Each body is unique in terms of proportion and shape which is the main reason why the latest trend may or may not work well for you. Depending on your body type, stripes, floral prints, polka dots and other prints and patterns can either flatter you or draw more attention to your problem areas.

Fortunately, there is a trick to avoid looking nowhere near your best and that is to be extra careful in choosing what pattern and print to wear on your body.


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Generally, vertical stripes are the choice for lengthening the body while horizontal stripes are often used to add width or thickness. With that, vertical stripes are perfect if you’re quite short and would like to create a taller illusion. Check out this vintage-looking Starlight High-rise Shorts from Frankie B. which will surely make your legs miles longer!

Wearing a top with horizontal stripes will make your upper body wider so this Jersey Stripe and Solid Combo Cap-sleeve Flared Dress by Bailey 44 is absolutely perfect if you have a pear-shaped body. Keep in mind that these kinds of stripes widen so make sure your tummy area is not a problem if you opt for this style.

Diagonal and asymmetric stripes are the go-to for playing with eye focus. Bailey 44’s Jersey Stripe Sleeveless Top draws attention to only one side of the upper body, creating an illusion of a trimmer waistline.

Floral Prints

The rule of the thumb when it comes to floral prints is that smaller is to smaller and larger is to larger. That is, smaller flower prints are much more suited for smaller petite women while larger flower prints will be more flattering for plus-sized women.

Check out this Watercolor Washed Floral Anna Sui Skirt and this Breslin Cotton Floral Sleeveless Trumpet Dress from CeCe by Cynthia Steffe.

Geometric Prints

This kind of print suits any body type provided that they’re in the right place. A busy pattern usually conceals so it would be a great idea to try and cover up your problem areas such as your thighs or your tummy with bold geometric prints.

Mara Hoffman has a great selection of geometric print-items including swimwear! Check some of them out below and see the rest here.

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