

The name says it all. Find out who your opponent’s character is and you win. This game is perfect for the family, especially if you want kids to stay busy for hours. You can get this game from Amazon.

(5) Jenga Classic Game

You need to pull out a block without letting the tower crash. This game is quite simple but still brings out loads of fun for the family. Order yours now from Amazon.

Play pretend.

Lastly, play pretend is one of the best ways to keep playtime for hours. Play pretend toys are recommended to keep your kids’ imagination and creativity going. Play doctor or play kitchen. Set up a make shift café or restaurant where your kids can be the customers, chef, or waiter. Dress up and play princesses in a tea party. Your kids can also be knights or superheroes, ready to save the day! If you’re looking for play pretend toys, we recommend these ones:

(1) Melissa & Doug Examine and Treat Pet Vet Play Set

Pretend you’re a vet and give these cuddly pets a proper treatment. This set is complete with all the medical equipment a vet needs to care for pets. It also includes a veterinarian costume. You can order this set from Amazon.

(2) Step2 Best Chefs Kitchen Playset

This beautiful play pretend kitchen will keep your little chefs busy. It’s complete with everything they need from cooking pots to dinnerware. Set up is required but once everything are in place, kids can go crazy over the imaginary dishes they can cook with this. You can purchase this from Amazon.

(3) Bee Smart Wooden Afternoon Tea Set

Pretend princesses can play with this afternoon tea set. They can exchange stories over a cup of tea while they are in their princess dresses. Your kids are sure to look super adorable while playing this! This set is available on Amazon.

(4) Grizcape Kids Capes and Masks Set

Your kids can become superheroes while they wear these capes and masks. It will be endless hours of pretend play – slaying imaginary dragons, rescuing mommy from the evil laundry, or even protecting dad from the supervillain (a.k.a. the boss). Just kidding! Think about the endless games you can come up with when you purchase this set. You can buy this from Amazon.

(5) VTech Leapfrog Scoop and Learn Ice Cream Cart

Finally, your little ones can play pretend – selling delicious ice cream to everyone in the family. It includes ice cream cones, ice cream scoops, a scooper, and toppings. It also includes chore cards that allow your little one learn patterns, colors, and even counting. This is available on Amazon.

During this coronavirus quarantine, these activities will keep your kids occupied while you try to sneak in a few household chores and work. You’ll be able to get through your work from home phase when you try our tips. Hang in there! You’ll be able to get through this.

Visit for more updates on the coronavirus pandemic. We provide resources on how to keep your health on tiptop shape during these troubled times. We also have tips and tricks on how to keep your family, especially the kids, entertained during the coronavirus quarantine period. Let’s work together and fight this pandemic once and for all. Keep safe everyone! For the meantime, you can read our previous posts below if you want to get other ideas on how to keep your children busy during this lockdown.

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