The best way to make sure that your workout is effective is by tracking it. Worry no more because here’s the greatest fitness tracker that you can have. Fitbit! They are the most trendy and handy fitness tracker for any user. It can be synced in your smartphone with its free app. If you want to know the features and models of Fitbit then check this post.

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Zip is the first ever model of Fitbit. Its initial features are tracking your steps, distance and burned calories. You can also set goals, check your progress and earn badges.

1, ZIP

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The second model of Fitbit is One. The newly added feature of this Fitbit is that it can now monitor how long and well you sleep. It also includes a vibrating silent alarm to wake you up.


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The third Fitbit is Flex. You can see that the design is more stylish and innovative. It now features LED lights that will display how near you are with your goal. Flex is waterproof and has a 5 day battery life.


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Next to Flex is Charge. This model can now accurately track your steps all day and the stairs you climbed. You can now also get call notifications. Details are now more vivid with its bright OLED display. Moreover, it can wirelessly sync your stats automatically in over 100 leading smartphones.


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A much more updated version is Charge HR, the added feature is that it can now trace your heart rate. And it can now wirelessly sync your progress and stats automatically in over 150 leading smartphones.

charge hr

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The latest and most updated model of Fitbit is Surge. It’s considered as the super fitness watch. Display is now larger and can be effortlessly swiped or touch. The latest added features are GPS tracking, view workout summaries, music control and it can now receive text notifications. Can now be synced with more than 150 leading smartphones.


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Train smarter and have better workout results with Fitbit. Choose any of these models and start making your every workout worth it!

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