With no known cure and no vaccines available, it seems like the coronavirus pandemic is still causing havoc all over the world today. In order to be part of the “cure”, the World Health Organization or WHO provided basic measures that can help everyone avoid COVID-19. Social distancing and staying at home are advised to be able to avoid getting infected. Maintaining at least one meter from others and avoiding crowded places can help minimize your exposure to the virus.

Food Subscription Boxes to the Rescue

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Social distancing and staying at home may be easier said than done. Once our food supplies get depleted during the quarantine or lockdown period, going outside for a supply run is inevitable. However, we sometimes forget that we live in a digital age, where (almost) everything can be bought online. If it’s just your usual food supply run, these food subscription boxes may help you stay at home and avoid crowded grocery stores and supermarkets.

1. Carnivore Club Handcrafted Cured Meats Box

The Carnivore Club is the very first subscription service that features premium-cured meats. Each box is expertly curated to give their subscribers a taste of high quality meat products. For every subscription, you’ll get 4 to 6 types of cured meat that are handcrafted by artisans. These are delivered monthly and can be cancelled anytime. You can subscribe your first box at $11 off! Place your order on Amazon.

Learn more about The Carnivore Club Subscription Boxes here:

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2. Buffalo Bills Beef Jerky and Sticks Subscription Box

If you love jerkies, as well as other meat products, this is the subscription box for you. You’ll receive a variety of meat and jerky products that have different hotness or spiciness levels – from mild to hot. Each product included in this box are proudly USA made. You’ll definitely get the best of the best products once you open each box. Buffalo Bills is giving $12 off for your first subscription box. You can subscribe here on Amazon.

3. Simple Loose Leaf Tea Hand Packaged Tea Subscription Box

While you’re stuck at home, you can still get your daily tea fix when you subscribe to Simple Loose Leaf Tea Company. You’ll receive four loose leaf tea bags that can create 16 up to 20 cups of tea. You’ll be able to taste a variety of handcrafted tea blends. You get $6.50 off your first subscription box when you avail their services. You can avail the service on Amazon.

Here’s a sample of one of their subscription boxes:

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4. Un’kuppd Pour Over Coffee Subscription

The home quarantine shouldn’t keep you from getting your favorite morning beverage. You can still enjoy a delicious cup of coffee, just like the one your favorite barista makes, even if you’re staying at home. This coffee subscription box includes 14 coffee sachets that contain pour over coffee grounds. Un’kuppd gives a $4.05 discount on your first box. Subscribe now on Amazon.

5. The Good Grocer Healthy Vegan Snacks Care Package

For a healthier alternative, this care package from The Good Grocer includes healthy vegan snacks that can keep your cravings satisfied during this coronavirus quarantine. It includes 20 different vegan snacks that even the healthiest health nut will enjoy. You can order this now from Amazon.

6. SnackNation Expertly Curated Delicious Healthier Snacks Subscription Box

SnackNation provides its subscribers with a more conscious option when it comes to snacking. Each box features a wide range of purposely curated snacks that are healthier alternatives to the ones that you are used to. You can select from the 8, 15, 25, 50, and 150 snack options. You can get $16 discount on your first subscription box. You can avail SnackNation’s subscription service through Amazon.

Watch this video for more information on SnackNation:

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7. Le Panier Francais French Gourmet Food Subscription Box

Experience the different taste of France delivered directly to your doorstep. Each box contains 8 to 12 handpicked French delicacies. Subscribe to this and you’ll look forward to a little bit of France every month. You’ll receive $13 off of your first subscription. You can subscribe through Amazon.

8. My College Crate Microwave Care Package

Whether you’re an adult or you’re a kid, you’ll surely love every bit of item inside this box. You’ll get every bit of everything – from Skittles to microwaveable mac n’ cheese. Each box contains 50 snacks that you are sure to enjoy. You’ll receive high quality snacks including some of your classic favorites. You can purchase this care package from Amazon.

9. ChaskiBox Peruvian Snacks Surprise Subscription Box

Receive a variety of Peruvian snacks when you subscribe to this box. Each box has 10 to 12 items that you’ll enjoy. You’ll get acquainted to Peruvian tastes and culture every time you receive each box. You can grab this from Amazon.

10. Bunny James Box Hand Selected Premium Snacks Subscription

Bunny James Box is committed to providing their subscribers with products that make their consumers better every day. This subscription box includes 15 snacks from brands you can truly trust. You can choose from Casual Keto, Vegan, Paleo, and Vegan Gluten Free subscriptions. Bunny James Box is giving out $10 discounts on your first box when you subscribe. Start your subscription now through Amazon.

Find more about this food subscription box below:

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Not Just for Humans!

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Pawstruck Expert Curated Premium Chews Subscription Box

If you’re living with your fur baby, there’s a perfect subscription box for them, too! You can select from three different types of subscriptions – less than 20 lbs Dog, 20-50 lbs Dog, and 50+ lbs Dog. Your precious pooch will receive 7 different meat chews that are natural and tasty. You can get $16.55 off on your first subscription box. You can book a monthly subscription through Amazon.

These food subscription boxes can help you become part of the solution as the whole world battles the coronavirus pandemic. You can still enjoy your favorite snacks and drinks whenever you’re craving them even if you’re at home. Just subscribe to these subscription services and they’ll be delivered right at your doorstep every month. You can browse more choices on Amazon.

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