Raising healthy eaters is not an easy task. Oftentimes, parents are faced with the dilemma of feeding their kids with healthy food and healthy food doesn’t always appeal to children. Adding greens and veggies to your child’s diet can be difficult, especially if he or she is a picky eater. However, it may seem hard but not impossible. Try these tips to help your kid love healthy food.

Ways to Feeding Your Picky Eater

feeding your picky eater

  1. Offer variety. Kids get bored. Easily. This behavior also applies to their food. Children also get bored when they eat the same type of food all the time. Offer a variety of food choices. Introduce greens and vegetables one at a time. You can start by adding a bit of carrots into your pasta sauce. You can also serve mashed potatoes or buttered veggies on the side of your child’s favorite dish. Variety plays a big role in raising healthy eaters. It keeps your child from getting bored from eating the same thing over and over.
  2. Timing is essential. Feeding kids is like a waiting game. You need to know the proper timing before you introduce a new type of food to them. Wait until they are hungry. In doing so, you can easily feed them whatever you wish because they have no choice. They need to satisfy their hunger so it’s the best time to promote healthy eating.
  3. Involve your child during the meal prep. Make meal prep a bonding experience. Let your child join in preparing your meals. It’s a great way to introduce them to the different ingredients you put into your food. They can also have a fun time slicing, dicing, and mixing different ingredients. This way, they can be familiar with the food they eat and how you prepare them.
  4. Make eating time fun. You may be wondering. How can you make eating fun? It’s quite easy. You can use fun utensils and dinnerware than can help your kids become enticed to eat. They have something to look forward to during mealtime. Bento boxes are also great ways to make eating fun. You can create different meals in different shapes and sizes to keep your children entertained while eating.
  5. Don’t give up! Finally, when all else fails, don’t give up! Just continue trying and eventually, your child will give in and learn how to love eating healthy. Follow up on your strategies and stick to them. Patience is a virtue and it will help you succeed in turning a picky eater into a healthy one.

Follow these tips and you will eventually have a child who eats what you serve on the table. You’ll be able to train and persuade even the pickiest of picky eaters.

Healthy Recipes for Your Picky Eater

If you are running out of ideas on what to give to your kids during mealtimes, here are our top 5 favorite recipes. They are easy to make and you don’t have to use any artificial flavoring or preservatives to make them. You can create them from scratch using fresh and healthy ingredients.

The Family Waffle

Image Credit: Food52.com

There’s nothing healthier than a hearty breakfast meal. Of course, when it comes to breakfast, hot and crispy waffles are the best. A Belgian waffle is such versatile breakfast dish. You can eat it as it is or you can create a waffle sandwich using other ingredients. You and your kids are sure to have fun recreating this recipe together. Simple follow the recipe from Food52.com and you’ll have a staple breakfast dish whenever you or your kids want. It only takes 10 minutes to prepare and serves 4 waffles.

For an alternative recipe, you can watch this video tutorial:

Video Credit: YouTube.com

Chicken Quesdillas

Image Credit: Food52.com

Kids love it when their food is easy to eat. Therefore, parents need to uncomplicated their meals. Chicken Quesadillas is a perfect dish for children. They are easy to prepare, too! You have the option to just create a simple version of a cheese quesadilla. However, you can add other ingredients such as chicken or veggies if you feel like your little one is ready. This chicken quesadilla from Food52.com is a simple and easy take on the classic quesadilla. Make sure to let your kids join in preparing these so they can feel like they are little chefs in the making.

Watch this recipe video to try another version of this recipe:

Video Credit: YouTube.com

Toast with Original Tofu Spread and Veggies

Image Credit: Food52.com

This recipe is a great snack alternative to junk foods. It’s very easy to make yet very healthy. You can make snack prep and snack time fun using healthy ingredients. This is also a great way to add veggies into your child’s diet in a subtle and entertaining way. Create funny faces on your toasts using different types of sliced vegetables such as carrots, cucumbers, red bell peppers, tomatoes, and more! Follow this recipe here. It only takes 10 minutes to prepare and serves 4 to 5 toasts.

For another version of this recipe, you can try these yummy avocado toasts that can be recreated in 9 different ways:

Video Credit: YouTube.com

Meatballs Stroganoff

Image Credit: Food52.com

When you and your kids try this recipe, you’ll surely ask for more! This dish will stir up the appetite of picky eaters. You can pair this with pasta or rice. It can be an intimidating recipe; however, once you get used to the mixing and the meal prep, this will be a staple dish in your kitchen. Make sure you get your kids involved while making this. This recipe will create 4 servings. Simply follow this recipe here.

To have an idea on how to make this recipe, you can watch a tutorial below:

Video Credit: YouTube.com

Blueberry Banana Yogurt Parfait

Image Credit: Food52.com

Lastly, for a healthier dessert alternative, you can make this blueberry banana yogurt. It’s packed with fresh ingredients that are healthier and full of nutrients that your kids need. It’s also a plus that this parfait is very easy to make and only needs 5 ingredients – yoghurt, honey, banana, blueberries, and granola. You and your kids are sure to enjoy this yummy dessert. This recipe from Food52.com can make 2 servings.

