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The countdown is on! Days will likely be quick bygones and without even knowing it, the year is soon to pass and another is soon to start! Then, it’s time to say your ‘formal’ goodbye to the past and greet a welcoming hello to the upcoming ‘present’. Definitely, there is no better way to celebrate this crossroad of times than a memorable New Year’s Eve! And, there is no superior way to planning your event than this food-to-frill checklist!

Food Tips

It’s a BYOA affair. You don’t need to spend a fortune to make it the greatest New Year’s Eve ever! You don’t have to take the preparations all by yourself! Phone your friends in and invite them for a Bring Your Own Appetizer event! Your guests could bring anything- from cheap to classy, from salad to sweets! If someone is a kitchen disaster or a cooking nitwit, advise him to bring ready to eat mix ins- a fruit and nut platter, a cheese and crackers plate, or raw veggies and hummus. Really, a bowl of nuts will do! This potluck style could extend beyond appetizers; if your friends opt to take along main dishes, let them be!


Make your own Champagne. Champagne for everyone could be costly. Good thing, you can make your own! Champagne sangria is just so easy! Mix 32 ounce of apple juice, 12 ounce of frozen cranberry juice concentrate, one cup of orange juice, 1.5 liters of champagne or ginger ale and other fruit slices, and you’ll have an instant Midnight Toast Sangria good for 12 people. If you want more, just double up the recipe dose!

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Midnight Supper.Did you have your fill of the toast? If yes, then, you must be craving for the food part! What to do? Close the champagne bar for a while and lead everyone to their dinner destination- a baked potato bar! It’s simple, fun and un-costly! At around 10:30pm, put potatoes in the oven heated at 400 degrees for approximately one hour. Prepare a variety of topping sets like bacon bits, salsa, sour cream, shredded cheese, jalapenos, or chopped scallions!  Let your guests take a pick of their own potato and fix their own filling as loaded as they want to! For the dessert, chocolate cake with whte frosting is always a hit to everyone’s taste buds. Pair the sweet with coffee and you’ll certainly have a long New Year’s Day ahead!


The Perfect Timing. New Year’s Eve is all about the time; so make sure your party’s timing is fine! Since you want to keep the party up until the midnight countdown, start the buzz at around 10pm. If you and your guests will spend the long ‘night’ together, better have a full- scale potluck and full dinner to keep everyone charged!

Fun and amusement!

Want to make it really memorable and amusing for everyone? Tune up the New Year’s eve vibe with some games and have the longest, craziest night ever!

Unusual Noisemaker Contest.  Aligned with the old customs of driving bad spirits away, noise is a usual part of the New Year’s Eve.  Make everyone bring their own noisemakers and let them showcase their raving noisemaking talents! Take a video of each ‘performance’ and give everyone a ballot to vote! Salute the MOST UNUSUAL NOISEMAKER and award him with earmuffs! Then, gather everyone for an orchestra- like number as you wait for the nearly approaching midnight countdown.

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It’s a Photoshoot! Assign a guest to be the ‘official’ photographer to take before and after party photos. Put up an ‘explosive’ back drop where everyone can have their photo op. As guests arrive, tell them to pose- like an old time classic photo- unsmiling. To make it ‘perky’, provide them props such as old- fashioned hats, shawl, scarf or a cane! For the ‘after’ photo, capture each guest in their holiday party outfits!

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Fiery Predictions.Give each guest a piece of paper where they can write their predictions of the upcoming year. Place them inside a bowl and reveal them, one by one. Make your guests guess who the prediction owner is and you’ll find out this won’t be an easy game! This is indeed the best way to wrap up the event!

Frills and House Frosting

Handmade Paper Snowflakes.Of course, you’d like to feel that it will be a lucky year! Hanging snowflakes from the ceiling would make you see pouring gifts from the heaven! Cut out snowflakes from white printer paper, in varying sizes, plain or glitterized! Hang them from different lengths of thread or ribbon for the festive effect!

Curled Ribbons. Curls and waves add class to everything! Curl half- inch think ribbons and hang them on doorways, mantels, lamps and even on bathroom mirror. Scatter some on your main living room and midnight buffet table!


Candles. Lighting affects the mood and feel of your New Year. So unpack all the candles you own. Set them out into glasses, jars and even apples! Light them up!

Color. Make everything aligned by using the same color scheme and hues. Superstitious or not, refer to Astronomy’s lucky color guide to get the perfect New Year’s Eve ambience of good fortune!


The checklist is on! And in just a ‘few’ days, the new year will be! Bid the old goodbye and say hello to a promising year! Do it with a rocking New Year’s Eve Party!


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