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Flowers are in bloom everywhere this spring- even in the runways. See it on Louis Vuitton’s metallic bloom; seize them on Valentino’s head accessories. Prepare to be amazed on how the world’s most eloquent fashion masterminds used and recreated the floral concept into something tangibly out-of-the-woods! Thank heavens for their wits because you now have the idea on how to bring the full flower power on the streets, in everyday bloom. And thank us (and our affiliate friends) for we have all the items you need to get that popular, high- fashion floral look!

 1. Hit the road in comfort and oozing fabulous-ity in this Rebecca Minkoff jumpsuit. Its splashy, flowery take and tapered leg finish will highlight your sleek, fancy silhouette.

Rebecca Minkoff jumpsuit2. Rainy days may come but Sam Edelman’s Anorak will add sunshine to your day! Bold floral prints in budding colors turn this into a not-your-ordinary-kind hoodie!

Sam Edelman’s Anorak

3. Why do we love sneakers? Because they’re too comfortable. Why pick Metalfashions Lace- up High-top sneakers? Because they’re extra comfortable and visually- attracting. They got flowers!

Metalfashions Lace- up High-top sneakers

4. Discover intensity and sweetness in one. Get the Theia floral dress and set free the fierceness in its black bodice and the charm of its flowery skirt. The result? A more appealing, versatile YOU!

Theia floral dress

5. Tone down your commanding office look and tune up the easiness that you really are. Let Nipon Boutique’s floral blazer handle that for you. Its tailored silhouette, two- button closure and shawn collar all in its flower-ful glory are accurate reminder that “Hey, it’s spring!”

Nipon Boutique’s floral blazer

6. Are you a STRIPE-r? Achieve that look with an upgrade in Eliza J’s Striped Floral Shift Dress. What a smart, sophisticated style sense you have!

Eliza J’s Striped Floral Shift Dress.

Black-in-white is a classic trend for all seasons yet incorporating the floral prints on it is Spring-ier! Learn this thing and more by wearing DKNY’s Floral Print Crepe trouser.

Floral Print Crepe trouser

7. Guess Floral Print Peplum top is the best way to flatter every casual moment to the civilization of stylized population!

Guess Floral Print Peplum top

8. It’s the full flavor of flower taste embedded on a shoe! Marc Jacobs’ Floral Stiletto Pumps is the addictive, must slip- into metaphor!

Marc Jacobs’ Floral Stiletto Pumps

9. Badgleys Mischka boasts of its new Maelisandre Floral Saffiano Leather. Well, they got every right to be! Aside from its print, it houses on- the- go usability and organization any bag must have! Furthermore, it works both in your working mode and your roam- around escapades!

Maelisandre Floral Saffiano Leather

10. It’s not just the splendid crystals surrounding the rounded ticking hands.  It’s its floral printed bond that sets this Betsey Johnson Ladies Crytallized Gold Tone watch a par from its kind! Why not, when it’s bracelet and watch in one!

Betsey Johnson Ladies Crytallized Gold Tone watc

11. Transform any get- up into something current and trendy. Perk up any suit with flower- printed accessories such as this Ralph Lauren Sheer Floral Scarf.

Ralph Lauren Sheer Floral Scarf

Flower power has been released in the runways.  Dare to be the next target! Dress up the spring mood with these products, combined with your fertilizer- like aura and sun- kissed persona!

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