Try another version of this parfait here:

Video Credit: YouTube.com

Tools to Make Eating Fun for Your Picky Eater

Meal time can be a fun task for kids. From the moment you let them take part in the preparation of the meals to the time they sit down and eat your dishes. We’ve curated items that can make cooking, as well as eating, fun for you and your kids.

5. Re-Play Made in the USA Dinnerware Set
Sustainable dinnerware set made from recycled milk jugs

(1) Chengu 8-Piece Kids Apron and Chef Hat Set

This colorful apron and chef hat set just sets the mood in the kitchen. Your little chefs will truly feel the role of being your assistant in the kitchen when they wear this. It comes with a matching purple, yellow, green, and blue set. It is also available in 4 other color ways. You can choose and purchase your own set here.

(2) Curious Chef Children’s 30-Piece Chef Caddy Collection

Of course, regular tools in the kitchen can still be harmful for little hands. That’s why we recommend this mini chef caddy for your kids. It includes all the tools that a little chef needs minus the hazards. It has blade guards and other safety precautions needed for your kids’ hands. You can grab this caddy from Amazon.

(3) KidsFunwares Dump Truck Me Time Meal Set

This dinnerware set is just perfect for little truck lovers. It includes a place with dividers with matching spoon and fork. This will keep your kiddos busy while they eat their meals. The divided plate lets you portion the food you prepared accordingly. This set is also available in other designs – Airplane, Blue Ocean, Fire Engine, Monster Truck, Robot, Space Explorer, T-Rex, and Tractor. You can buy a set from Amazon.

(4) KidsFunwares Mermaid Me Time Meal Set

Here’s another fun dinnerware set. It comes with a plate with dividers in a mermaid design. The matching cutlery set also features a mermaid design. The divided portions of the plate can help you manage the portions that your child will eat during meal times. These dividers also lets you offer a variety of food that you kid will enjoy. It is also available in a unicorn design. You can grab this set here.

(5) Re-Play Made in the USA Dinnerware Set

If you want a plain yet colorful dinnerware set, this is perfect for you. Each piece is made from recycled milk jugs that are FDA-approved. This set includes 3 plates with dividers, and 3 sets of spoons and forks. These are BPA, PVC, Melamine, and Phthalate-free. This colorway is called Sparkle. However you can choose from 22 other colorway options. Some of our favorites are True Blue, Under the Sea, Valentine, Modern Pink, Primary, Spring, and Mermaid colorways. You can choose your own set and buy it from Amazon.

More cute cutlery and dinnerware sets can be found here:

1. Re-Play Made in the USA 3-Pack Straw Cups with Reversible Straws
Sustainable drinkware straw cups set made from recycled milk jugs
2. Yumbox Tapas Larger Size Leakproof Bento Lunch Box
Cute leakproof bento box with 5 dividers
3. 40-Piece Animal Fruit Food Picks
40-piece fruit and food picks
5. Yunko 6-Piece Molding and Decorating Set
Rice, egg, and onigiri molders in car, bear, bunny, heart, fish, and star shapes

(6) Re-Play Made in the USA 3-Pack Straw Cups with Reversible Straws

To match your dinnerware set, this 3-pack straw cup set is perfect. These are also made from FDA-approved recycled milk jugs. These sustainable cups are a great alternative to the usual plastic cups we often use. These are also dishwasher safe. BPA, PVC, Phtlalate, and Melamine-free. This set is in the True Blue colorway. You can choose from the other colorways available. We strongly recommend the Surf, Cool Breeze, Berry, Mermaid, Easter, Preschool, Violet, and Valentine. Purchase your own set here.

(7) Yumbox Tapas Larger Size Leakproof Bento Lunch Box

Create fun and colorful bento boxes for your kids. This bento box is leakproof and can carry up to 5 different snacks or dishes. It’s BPA-free, dishwasher safe, and made with food safe materials. Your little one will surely have a well balanced meal in school or at home. Buy this from Amazon.

(8) 40-Piece Animal Fruit Food Picks

These food picks are great for decorating your bento box. Use them to decorate your fruits and snacks such as mini sandwiches, grapes, hotdogs, and many more. These are BPA-free, and made with food grade plastic. These are colorful food decors that your kids will surely go gaga over. You can get this set from Amazon.

(9) TORUNE Multicolored Bento Box Food Picks, Molders, and Cutters

If you’re a newbie in bento-making, this set is perfect for you. It has molders and cutters you can use on bread, meat, and fruits. It also includes cutters that help you make different faces you can put on the food you’re decorating. Also included are the pick and tongs to help you place small pieces of your bento decors together. You can purchase this set here.

(10) Yunko 6-Piece Molding and Decorating Set

Lastly, you can create molded egg, rice, or any food using these molders. It features a fish, bear, heart, car, star, and bunny design. These are very easy to use so you’ll be able to create a basic bento box easily. Create shaped hardboiled eggs, rice, and even onigiris using these. Buy an entire set here.

More cute bento tools here:

These healthy recipes, as well as these kitchen tools, can help you encourage your picky eater to enjoy eating what’s on the table. You can encourage them to have healthier eating habits with these tips. Just remember, feeding your picky eater can be difficult at first. However, if you follow through and have patience, you can raise a healthy eater.

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