For most of us, cooking is such a daunting task. Simply thinking about meal preps can be intimidating and tedious. However, cooking your own food has its benefits. Aside from being able to save money, you know what ingredients you’re using. Therefore, you have the opportunity to make healthier choices when it comes to choosing what to put into your dishes. For today’s recipes, we’ve selected some of our favorite rice bowl dishes that are simplified and easy to make.

The Key to Making a Rice Bowl

Cooking rice bowls may seem difficult but once you get the hang of it, you’ll be able to make a variety of dishes easily. The key is to learn how to cook the perfect rice. You need to know the right measurement of water for your rice. For every cup of rice, you need to use 1¾ cups of water. Make sure to fluff your rice so they are separated when served.

Rice Bowl Recipes

Here are three easy rice bowl recipes that you can do at home. Try them out!

Okinawan Taco Rice Bowls

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This recipe is a fusion of Japanese and Mexican comfort food. You can experience the flavors of Japan, as well as the taste of Mexico, in one dish. The savory flavor of taco fillings on top of Japanese white rice is just heavenly! You need to prep the salsa and taco bowl to complete the dish. To view the entire recipe, click on

Here’s a video on how to create this dish. Follow the step-by-step instruction easily here:

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Warm Kimchi Bowl with Spicy Broccoli and Sesame Scallion Wild Rice

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Here’s a combination of savory, spicy, and salty flavors in one hearty rice bowl. It’s a perfect mixture of the kimchi’s flavorful and spicy taste, as well as the rice’s soft and chewy texture. It’s a healthy dish that’s still delectable. The three main ingredients are broccoli, rice, and kimchi – all of which are very easy to find. You can follow the recipe on

For another version of this recipe, you can click and view the video below:

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Seasoned Salmon with Warm Sushi Rice

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Finally, if you love sushi, this rice bowl is for you. It’s very easy to make and you only need a few ingredients. Since you’re dealing with raw salmon in this recipe, it’s best to purchase sushi-grade salmon. Seasoning the salmon is very easy. Just top it with well-cooked rice and you’re good to go. You can find the recipe on

Watch this video for another version of this recipe here:

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Tools for Making Rice Bowls on

Here are some kitchen tools that can help you create these recipes easier.

(1) Food52 x Farmhouse Pottery Double Oven Mitt and Apron Gift Set

Avoid messy clothes when cooking. This oven mitt and apron gift set is a great addition to your kitchen as it keeps spills and drops away from your previous clothes. This set is available on

(2) Rig-Tig Modern Compact Colander

Wash and drain any veggies easily using this compact colander. Simply fill it with the vegetable you need to rinse, close, rinse under running water, and shake off any excess! You’ll be able to do your meal prep without any hassle. You can purchase this from

(3) Hawkins New York Simple Round Wood Cutting Board

This beautiful oak cutting board adds a rustic touch to your kitchen. It’s also functional – you can use it for cutting or even as a serving dish for snacks, appetizers, and cheese. It’s available in small, medium, and large sizes. You can buy this from

(4) Food52 Five Two Essential Knives

These classy sets of knives come in four shades that are stunning and will truly stand out. They have a vintage feel that’s classy yet functional. You can purchase a set to cover all your different meal prep tasks. These knives have high quality blades that are effective but are not heavy on the hands. You can grab your own set from

(5) GreenPan Food52 x GreenPan Nonstick Cookware Collection

If you’re looking for an affordable nonstick pan set, this is the collection for you. The set is budget-friendly, yet still visually appealing. It includes a 10-inch skillet, a saucepan with lid , a sauté pan with lid, a casserole with lid, a steamer insert, and 2 additional protectors. Purchase this from Food52.

2. Farmhouse Pottery Pantry Mixing Bowls
Mixing bowls with built-in spout in rustic colors
3. Staub Food52 x Staub Round Cocotte
Stunning round cocottes available in 10 different shades
4. Food52 Five Two Silicone Spoons
5-silicone spoon set made from BPA-Free silicone

(6) Primus Litech Lightweight 2-in1 Camp Pot and Pan

Create a variety of dishes with this 2-in-1 camp pot and pan. It’s made from hard-anodized aluminum that aids in evenly distributing the heat in the pan. It’s a versatile cookware that lets you transition from cooking one dish to another. This is available on Food52.

(7) Farmhouse Pottery Pantry Mixing Bowls

Create different recipes, sauces, or mixtures at any size. These mixing bowls come in different sizes so you can do meal prep accordingly. The built-in spout makes it easy for you to pour it to your dish, a different mixture, or another ingredient. You can purchase these individually or by a set of 3. Get your own from Food52.

(8) Staub Food52 x Staub Round Cocotte

This round cocotte is also a great addition to your kitchen. It’s made of enameled cast iron with a brass or stainless steel knob. The cocotttes are available in 10 different colors. You can choose from 4 quarts, 5.5 quarts, and 7 quarts. You can buy one from Food52.

(9) Food52 Five Two Silicone Spoons

For a more sustainable and versatile options for cooking, mixing, and stirring, these BPA-free silicone spoons are a good choice. These are available in 3 stunning shades – Maple, Peppercorn, and Blueberry. You get a Mix Master, a 2-in1 spoon, a Big Dipper, a Scrape and Go Spatula, and a Flip and Slide. This set is truly worth your money. You can purchase your own from

(10) Hawkins New York Marble Nesting Bowls

You’ll truly have an increased appetite when you serve your rice bowls in these gorgeous marbled bowls. They are available in three sizes and in three different shades – green, white, and pink. These bowls are marbled and add an artistic feel to every dish. These are available on Food52.

Create rice bowl recipes that you’ll truly enjoy. Grab these kitchen essentials and enjoy making these healthy and savory dishes at home. You can also check out other must-have for making rice bowls below:

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