Fall is almost over; however, it’s never to late to give your home a new look. There’s plenty of time to add a touch of the fall season to your house. You can still create a home with a touch of autumn favorites such as pumpkins, cozy knit blankets, and anything with a rustic feel. Here are some fall home décor ideas that will help you turn your vision into a reality.

Fall Home Décor Ideas

These fall home decorating ideas can help you have an idea on how to start decorating your autumn-inspired home.

1. Add Fall Throw Pillows


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One of the easiest and simplest ways to incorporate autumn into your living room is to add throw pillows. Choose fall-themed designs and they will instantly do the trick.

2. Use Small Pumpkins for Display


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Of course, what’s fall without pumpkins? Adding small pumpkin decors can immediately add autumn vibes to your home. You can place them on your living room table, in the kitchen, and even your bedroom.

3. Add Small Apple Bowls


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This fall home décor idea is inexpensive, yet aesthetically appealing. Add small apple bowls to create a rustic and autumn feel. You can place them on your kitchen counter, your living room, and even in the entryway.

4. Invest in Chunky Knits


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Now that the cold weather is here, it’s time to invest in chunky knit blankets and throws. You’ll be able to use them to create an autumn home and you can use them throughout the winter season.

5. Use Maple Leaves


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Maple leaves have an absolute fall feel so you might as well use them. You can try decorating your walls or your mantelpiece with maple leaf garlands. You can also incorporate maple leaves to decorative wreaths.

Fall Home Décors Top Picks

Grab these fall-inspired decorations and get started on giving your home a new look.

1. Anickal Set of 2 Fall Orange Pillow Covers
2-piece orange throw pillow cover set
2. LEIOH Fall Décor Cotton Linen Leaves Cushion Covers
4-piece maple leaf printed throw pillow covers set
3. Exceedt 12-Piece Rustic White Artificial Pumpkins
12-piece white artificial pumpkins set

(1) Anickal Set of 2 Fall Orange Pillow Covers

This 2-piece pillow cover set is the perfect addition to your couch. It has a subtle hint of fall that will add color to your home. It’s a simple but effective way to incorporate fall vibes in your living room. Purchase this from Amazon.

(2) LEIOH Fall Décor Cotton Linen Leaves Cushion Covers

As an added décor, you can also mix these fall-themed cushion covers to your couch. The maple leaves also add a touch of autumn to your home. This set comes with four beautifully-printed throw pillow covers. You can get them from Amazon.

(3) Exceedt 12-Piece Rustic White Artificial Pumpkins

These artificial white pumpkins are absolutely adorable! They can add a fall-vibe to any room in your home. Use them as centerpieces or decorative accents to any corner you wish. You can grab a 12-piece set from Amazon.

(4) Cosmos 10365 Fine Porcelain Light Off Lid Pumpkin Box

Add this beautiful porcelain pumpkin to your living room center table and it will add autumn vibes to your living room. Its lid comes off so you can use this piece as a treat box for your guests. It comes in a 6 and 1/8 – inch size. You can buy this from Amazon.

(5) iDesign Twigz Wite Fruit Bowl Centerpiece

If you plan on adding apples as decoration to your home, you can use this fruit bowl centerpiece. It’s beautifully-designed to add a personality to the kitchen, living room, bedroom, or entryway. Grab this centerpiece from Amazon.

Find more decors below:

(6) CozzyLife Home Decorations Super Soft Vintage Fluffy Plaid Throw Blanket

Add elegance and comfort while incorporating an autumn feel using this plaid throw blanket. This fluffy and cozy blanket can be used as a bedroom or living room couch accent. You can purchase it from Amazon.

(7) Shiny Flower Fall Wreath

Here’s a beautiful fall-themed wreath that you can also use until the Christmas season. It’s in an orange berry shade that’s reminiscent of autumn’s falling leaves. You can buy this from Amazon.

(8) Lighted Autumn Fall Garland Décor

This maple leaf garland with lights is perfect for your stairs, windowsill, or mantelpiece. It adds a dramatic effect to your home. In the night, it creates a warm and peaceful ambiance. You can get these lights from Amazon.

(9) Home Way Orange Plain Solid Area Rug

Rugs can also help in adding fall vibes to your home. This orange area rug has a beautiful shade that reminds you of autumn. You can place this on your living room, common area, hallway, or bedroom. Purchase this rug from Amazon.

(10) HOMKO Mason Jar Wall Décor with LED Fairy Lights and Flowers

Don’t let your walls look empty. These wall décor is beautiful and unique. Add them to your walls for a dramatic effect. These decors also come with LEF fairy lights so you can add more flair to your home during the night.

Grab other autumn-themed decors here:

When thinking of fall, it automatically reminds you of harvest, rustic feels, and of course, pumpkins. Use these fall home décor ideas to create a home that’s cozy and comforting just like the autumn season.

More fall-themed home decors are available below:

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